Transformers Online was a MMORPG game. It was developed by a Chinese company NetDragon, and is based on Transformers: Prime.

 This MMO game should not be confused with the American counterpart: Transformers: Universe. Player can choose to be either an Autobot, Decepticon or a member of the Star Seekers.

The MMO appears to have been abandoned as of October 2012, as it was delisted from NetDragon's product page and the official website became non-functional in either late September or early October.


Megatron has opened a Space Bridge, sending Tyger Pax off from Cybertron and towards Earth. Split into two pieces, one half fell into the ocean and the other half orbiting Earth with only government agencies and a few other humans aware of the occurrence and the Transformers themselves. The remains of Tyger Pax, along with Autobots and Decepticons are hunted down by a third faction bent on wiping out both of them.




Star Seekers

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