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A Hawaiian word meaning 'fast'.
A way to accomplish a lot of work, without a lot of sweat.



Season 1

Beast Wars, Part 1 FFN  
Beast Wars, Part 2  
The Web  
Equal Measures  
Chain of Command Derik  
Power Surge Derik  
Fallen Comrades  
Double Jeopardy  
A Better Mousetrap  
Gorilla Warfare  
The Probe  
Victory (Beast Wars episode)  
Dark Designs  
Double Dinobot Derik  
The Spark  
The Trigger, Part 1  
The Trigger, Part 2  
Spider's Game  
Call of the Wild  
Dark Voyage  
The Low Road  
Law of the Jungle  
Before the Storm  
Other Voices, Part 1  
Other Voices, Part 2  

Season 2

Coming of the Fuzors, Part 1  
Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2  
Tangled Web  
Maximal, No More  
Other Visits, Part 1  
Other Visits, Part 2  
Bad Spark  
Code of Hero  
Transmutate (Beast Wars episode)  
The Agenda, Part 1  
The Agenda, Part 2  
The Agenda, Part 3  

Season 3

Optimal Situation  
Deep Metal  
Changing of the Guard  
Cutting Edge  
Feral Scream, Part 1  
Feral Scream, Part 2  
Proving Grounds  
Go With the Flow  
Crossing the Rubicon  
Master Blaster  
Other Victories  
Nemesis, Part 1  
Nemesis, Part 2  

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10-11-07 Update!

The Teletraan-1 collaborative learn-telling system has hacked away at Beast Wars since August; and now almost half the episodes are either done or require only minor cleanup to be completed! Some episodes only need pictures, but others need reformatting to match the TT1 episode style!
Thanks to Zodberg, Rob Powers, and anyone else who's contributed way more work than I have!



I just found out that the Beast Wars cartoon section is in terrible shape!
Most of the episodes are nothing but stubs with a one sentence summary!
I feel terrible, but what can I do?

"Ho ho ho! You can give back to your Transformers community by volunteering to write an episode summary!

Just watch the episode (all of Beast Wars is on YouTube) and write the summary! If something important happens to a character, you might want to make a note on their character page too!"


I can do that, I spend all my time on YouTube already! Thank you cracked-out Japanese robot-monkey-Santa!

But where should I start?

"Just click on the 'edit' link above the Episodes section and add your name to an episode! This lets everyone else know you've committed to do that episode. When you've finished your article, mark the link here as 'completed!'

If only a few users write one article a week, we'll have the Beast Wars section up to snuff in no time with burning justice! On Donner, on Blitzen, Sig Heil!"

. . .


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