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Transformers Prime: Battle for Energon is an online game that ties into the Transformers: Prime cartoon.


Bulkhead is tasked by Optimus Prime to go on multiple missions, each one involving Bulkhead defeating Vehicon troops and collecting different items.

On Bulkhead's first two missions, he must investigate a Dark Energom Mine in the Desert, and retrieve from within Dark Energon Shards before the Decepticons can use them to create an army of Terrorcons. Afterwards, Bulkhead must defeat Soundwave.

On Bulkhead's third and fourth mission, he must infiltrate the Nemesis Battle Cruiser, and retrieve Energon stores. Afterwards, he must defeat Soundwave.

On Bulkhead's fifth and sixth mission, he learns that the Decepticons have unleashed Scraplets within the Autobot Headquarters. The Scraplets cause the base to go haywire, and must be removed to restore the headquarters' systems to normal. Decepticons are also still present with the Autobot base, and must be fought off. Afterwards, Bulkhead faces off against Megatron and defeats him.

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The gameplay of Battle For Energon is very similar to that of MechTech Weapons Challenge (a 2-D platform game from Transformers: Dark of the Moon) The player, while controlling Bulkhead, must complete six missions, two in a Dark Energon mine, two aboard the Nemesis, and two in Autobot Headquarters. Bulkhead has access to two different weapons; his blaster for long-range attacks, and his mace, for close-range attacks. The wrecking ball is used to break doors and destroy Eradicons, and the blaster is used solely to blast Eradicons.

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