When a user is new to this wiki, oftentimes they are eager to upload new images to make articles snazzier. We appreciate your enthusiasm, but request that you follow a few guidelines to make it easier for your images to be kept as part of the wiki. It's really not as complicated as it looks.

Acceptable image sources

Ideally, this wiki prefers to use official promotional images whenever possible. These are images released by Hasbro or TakaraTomy in their press coverage, and can be clearly sourced to such to avoid confusion as to the ownership of the image.

For images of toys, sometimes there is no good, official toy photo. For example the official photo may be mistransformed, or show a prototype that differs significantly from the retail version. In these cases a photo by a fan is acceptable, as long as it is clear, well-lit, and has a neutral background. An example of a fansite with excellent toy photography is Remy's TF Kenkon. Note that this is just an example; swiping toy photos from other fansites is not acceptable unless those sites give permission for others to use their images.

When detailing cartoon episodes or live action movies, screenshots of the media in question are acceptable assuming it has already aired to the public. As above, leaked shots that have not aired yet are not acceptable to use unless they were in an officially released teaser or advertisement. In the case of theatrical movies, it is wise to wait until a DVD release before uploading large quantities of screencaps, as any source for screencaps before the DVD will be either very low-quality or pirated.

In some cases with older toys or toys for which no promotional image has been released, we are forced to use secondary sources to get a photograph for illustrative purposes. Ideally we would prefer photographs you take yourself of the toy, as you can release the copyright into the public domain. If you cannot do this and wish to use a photograph from a fan website, make sure you get the explicit permission of the site's owner first.

If you do not know the source of an image, or come across an image which has not been sourced, please tag it with the {{unknown source}} template.

Lastly, please note that in keeping with our "no leaks" policy, leaked/pirated images and images of leaked/stolen toys are not acceptable here under any circumstances. We will not post an image of a new toy until an officially-released image is available, no matter how many stolen copies of the toy have been on eBay.

Image naming

When uploading an image, please make sure that the filename is descriptive of what the image depicts. The Transformers franchise heavily reuses character names, so avoiding confusion about which character is depicted is crucial. A good rule of thumb is to include both character name and series name. In cases where multiple shots of a character from a series might cause confusion, cartoon episode or comic issue names often help, as can one or more descriptive words about the scene. Abbreviation is acceptable, as long as it doesn't obscure meaning.

  • Bad names - bumblebee.jpg, jazz.gif, prime.jpg
  • Worse names - screen0034347.jpg, 3af47be99ccc0e.gif, qwertyuiop.jpg
  • Good names - bumblebee_anim_vehicle.jpg, jazz_movie_robot.gif, prime_RID_supermode.jpg

Image quality

Oftentimes there will be issues with the quality of an image uploaded to this wiki that will require it to be replaced. These include:

  • Grainy graphical artifacts due to too much compression.
  • The image dimensions being too small to really see anything.
  • The image being zoomed in too much on a given detail, thus limiting its usefulness.
  • The image having an overly obtrusive watermark on it when a suitable unwatermarked image could be obtained.
  • For photographs, if the image was taken under poor lighting conditions.
  • For screenshots, if the image is not a direct screen capture but a photograph of a television screen.

Images with quality issues are often tagged with the {{badimage}} template. If you were directed to this page by an image bearing this tag, this is why.

Image format

Most images you will see on this wiki will be in the JPEG format. We have found that in all but a select few cases this is the ideal format for our purposes as it helps keep filesize down and generally displays images clearly. It is not the only format we use, but in the case of screenshots of movies or cartoons, we request that you use it whenever possible.


The filesize of images is important to keep an eye on when uploading. While this wiki has no hard and fast limits on the size of images, we are conscious of how big they are in an effort to keep page load times manageable. If an image is bogging down the loading of a page, it will often be requested that a replacement be uploaded in a smaller size, different resolution, or even different file format.

Of note are animated GIF files. While there are some of these in use in articles, this wiki uses animated GIFs sparingly at most. The reason for this is that many of these files are not made very carefully and the filesizes on them can get quite large very quickly. Use at your own peril.

Image description

We generally request that each image description include a short sentence detailing which characters appear in the image, what they are doing, and which comic issue or cartoon episode it is sampled from (if applicable). This passage is most helpful when it also manages to link back to the characters, episodes, or issues in question. As in other areas of this wiki some humor is permissible here, but it shouldn't get in the way of conveying the basic information.

Artist credit

Whenever possible, it is best to credit the artist or artists responsible for producing an image. This is not always possible with screen captures, but is usually expected of comic images and promotional artwork.

This wiki has the {{art}} template available to aid in identifying the penciler, inker, and colorist in any given image. It has several optional parameters.

If you cannot easily determine the artist of an image, please tag it with the {{unknown artist}} template so that this may be corrected at a later date.

Copyright labeling

When uploading images, it is important to properly label the source and any pertinent copyright info. This wiki has a number of tags which are used to aid in this process.


Some images are of uncertain copyright, but are generally assumed to be owned by Hasbro or TakaraTomy (this is a Transformers wiki after all). If you do not know the specific owner of an image (IE whether it is a Hasbro image, a TakraTomy image, or anywhere in between), it can be marked with the {{hastak}} tag as a general coverall. This tag may be replaced at a later date if the copyright can be more accurately determined.


Generally, we do not reproduce entire comic pages if possible. As a result, there are two copyright templates for comics which each have a specific use:

  • {{comicinterior}} is used when you are sampling frames from the interior pages of a comic.
  • {{comiccover}} is used on comic covers, the one situation where it is acceptable to use a full page.


This wiki is in the process of developing a system of templates to better serve the numerous screen captures we host here for illustrative purposes. There are multiple templates, each with a specific use:

  • {{g1cap}} is used for screen captures from the Generation 1 animated series from Sunbow. It has several optional parameters.
  • {{BMcap}} is used for screen captures from the Beast Machines animated series from Mainframe Entertainment. It has several optional parameters.
  • {{titlecard}} is used for the title cards of animated series episodes.
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