Cosmos takes some kids on a quest to locate a Matrix-wannabe that holds the key to saving their families.


The Decepticons attack space station Exton-9 with a new weapon that paralyzes human beings, planning to use the humans as slave labor on Cybertron. The use of the ray captures nearly all the humans on the station, with the inexplicable exception of a group of children who happened to be in another part of the station, and who (upon seeing the ray's effects) immediately realize that the ray's effects can only be nullified by using something called the "Prism of Power," a mythical artifact that "no one's ever seen", yet the kids know is located on a planet called Andellor. When the Autobot Cosmos stops by to see what's going on, the kids talk him into helping them locate this artifact. Their journey takes them past "space vultures," Decepticons, a strange tentacled beast, worm-like creatures with large fangs, and finally Grogg: the guardian of the Prism, who seeks to protect the artifact by asking anyone who wishes to use it a riddle so simple that a child can answer it, which one promptly does. The Prism of Power is then taken back to Exton-9, where it is used to free the humans on the station after nominal opposition from the Decepticons.

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  • One of the children says that the effects of the Decepticon's ray will continue even after it's been turned off. This is why they're so keen on getting to the Prism of Power in the first place. Yet when the Decepticons see Cosmos fly off, they say they can't follow him because they have to make sure the humans stay paralyzed.

Items of note

  • Note that, unlike Issue #1, the story in Transformers in 3-D #2 was not given a title. However, at least this time an artist and storyteller are given credit.
  • There are five children central to this story, yet only two (Ali and Fon) are named. The young girl who solves the riddle which is central to the completion of their task seems to be "Fon", who seems to be the one who knows most of the important information in this story, but even this isn't clear.

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