Protecting the Lady

New York City, or more precisely the New York Bay, and the tranquility is disturbed by Bumblebee hitting his head against a buoy. He and Optimus Prime surface and, stepping ashore, take out two Decepticons who are standing around. Unfortunately, as Optimus Prime observes, there are a lot more Vehicons between them and the Statue of Liberty. A day before, Agent Fowler had come to the Autobots with a problem: the military had intercepted messages sent by the Decepticons to news stations indicating they were going to attack the "greatest symbol of independence".

As Optimus and Bumblebee continue their stealth mission, Megatron rages that the world's media hasn't turned up. He's not so distracted that he can't disable two Autobot interlopers with a sonic mine, however, and reveals that his plan was to have the world's media record him crushing both the statue and Optimus Prime. Now his plans are ruined, Megatron orders his troops to attack.

While the other Decepticons keep Optimus and Bumblebee busy, Megatron begins scaling the statue. Optimus leaves Bumblebee to fight everyone else alone, and starts pursuing the Decepticon leader, blasting a hole through the statue's tablet in attempt to knock Megatron down. He soon reaches his foe, and the pair exchange blows, only for Megatron to knock Prime off the statue. By the time Optimus recovers, Megatron has reached the statue's shoulder and is ready to decapitate Lady Liberty.

That's about when Bumblebee throws a Vehicon at Megatron. With Megatron clinging to the statue's torch, Optimus lands a heavy blow that sends both Megatron and the torch flame flying. A few minutes later, Fowler is bawling Optimus and Bumblebee out for the mess the statue has been left in, and Optimus promises that the Autobots will repair it.

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"Ha ha! You must watch where you're going, young Bumblebee!"

Optimus Prime after Bumblebee hits his head.

"That's far enough, Megatron!" "Far enough? Far enough? HAHAHA! What a typically small-minded attitude! You should know by now that it's never far enough! The human cattle that currently inhabit this plant — my planet — do so with no knowledge that their days of freedom are numbered! I intend to rectify that process!" "You'll have to go through me first!" "With pleasure!"

Optimus Prime and Megatron


  • Megatron appears to have forgotten he has a flight-capable alternate mode, as he clambers up the statue.
  • Bumblebee gets Autobot insignias floating around his head after hitting it.


Articles and features

  • Primed for Action: Prime Season 2 continued
  • New Year Wordsearch
  • Soundwave's Stumpers
  • Starscream's Star Signs!
  • Kre-O Transformers puzzles
  • Taking Liberties
  • Are you an Autobot or Decepticon?
  • Mega-Mouth: Megatron and Arcee answer letters and critique art.
  • Competition: Win something.

Free Gift!

  • A micro-change Kreon! (the best free gift ever attached to this comic)


"So here we are again. How do you puny humans intend to disappoint the Dark Lord of the Decepticons and your rightful ruler this time?"


"More delusions of adequacy, Megatron? The only great thing you've ever done is when you were buried by rubble in that Energon mine..."


"Gahhh! Even the SIGHT of Puketimus Prime is enough to make my circuits frazzle!"




  • Despite being quarterly, the episode guide is still here - just covering a whole bunch of episodes at once.
  • This issue came out some three weeks later than expected. Additionally some sort of hiccup in Titan's digital publishing has rendered this issue and many of Titan's other titles unavailable on Zinio.


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