A Transition form is a stage of Transformer physiology from the live action movie continuity family.

A Transition form is a comet or meteor-like elongated ellipsoid form that a protoform stage Transformer can change into for interstellar travel. Transition forms are heavily armored and capable of space flight over extended distances.

Naturally metallic and frequently engraved with unknown writing in the Transformers' own language the transition form picks up a coating of space dust and debris as it travels the galaxy. This rocky material forms a rough crust over the surface of the Transformer to better complete the "meteor" disguise.

After making (mostly) controlled planetfall, the traveling Transformer changes back to his humanoid protoform mode and immediately begins trans-scanning for a new exostructure/disguise. [1]


  • Protoform Optimus Prime
  • Protoform Starscream

Trans ScanningEdit

  • Trans Scanning Bumblebee
  • Trans Scanning Optimus Prime
Japanese-only releases, these figures are able to transform into the Protoform, Transition, and Earth forms of their respective robots by utilizing snap-on armor.

Scan SeriesEdit

  • Ironhide
  • Sideswipe
  • Ratchet
  • Bumblebee


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