Transformers Prime: Beast Creator is a Beast Hunters online game. In it, you can use Shockwave's technology to custom-create your own monstrous Predacon.

"WARNING: Beast creation is highly unpredictable and results may be extremely dangerous."


Transformers Prime: Beast Creator is a character customization style game. The entirety of the game consists of using one of Shockwave's machines to "generate" a Predacon character. You are presented with a machine in Shockwave's lab, and instructed to fiddle around with it to transform a blank protoform into a fierce warrior. The first step involves picking five colored canisters, dispensed at random, and inserting them into the machine. Each slot corresponds to a different part of the creature's anatomy, and whichever color is selected affects which pre-existing Predacon character's component will be used for the corresponding part of the customized character. The first slots corresponds to the Predacon's head; the second to its arms; the third to its legs; the fourth to its body; and the fifth to its wings or lack thereof.

The second step in the Predacon-creation procedure is the "Energon-type" used to activate it. There are three different colors to choose from, red, purple, and blue. Whichever Energon is picked determines the Predacon's color scheme. Warm colors are generated by the red Energon ore; cool colors are generated by the blue ore; and a mix of both are generated by the purple ore.

The third step involves sliding a gauge to determine the creature's "Spark Level". This modifies the hues in the character's color scheme, and modifies where each color is placed on the character's chassis.

The final steps generates the beast. The player may then "share" their creation by saving a picture of it to their desktop, or start the whole process all over again.


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