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"I've just watched the video of The Return of Optimus Prime, which is set between the movie and the Headmasters. Optimus Prime is found on a spacecraft by two astronauts and brought to Earth, where he is restrored to life. He battles Rodimus Prime fot the Mateix and then releases its power-- wiping out the plague that is affecting both human and Transformer."
―Alun Griffiths

"Well, thanks human. That's totally ruined it for everyone else!"
―Dreadwind, Marvel UK Letters page #189

As a wiki covering a wide variety of still-in-progress fiction sources, Teletraan-1 has to be conscious as to the notion of spoiling tidbits and endings of comic issues, cartoon episodes, novels and movies. However, this wiki will not exclude information simply because it spoils a plot twist or ending. As such, it is important to give proper warning before such details are divulged.

Spoilers in intro paragraphs

Whenever possible, we avoid spoilers in the first few paragraphs of an article. Unless a plot twist is extremely common knowledge, please do not include it anywhere but the fiction section of an article.

Spoilers in fiction sections

This wiki has a specialized template, {{spoiler}}, to clearly mark spoiler material in fiction sections. This tag also has an optional parameter in order to mark the title of the episode or issue you are spoiling. This will create a link to that episode/issue's article. An example follows:

{{spoiler|Episode Name|}}

There is also a parameter to indicate when the spoiler will no longer be a spoiler:

{{spoiler|Episode Name|August 12, 2009}}

Our standard is to put the expiration date one month (30 days, more or less) after the episode or issue is released in its primary major market. If the next episode/issue comes out before those 30 days are up, we use that episode/issue's release date instead.

Spoiler-tags should expire no sooner than one week after an episode/issue is released. If multiple episodes/issues are released in rapid succession (during the same day or week), information from all of those episodes/issues should retain spoiler-notices for the standard timeframe. That is to say, the information in Monday's episode is NOT considered "spoiler-free" as soon as Tuesday's episode airs. If an article contains information from more than one of these rapid-fire sources, it is acceptable to place all of the new info behind a single spoiler-tag indicating the first relevant episode/issue.

When a spoiler-template hits its expiration date, its message will change to let the reader know it has expired, and the template can be deleted.

Regarding upcoming information

This wiki is very strict about not including information that has not been officially released by Hasbro or its licensees. This applies to both toys and fiction; thus, we do not add new toy information based on stolen prototypes seen on eBay. This rule exists to respect Hasbro's intellectual property, to ensure that accurate information is presented on the wiki, and to prevent rampant rumor-mongering.

At present (spring 2008), this rule especially applies to episodes of the Transformers Animated cartoon. Information about upcoming episodes should not be added to a page until the mass release of that episode, which generally means North America. This ensures that information can be cross-checked by numerous editors, and prevents spoiling plot twists for large numbers of people. Persons who violate this rule risk instant edit reversion, immediate banning, and the undying hatred of fellow fans.

Articles for which no expiration date is set are sorted into Category: Articles with nonexpiring spoiler tags

Once an expiration date has passed, the articles are sorted into Category: Articles with expired spoilers tags