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Starscream's Beast

On board the NemesisStarscream is busy moaning that Predaking will only work for Megatron, but he has a plan to get around that: using Predacon fossils in Shockwave's lab, he will create his own Predacon servant who will obey him without question! And just to speed things up, he'll use some of his own CNA to plug any gaps! What could go wrong?

What goes wrong is that when the newly created beast doesn't start following Starscream, the Decepticon smacks him to get him to obey. The beast unsurprisingly transforms and tries to kill his creator, who runs screaming for his life! (Starscream names him "Tantrum" because of his, well, yes) Tantrum smashes his way through the Vehicons blocking his path and when Insecticons attack, he massacres them. Even if Starscream lives, Megatron is going to kill him for all this damage!

Tantrum calms down after his rampage but only so much: he still decides he's superior, everyone else is inferior, and he's going to kill Starscream. The jet tries to reason with him and explains that you take power by showing your superiority, rather than declare it, but Tantrum thinks Starscream is incompetent and only there so his mistakes can be learned from. Sighing, Starscream wipes out the Predacon with a twin missile strike.

Once Megatron returns, Starscream tells him how this random Vehicon created an unauthorised clone that ran amok and he has the totally not faked video footage to prove it! The Vehicon's protests just aren't convincing enough and Megatron kills him. And so Starscream is free to take a piece of Tantrum and prepare to try again later...

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"I don't understand — I created you. I infused you with my CNA, you should recognise me and do what I command without question. Please?"


"Okay, I can see you're rebellious... just as I am. But that can lead to mistakes. You never declare your superiority outright — you build up to it, make the others see it for themselves and only then will they serve you." "You're wrong. I may have your CNA but I've learnt from your mistakes. And now I shall show you how leadership shouldbe taken!" "I do wish we could have found another way to settle this.

Starscream talks it out with Tantrum


  • Tantrum is, of course, a homage to the Generation 1 Predacon.
  • Even Starscream is wondering why Shockwave left a fossil alone in an unlocked lab!
  • Tantrum is surprisingly easy to kill: two missiles blow him to pieces! He seems unaware this will happen, laughing as they come towards him
  • Starscream's philosophy of coups fits with his earlier reign in Season 1, when Megatron was offline and Starscream attempted to schmooze & manipulate his way into staying in power rather than outright batter people.
  • This is the second time Chris Cooper has created a Prime version of a G1 character: previously, it was Snaptrap and his crew in "Fury from the Deep".


Articles and features

  • Jack's Movie News! Preview of Age of Extinction.
  • Soundwave's Stumpers! Puzzles
  • Competition: Win some of Hasbro's surplus Dark of the Moon, Power Core Combiner and Bot Shots toys!
  • Bulkhead V Breakdown: Clash of the Titans! Character match-up feature
  • Jackie's Jokes! groan!
  • Mega Movie Motors Stats of the cars seen in the previous Bay films
  • Repair Shop more puzzles
  • Massive Movie Quiz Trivia quiz about the first three films
  • FBI Fuzzlers yet more puzzles
  • Ratchet Recall even more puzzles
  • Tantrum Terror Maze! so much puzzles
  • Decepticons Rock! Poster of S2 Decepticons
  • Mega-Mouth: Megatron and Arcee answer letters and critique art again.

Free Gift!

  • FREE!! Bumblebee Blaster — a toy Bumblebee that shoots plastic balls. The back cover has Decepticon targets that you can cut out and shoot


"Ah, this boy will go far. He seems to have Optimus's severed head on his lap."




  • Megatron and Arcee mistake a drawing of Animated Optimus Prime for a fan-made Decepticon.
  • "Repair Shop" has a picture of Skids but calls him Brakedown. But then, who doesn't prefer Brakedown?


  • They sure want to promote the films this issue!
  • The next issue, just in time for Age of Extinction, is a "Movie Special". Time for another rebranding?
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