Transformers Legends is an anthology of Transformers short stories published in November 2004 by ibooks. It was edited by David Cian, who had previously written half of the Keepers Trilogy.

It is important to note that the foreword of the book ends with a statement that these stories are not to be taken as part of pre-established canon. They are "what if?" stories, and though they may branch off from specific storylines, they should not be considered an actual "part" of the storylines they're set in. Whether this renders the stories as each taking place in their own micro-continuity or not is a question for those who enjoy definitional semantics.

"But remember, none of the stories in this volume are part of continuity. In other words they don't count for future "facts" in the Transformers universe escept as they should: these stories are for fun, giving us the chance to read about characters we've come to love. Enjoy the journey!"
David Cian naively attempts to head off anal-retentive fanboy attempts to quantify how things 'fit'[[September 2004| [src]]]

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by David Cian
Maximal fights Maximal as Megatron fights Megatron over a body.
Welcome to the Planet of Junk. You check in, but you don't check out.
The lost Dinobot.
Starscream gets to be a nice guy for a little while.
Trick or... treat? Yeah. Treat. Beep.
Political intrigue in Carbombya.
Bumblebee gets carjacked. Again. Dude needs to install Lojack or something.
A Mini-Con schtupps a truck.
Prowl is an insensitive prick. Also, meet Geosensus.
Ratchet helps a hurtin' human.
Beast Armada?
Why Beast Machines-era Megatron is frickin' hardcore.
Kup piece
You left a piece out!

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