260px-IDWRID2 Transit robot mode

Transit is a brutish thug Decepticon, who has ties to the Cybercomrade Sect.


Robots in Disguise comic issue 2

A prisoner aboard the Alchemor, Transit escaped after the ship crashed on Earth. Adopting a bus alternate mode, Transit was later spotted picking up human passengers before transforming - with the humans still inside - and going for a stroll. He encountered Grimlock and Sideswipe who fought him in the bus depot until they were able to steer him in the direction of a traffic jam which Fixit had engineered. The jam allowed Denny and Strongarm to unload the Decepticon's passengers, after which Transit made a break for it, only to crash through the side of the elevated road. His subsequent capture was caught on camera and broadcast on the evening news. After he'd been placed in a stasis pod, he was temporarily revived to be questioned over Clipshade's whereabouts, and pointed the Autobots in the direction of the Agave Canyon.

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