Ironhide carefully explains why he feels G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers is not an equal match.

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Yes, Scorponok. You did good.

Transformers #8 was published by Titan Magazines in January 2008.

Magazine Credits

Editor: Steve White
Designer: Danny Preston
Deputy Editors: Den Patrick
Publishing Manager: Darryl Curtis


Scorpion Sting

In Qatar, Ironhide tears apart an army vehicle, screaming at the soldiers to run and hide before he kills them, as he is now a slave to the will of Scorponok!

Earlier, at a local US air base, Ironhide discovers Captain Lennox has been reassigned. Captain Cartwright's team of Army Rangers will instead be assisting him in hunting for Scorponok. Ironhide is slightly perturbed by the change of plan, and when asked to "show us some credentials" merely transforms as a display of force. Cartwright admits that'll do. As they head out, Ironhide grills Cartwright on what he knows about the quarry and questions if they're ready for the Decepticon to fight. The soldiers reply in the affirmative, but nobody realizes the Decepticon is tracking them.

XXXX-TREME! chiropractors.

Picking up multiple weak contacts, Ironhide transforms to get a better view. Cartwright barely has time to realize these are "ghost" contacts to confuse them before Scorponok emerges. Ironhide is hit before he can respond, and the Decepticon drills into his head and takes over his motor functions. As the Decepticon forces him to attack and he screams at the Rangers to run, Cartwright orders a barrage of shoot-to-disable sabot rounds. But in contrast to previous results with Decepticons, the rounds have no effect...

The Autobot grabs one tank and uses it to smash another, injuring two of the Rangers. Cartwright swiftly regroups his team and orders Weapons Sergeant Darius Gale to sever Scorponok's connection with Ironhide. The other Rangers distract the enemy, who forces Ironhide to fire on them, allowing Gale to reach an XM8 Carbine with armour-piercing rounds and draw a bead on Scorponok. He severs the Decepticon's connection, allowing an enraged Ironhide to grab Scorponok and viciously kill him.

Watching the fiery wreckage, the Rangers "figure we can tell Lennox...job done!".

Articles & features

  • Character Profile: Bonecrusher
  • Top Gear: Promotion of and a chance to win Beast Machines Series 1 DVD (the second time this has been promoted), Transformers caps, and GI Joe VS The Transformers Omnibus by Devil's Due.
  • How to Draw Bumblebee feature: "You love him. You admire him. He makes you laugh because he wees on the bad guys. Now's your chance to draw him!"
  • Poster of the cover image.
  • Star Screams: Letters and art from readers, answered by Starscream.

Free Gift

  • "Awesome Tattoos & Sweat Band!" - Temporary Autobot or Decepticon related tattoos/stickers and a sweatband with an Autobot or Decepticon insignia. Whether you get an Autobot or Decepticon set depends on which issue you bought, with both being printed in equal numbers. The labels ask "Who's [sic] Side Are You On?".


Reprinted stories are only a portion of their respective issues.

Items of note

  • This is the first issue to have a comic-art cover instead of a stock photo image.
  • As with last issue, the story is set between the movie's final battle and the dumping of the Decepticon corpses into the ocean.
  • Scorponok can hijack an enemy's motor functions and can fool enemy radar.
  • Whereas sabot rounds were effective against Decepticons, Ironhide can shrug them off. The Rangers' dialogue suggests this is a unique feature Ironhide's structural materials.
  • Ironhide smashes a tank that two of the soldiers still occupy. Cartwright says it's a "tough little tank and Oates and Holt are tough guys." While the final panel shows six of the Rangers in silhouette form, the two tank soldiers are not shown being retrieved, nor is their current state depicted. This also occurs mere moments after Ironhide has finished killing Scorponok. It's thus not clear if Oates and Holt have actually survived (with the six silhouettes being an error) or whether they are injured.
  • With this issue, the magazine runs out of profiles from Transformers: The Movie Guide to repurpose, hence Bonecrusher's profile is entirely new. And entirely devoid of a nice big CGI promotional pose image of him. He hates that.
  • Starscream wishes more people would send in fan art of him rather than of Optimus Prime. He also dislikes the film because "all my best scenes were cut, some of my best lines never made it into the final film, and I never got a chance to pulverize any of the Autobots. How dull!" He seems a little forgetful though, since he got to beat the living slag out of Ratchet and Ironhide.
  • Starscream also states that Movie Optimus carries the Matrix of Leadership.


  • The free gift labels misspell "Whose" as "Who's".
  • Top Gear shows the Beast Machines Series 2 cover while promoting Series 1.
  • Ravage's arrival in Beast Wars is described as "Magmatron's minions come face-to-muzzle with a terrifying new 'creature'!" even though in the reprint they're reviving him as an ally.
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