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Ice Breaker

The Russian icebreaker NS Yamal is on its way to McMurdo Station in Antarctica carrying passengers who are visiting their families for Christmas. While the crew bickers, the ship is suddenly attacked by Megatron, who announces the ship is now part of the Decepticon navy.

In Autobot Outpost Omega OneBulkhead is valiantly attempting to decorate a Christmas tree while Arcee mocks him. Ratchet announces that Agent Fowler is arriving, and the man himself—currently suffering from a nasty case of wind—appears through the door to report the Decepticons have captured a nuclear-powered ship. Bulkhead offers Fowler a Cybertron-sized mince pie. To Arcee's dismay, Optimus Prime takes Ratchet and Bumblebee through the GroundBridge, leaving her and Bulkhead to look after the kids. Raf suggests they pass the time by playing "Knowing Me, Knowing You" and having Arcee and Bulkhead try to find something they have in common.

The other Autobots arrive on the Yamal to find the entire crew is out cold. Ratchet wonders aloud what could have done this, but his answer comes moments later when Starscream zaps him with a static lance. Optimus and Bumblebee immediately spring into action! Starscream takes a swipe at 'Bee, who responds by kicking him in the head.

Back at base, Bulkhead and Arcee are finding no common ground, and Miko suggests they focus on what they like about Winter.

As Optimus and Megatron fight, Megatron details his plan to use the static lance to meltdown the ship's nuclear reactors and flush out the underwater energon supplies. Of course, by now Bumblebee has gotten hold of the lance, and throws it to Optimus. Megatron attempts to take the weapon back, only for Optimus to hit him with it, sending him flying.

So the NS Yamal safely reaches McMurdo, leaving the bemused crew to wonder how the ship got there while they were all unconscious. The Autobots GroundBridge back to base. Ratchet, barely recovered from his jolt, announces he'll be fine so long as he says away from ice for a while. As they step into the base, Ratchet slips over on ice—the base has been turned into an impromptu skating rink, as Arcee and Bulkhead have discovered they have a mutual love of ice skating.

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"Sheesh! An advanced alien species with enough fire power to level an entire state and you can't even place a fairy on a tree. Bulkhead, you are an embarrassment to our species!"


"Do I look like a baby-sitting bot?! I'm programmed for butt-kicking not butt-wiping, and I'm talking about Bulkhead here!"

Arcee is so mean.

"I am going to tear that lance from your hands, Prime!" "I wouldn't rush to any conclusions if I were you!"

Megatron and Optimus Prime



  • Pavel's coffee is "lukwarm".
  • Jack asks "What did you have nin mind, Raf?"
  • Bulkhead and Arcee's inability to get along here doesn't really mesh with the show proper, where they're close friends and common partners in battle.


  • Fowler is married! On the show, he would later claim to be divorced. Hm...


Articles and features

  • Use Raf's codebreaker to crack the Cybertronian codes in this comic!
  • Bulkhead Profile
  • Photo Mash Up — unscramble a picture of Megatron.
  • Episode Guide: Volume 1: Darkness Rising, Part 3
  • Competitions! Win Nerf products, Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas on DVD, or a model skeleton.
  • Pullout posters: Optimus Prime and Optimus Prime with Bumblebee.
  • Starscream's stumpers:
  • Mega-Mouth: Megatron and Arcee answer your letters.
  • Raf's Codebreaker — Jack's lost in New York!
  • Miko's Christmas wordsearch
  • Prime Puzzle
  • Merry Megatron Mask (remember to check with an adult when using scissors!)

Free Gift!

  • Disc Blaster!


"Tis the season, Megapants! Feeling festive?" "Never. But you are correct; 'tis indeed the season... for DESTRUCTION!!!"

Arcee and Megatron


  • Bulkhead inherits Miko's name difficulties: One of the bubbles on Bulkhead's profile starts "Bulkead has destroyed the Safe..." and in the episode guide, his name appears to be spelled "Builkead".
  • Though the description of Miko's Christmas Wordsearch starts out "Mika is very excited about Christmas."


  • Laserbeak is name-checked in the episode guide.


  • Gift subscriptions for Christmas!
  • Star Wars magazine
  • Simpsons magazine
  • Transformers Comic issue 4.4, the New Year issue.
  • Dark of the Moon on DVD and Blu-Ray.
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