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Collider Scope

In Geneva, people are going about their business when suddenly, the ground begins to rumble, and a huge ravine rips itself open beneath the feet of the locals...

Meanwhile, Agent Fowler is watching the whole thing on TV and, under the orders of the President, informs Team Prime, who have detected the activity, which is supposedly taking place all over the Northern Hemisphere, with their own equipment. Fowler informs them that a top-secret military base, which was working on a Particle Accelerator, has been hit by one of the quakes, and that it is powered by a nuclear reactor the size of Grand Central Station. Arcee suggests a rescue operation, but is told by Ratchet that the particle accelerator could mess with the GroundBridge's molecular cohesion. Optimus tells Ratchet to get him, Arcee, Bulkhead and Wheeljack as close as possible.

After making their way to the base, the Autobots find it swarming with Vehicons, commanded by Starscream and Shockwave, who have been causing the earthquakes in order to calibrate the modified particle accelerator, which is now capable of making a permanent space bridge to Cybertron. Despite the best efforts of the Autobots, Shockwave is capable of activating the device, allowing Predaking to make his way to Earth.

Telling Wheeljack and Bulkhead to distract Predaking, Optimus jetpacks to the plant's reactor core, but, unfortunately for him, Predaking is only interested in hunting Optimus. Realising that, if he allowed Predaking to follow him to the reactor core, it could explode, he decides to reverse the polarity of the electromagnetic field in order to destabilise the particle beam. Then Predaking blows the whole thing up anyway. As the Decepticons (and presumably Predaking) escape the base, Optimus, Wheeljack and Bulkhead reflect on the closing of the space bridge, and their chances of ever returning home.

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Bulkhead: "Ouch! You couldn't swing a Mini-Con in here. Wheeljack: "Hrmph! Humans should think bigger when digging a tunnel!" Arcee: "I really don't know what you're complaning about."

-Arcee flaunts the advantages of being short.

"Keep it busy, he says. Shame I didn't bring my holiday snaps..." "Maybe if it eats us too quick, we can give it indigestion."

-Wheeljack and Bulkhead, masters of strategy.


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  • Optimus switches from his original season 1/2 body to his Beast Hunters body in the middle of the comic for no readily apparent reason.


Articles and features

  • All About... PREDAKING!- Some information about Predaking, and a puzzle.
  • Soundwave's Stumpers!- One of the usual doses of puzzles.
  • Competitoion- Win Spy Net goodies!
  • The Beast Hunt!- More puzzles, this time supposedly helping Optimus find Predaking.
  • Prime Time- Poster of Bumblebee's Beast Hunters look.
  • Bulkhead's Wordsearch- Another puzzle.
  • The Trans Files- This time on the Forge of Solus Prime, plus a True or False puzzle.
  • Hunter or Hunted?- Personality test to decide whether you're most like Optimus Prime, Starscream, Bulkhead or Raf.
  • Mega Mouth- Megatron and Arcee settle their differences and find time to answer letters.
  • Ballistic Brain Busters!- Puzzles so ballistic that your brain will literally explode if you so much as try to solve them.
  • Double Trouble!- A spot-the-difference puzzle based on this issue's comic.
  • Escape- A maze with a three-minute time limit (which is, of course, impossible to actully enforce.)
  • Bumblebee's Beast Blaster!- Mutilate the comic so that you can shoot some pictures of Predaking!

Free Gift!

  • An incredible BUMBLEBEE SHOOTER!!


"What's with the glitter, Megs? Is there something you're not telling us? Do you moonlight as a show girl?" "No comment"

-Arcee doesn't take Megatron seriously enough.