This is the policy for uploading images on Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki.

File Types

  • The preferred type is .png file, especially for screenshots and images that contain text, live action media and photographs may use .jpg
  • Do not upload any more .gifs

File Names

A good file name contains the entities named in the image and something to indicate the source. This makes it easier to search for the image in question.

Character Art

Be specific about the entities included e.g. an image that has Crosshairs (Tyran)/707.04 Delta should contain "Crosshairs Tyran 707 04 Delta" in its name. It's good to include brief descriptions e.g. the characters' actions, pose etc.

Screenshots & Scans

Screenshots and scans must include the abbreviation of the series e.g. Transformers: The Last Knight is abbreviated as TLK, if the series in question has multiple instalments (episodes, chapters, issues etc.) then include the number next to it using a dash e.g. screenshots from the first episode of the Transformers: The Headmasters, Four Warriors Come out of the Sky begin with "HM-1"

After indicating what series and instalment the image is from, one must include the timestamp (or page number for scans) e.g. 01h20m15s or 15m50s depending on how long the instalment is.

Afterwards include all the entities featured in the image. There is no need to include the clusters and streams because the series should indicate which incarnation of a character is in the image, exceptions include crossovers.


Add the image to categories corresponding to the entities within it e.g. an image of Fortress Maximus/Primax 785.06 Alpha belongs in Fortress Maximus/Primax 785.06 Alpha. If it is a screenshot or scan, add the episode/chapter/issue name as a category which will be subcategories of their series. If the series is single instalment (e.g. movie, 1-episode OVA, 1-shot comic/manga) include that as the category.

File Pages

  • File pages must contain summary and licensing, commonly Template:fair use film/television/comic etc. The summary must contain the exact source and brief description of the content. Images taken from the web need the original url and screenshots of media need the exact time stamp, episode number, chapter number, issue number etc.

File Duplicates

Please make sure your image isn't already on the wiki. You can replace existing files and only do so if they are of higher resolution, an exception is when the higher resolution file is of a different file format, in which case, put Template:Tobedeleted on the old file page so an admin can delete the old one.

Penalties for violation

  • A user is given a maximum of three warnings to comply with the image policy. After the third warning, they will face a block.
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