The Nokia robot is a freaky little critter from the Movie continuity family.

And you thought cell phones giving you cancer was bad...

The Nokia robot is a Nokia N93i cell phone formerly owned by Glen Whitmann and transformed into a Transformer by the power of the All Spark. It's a rather violent and hysterical creature, armed with several weapons.

"It's like the itty-bitty Energizer Bunny from Hell, huh?"
―Agent Simmons


When asked about the All Spark's energy, Agents Simmons and Banachek took their visitors to a locked room within Sector Seven headquarters. Simmons borrows Glen's Nokia phone and places it inside a protective glass box, commenting how Nokias are particularly nasty, owing to their Japanese origins. (Maggie Madsen remarked to John Keller that Nokias are actually Finnish in origin. Keller remarked that Simmons is "a little weird".)

Simmons then demonstrated the power of the All Spark by giving life to the Nokia. Transforming into a spidery robot mode, the Nokia robot went crazy and started attempting to escape its glass prison by firing tiny missiles and shooting bullets, and also slamed itself repeatedly into the glass. When it looked like the creature might break out of the case, Simmons had it blasted with an energy pulse, killing it.

Simmons seemed to really enjoy the whole thing. He's very strange. Transformers (2007)


  • In the original script, the Nokia phone was an iPod owned by Glen. It acted in the same way as the phone, and played Suicidal Tendencies' "Master of No Mercy".
  • The burned-out husk of the dead Nokia is actually a physical prop, made from a bunch of spare Frenzy fingers all smoked and burned with a few fake Nokia bits thrown in.
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