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Transformers Prime: Relic Hunter is an online game tying in with Transformers: Prime. It was made available on The Hub's web site in 2013.


Arcee has been dispatched to Antarctica in search of an ancient Ionian relic vital in the battle against the Decepticons. Restricted to her motorcycle mode, she must brave the terrain to find the artifact.

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The game is a side-scrolling driving game, in which the user must steer Arcee over a trail with various obstacles including platforms and Dark Energon pits. She has a limited amount of energon, a little of which is lost whenever she crashes or falls into a pit, at which point she must return to the start of the level. Luckily there are energon cubes scattered around each level with which she can replenish her supply. She can also collect an "energon protector" to prevent losing energon during a crash. Signs placed around each level helpfully point out hazards and show Arcee which direction to go.

Doing tricks such as wheelies or backflips gains additional points. Colored multipliers can also be picked up in each level, as well as an Autobot shield which gives bonus points. There are nine levels in all, after which a congratulations screen appears with your score.


  • The "Ionian artifact" resembles the Apex Armor, which perhaps not coincidentally was found in Antarctica in the episode "Triangulation", though not by Arcee.
  • We guess it's possible the artifact was actually the creation of some ancient Greeks, but it seems more likely this is another Iacon relic.
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