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Jazz finds an incredible world and decides to quit the war. He should know that things are never that simple.

Magazine Credits

Editor: Steve White
Designer: Danny Preston
Deputy Editors: Andrew James & Den Patrick
Publishing Manager: Darryl Curtis


Lost In Space Part 4: Jazz

Jazz ignored Ratchet's emergency homing beacon, as he'd landed on a planet he called the Information Highway, a constantly-morphing world with "the accumulated knowledge of countless alien cultures, condensed into some kind of sensory precipitation." He decided he was done with the war and was going to remain here, where he was overwhelmed by all the data, the new ways of thinking, "of being!"

Unfortunately, substance abuse was one of those new ways...

He merrily decided to examine new, mushroom-like towers that appeared on the planet surface—and upon touching them, he was covered in a swarm of green balls of light. Whereas before the planet was giving him information, now it started to take...

It played back a memory from Jazz's past: Having externalized his Spark Core forcefield to keep his bodywork "buff", he had almost had his spark ripped out by Bonecrusher, who'd deliberately wanted to cripple, destroy and eventually kill Jazz for looking nice "when I look like this!" Fellow Autobot Clocker had saved him and then tried to get him to safety. When Bonecrusher caught up, Clocker had ordered Jazz to run away to get help while he fought the Decepticon, as Jazz had been too injured to be anything but a hindrance. By the time help had arrived, "there wasn't much left of Clocker to salvage"...

Jazz emerged from this memory to find he was being absorbed into the planet's surface, and so much of his system capacity was focused on data storage, he had no power to resist. Everything about his mind was being stripped and invaded, and his last action was to launch a warning buoy into orbit so others would know to stay away. Time passed, and in brief periods of lucidity, Jazz realized the planet was alive and all that data had come from countless other victims...

Eventually, Ratchet and Ironhide arrived, having picked up the signal from the buoy. Ratchet quickly realized the planet was alive, and Ironhide started shooting at it to make it give Jazz back. Jazz was rescued and, having found out where Cybertron was, they went home.

Articles & features

Free Gift

  • "Free! Target Game!"/"Tactical Target Shooter" - a small plastic ball, which you throw at cardboard cutouts of the Transformers (which come with stands).


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Items of note

  • More and more small children are sending in their own Transformers fan-characters - the next generation of fanfic writers are coming up.
  • The question for the Best of Furman competition is which "bounty hunter" he created. The answer, of course, is Death's Head, although we doubt he would appreciate the competition's terminology. Notably, although trade paperbacks of Death Head's series have been released into UK bookstores in 2007, it is likely only the older fans would know this; this could be the first time Titan has done a competition specifically for the older readers. (The "wrong" answers to choose from were Rick Deckard and Durham Red, from Blade Runner and Britain's 2000AD comic respectively)
  • In this issue, Jazz has more rounded fingers compared to the 'claws' he has in the movie.
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