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War Story

The Autobots are taking time out, hanging out at the Valley of Fire State Park with the three kids. Raf has been researching the park by reading the guidebook, which prompts Miko to nag Optimus Prime to tell them a story from the war. Prime decides to tell them about one time when Megatron was brave and compassionate. No, really.

It is the middle of the war, and the Decepticons have conquered city-state after city-state. Their next target is Iacon, and soon a small team led by Megatron himself invades the Iacon Energon Refinery. No sooner has Megatron planted the first explosive than Soundwave alerts him to the fact they've been spotted. The team dives for cover as they're fired on. Megatron tells his men to flank left and right, but Optimus has already anticipated this move, and the three Decepticons are gunned down.

Not ready to give up, Megatron tosses Soundwave a bomb to plant and then goes to distract the Autobots by shooting at them. While several of the Autobots are gunned down, Optimus manages to hit Soundwave as the Decepticon runs to plant the bomb. He expects Megatron to retreat, but is surprised when instead Megatron mounts a rescue mission, firing on the Autobots while helping up the wounded Decepticons. As Megatron's team begins to withdraw, Optimus has a clear shot at the Decepticon leader's back, but hesitates... and Megatron sets off the one bomb that got planted. The Decepticons escape in the aftermath of the explosion and Optimus takes the blame.

Miko is unimpressed that Optimus let Megatron escape, but Optimus believes he upheld the true values of Cybertron, and next time he gets the chance, Megatron won't be so lucky.

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"If finding out stuff makes one "geeky", then I am Autobot geek and proud."


"I may have made a slight miscalculation." "You mean being fired upon isn't part of the plan?" "Careful, Soundwave - Sarcasm is Starscream's forte."

Megatron and Soundwave under fire.

[As Megatron carries him to safety] "Th-thanks..." "I'm just short of generals!"

Soundwave and Megatron have a moment.

"You mean you let that metal-headed moron escape!!"



  • City-states name-checked as having been conquered by the Decepticons are KalisTarn and Vos.
  • Soundwave talks. And appears at several points to have a face!


Articles and features

    • Use Raf's codebreaker to crack the Cybertronian codes in this comic!
    • Team Prime: The Humans: Jack, Raf and Miko
    • Episode Guide: Volume 1: Darkness Rising, Part 2
    • Go Go! Energon Game! — use counters and a die to reenact the mine fight from Darkness Rising!
    • Pullout poster of Megatron looking terrifying. Dare you pin it on your wall?
    • Competitions! Win Dark of the Moon on DVD, Kre-O toys, an Annual, or Mars - The Ultimate Adventure.
    • Find Miko! — Miko's lost in the city, translate the code to guide Bulkhead to find her!
    • Mega-Mouth: Megatron and Arcee answer your letters.
    • Starscream's wordsearch! Starscream's favourite phrases for shouting at minions.

Free Gift!

    • Missile launcher


"Any cheek out of you this month, Arcee, and you will feel my wrath." "Oooh - you are so tough, Mega pants! Scareeeey. Not."

  • Megatron and Arcee

Reader: "Megatron, why were those Insecticons eating your head? I thought you were their leader?" "Perhaps they were just trying to gain access to my brain; the most powerful organ in the known universe? And who would blame them?"

  • Megatron answering more questions about Dark of the Moon.


  • Miko gets her first name corrected to Miko in this issue after having been "Mika" in the previous one. Unfortunately instead her last name gets misspelled in the Team Prime feature as "Nakaki". D'oh!
  • Nestor Pereyra is credited as "Perayra Nestor"
  • Soundwave has an actual face.


  • Featuring one episode per issue in their episode guide is going to mean "One Shall Rise, Part 3" is going to be featured some time in 2013!
  • In Mega-mouth, Arcee responds to a reader's question about Junkions and Wreckers and seemingly confirms the existence of both Junkions and their planet in the live-action movie continuity.
  • The Shattered Glass Decepticon sigil is inexplicably on the cover.


  • Dark of the Moon on DVD and Blu-Ray.
  • PlayStation Portable.
  • Fisher Price Batman imaginext
  • Gift subscriptions for Christmas!
  • Transformers Comic issue 4.3, the Christmas 'Ice Breaker' issue.
  • Kre-O Transformers
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