Transformers Encore is the latest series of Generation One reissues to be released from TakaraTomy. The toys are packaged similarly to their G1-styled boxes; the toys themselves are very close to the original releases, though there may be visible differences in plastic color tones and / or the substitution of extra paint applications for stickers. 23 packages have been released so far.

List of Transformers Encore figures

# Figure Release date
1 Convoy (Optimus Prime) September, 2007
2 Megatron September, 2007
3 Soundwave (with Laserbeak) September, 2007
4 Starscream September, 2007
5 Ratchet December, 2007
Additional figure: A "Ratchet Emergency Green" redeco which homages Movie Ratchet is a Japanese mail-away exclusive available with a purchase of the book Transformers Visualworks. After the book release on December 4, 2007, purchasers could mail in a ticket from the book and purchase either one (5200yen) or two (10,000 yen) of the item. Ratchet Emergency Green was distributed in April 2008. 
6 Ironhide December, 2007
Additional figure: E-Hobby released a New Year Special Exclusive: "Black Protect Ironhide", which was available in April 2008. The text on e-Hobby's page for the toy indicates the black coloration is meant to homage Ironhide's original Diaclone version, but between the release of Emergency Green Ratchet and a hint in Ironhide's new bio, it's easy to see this is also an homage to the new Movie Ironhide. The packaging will be the same as the regular TF Encore Ironhide's. See the article on Ironhide for additional info. 
7 Sky Lynx February, 2008
8 Meister (Jazz) March, 2008
9 Omega Supreme June, 2008
Additional figure: E-Hobby is releasing a redeco of Omega Supreme in blue and white as "Omega Sentinel", an homage to the G1 cartoon's Guardian Robots
10 Mini Vehicle 5-Pack (Bumblebee with G1 head, Outback, Pipes, Swerve and Tailgate) July, 2008
11 Skywarp and Thundercracker August, 2008
12 Metroplex September, 2008
13 Trailbreaker December, 2008
14 Hoist December, 2008
15 Cassette Big Mission Set (Eject, Rewind, Ravage and Buzzsaw) May, 2009
16 Bruticus - Combaticons Box Set (Onslaught, Brawl, Blast Off, Swindle, Vortex) July, 2009
17 Cassette Big Mission 2 Set (Ratbat, Slugfest, Ramhorn and Steeljaw) July, 2009
18 Skids October, 2009
19 Cassette Big Mission 3 Set (Frenzy, Rumble, Overkill, Laserbeak) November, 2009
20 Devastator
21 Soundblaster
22 Twincast
23 Fortress Maximus
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