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Power Outage

To his mother's chagrin, Jack is up late playing video games on a school night, when the whole of Jasper is struck by a power cut.

At their base, the Autobots discover that not just Jasper, but the entire USA has been struck by the power outage, the result of an EMP set by Starscream and Soundwave. They split up and head to the three locations across the country where the EMP signal is strongest. On arrival, however, each team is beset by a Predacon.

After hard fought battles, each group of Autobots overcomes their bestial foe, and all three EMP devices are disabled, returning power to the country. Back in Jasper, Jack and Raf consider contacting the Autobots about the blackout, but decide it was probably nothing. As June resumes her efforts to get her son into bed, Jack is dismayed to find the power outage wiped his game progress...

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  • Megatron's Christmas Conundrums!! – Festive puzzles with Megatron.
  • The Trans Files – Feature on the Insecticons.
  • Whizz Bang Avenue! – Maze puzzle with Bumblebee and Knock Out.
  • Soundwave's Stumpers! – Puzzles with Soundwave
  • Mega Mouth – Megatron and Arcee read fan mail
  • Poster – Optimus Prime stands behind Jack, Raf and Miko.
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