This issue is different from all the others. There's no comic strip. This is a "Poster Special"—the whole issue folds out into an A1-sized poster, with features on the non-poster side.


Articles and features

These are still here, even if the comic strip isn't.

  • Raf's Notes - a look at Raf's diary ("It's not a diary!") recounting the GREATEST HITS of Season 2 of Transformers: Prime.
  • The Trans Files: Profile covering Megatron
  • Transformers: Primer - an introduction to Transformers: Prime. Note that Raf's computer password is "I_<3_BUMBLEBEE"
  • Competition: win Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters figures
  • Front Line! - a newspaper front page, "Exclusively for employees of the US Government". A report on the destruction of the Autobot base in the Transformers: Prime episode "Darkest Hour," and a note on the Transformers: Prime UK tour.

Free Gift!

  • A frisbee, and a rubber-dart shooter.



  • None!
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