The transmetal driver is an alien technological device featured in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

What can't it do?

The Transmetal driver, referred to by the Vok as a Datasphere, is a small spherical device that Megatron obtained while on prehistoric Earth (exactly how he came it across it is unknown, though one therory is that he discovered it amongst the wreckage of either the planet buster, the stone trap, or the alien space ship), where many other traces of the Vok were found. It served as a receptacle of scanned data the Vok accumulated from one of the Beast Warriors (presumably Optimus Primal), but according to an analysis by the Maximals' computer it was altered by Megatron. The driver was a necessary part of a transformation into a Transmetal 2.


Beast Wars cartoon continuity

Beast Wars

Megatron initially used the driver as part of the machine that gave Dinobot II life. The transmetal driver seems to give off the same type of energy/radiation as the quantum surge, perhaps in a stronger dose.


The Vok use the Datasphere to kitbash everything to look like Optimus Prime.

Cheetor and Depth Charge destroyed Megatron's machine, but not before Cheetor got a full dose of the driver's energy, turning him into a Transmetal 2. Depth Charge recovered the driver and threw it into the lava around the Ark. However, Blackarachnia saved the device Feral Scream Part 1 and tried to use it on herself. The driver caused her systems to crash, but mysteriously changed her into a Transmetal 2. Crossing the Rubicon

Primeval Dawn comics

After the Beast Wars had ended, the datasphere was used by the Vok to create a leader to guide a group of warriors against Tarantulas, who had become a great danger to the timestream by infusing the Vok's powers into himself. Combining the knowledge from the datasphere, the ability of the Matrix of Leadership to give life (stored inside Optimus Prime on the Ark), and Quickstrike's control harness for Optimal Optimus, the Vok assembled Primal Prime. Primeval Dawn Part 1

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