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The Battle for Bulkhead Edit

A huge creature stumbles through the forests of Alaska. Is it the legendary Sasquatch? Nay, it is just Bulkhead. Having just destroyed a Decepticon energon store, albeit at the cost of injuring his arm, he muses on his victory. Unfortunately for him, he's been followed through the woods, and a bevy of Vehicons pounce on him. Megatron himself is there to order Bulkhead taken onto the Nemesis. The next thing Bulkhead knows, he's on the Decepticon warship, and Megatron's waking him with a punch. Megatron informs him that he's being held in the Ultra Prison, an energon field which will slowly wipe his memories.

Back at Autobot HQ, the other Autobots are getting concerned that Bulkhead is missing, but Miko supplies the answer—her phone has an emergency two-way link to Bulkhead's comms, and she's just overheard everything that's been happening to Bulkhead.

Optimus Prime leads a team through the GroundBridge onto the Nemesis, taking with him ArceeBumblebee, and the three kids, on the basis the kids will be able to sneak around undetected. After the Autobots head off to search, Miko attempts to find Bulkhead by yelling his name very loudly. This somehow works and they hear his groans coming from a nearby room, though Jack still thinks it was a bad idea. Raf figures that the source of the energy field trapping Bulkhead is the hoodicky in the ceiling, so he climbs on Jack's shoulders and they balance on a stack of boxes while Raf attempts to reverse the flow of energon. They're interrupted by an explosion as two Vehicons find them, but before the Decepticons can do anything, they're clobbered by Optimus. With Raf's plan a success and Bulkhead free, the energon starts spreading out of control, so Optimus calls for a GroundBridge and blows a hole in the floor.

Back at base, Bulkhead thanks everyone for saving him, and Miko suggests he can thank her with some monster truck rally racing.

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"What the scrap was that for?" "What? You don't like my alarm call? Too bad... because that's the best your morning is going to get."

Bulkhead doesn't appreciate being punched by Megatron first thing in the morning.

"Okay, now it's time I rolled out my super secret Autobot detection plan." "What is it? Some sort of spark detector? Or maybe you've isolated the resonant frequencies of Autobot speech patterns. Am I close? Am I?" "Not exactly. Allow me to demonstrate. BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLKHEAD!!"

Miko and Raf

"My prisoner... my only working cage... A huge chunk of the Nemesis... I believe the human fleshings would describe this as a baaaad day at the office!!"

Megatron realizes that he should not have blown the Decepticon Budget.

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  • This isn't the first time Bulkhead's been in danger of having his memory wiped, having almost had it overwritten with data in "T.M.I.".

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  • Use Raf's codebreaker to crack the Cybertronian codes in this comic!
  • Transformers Roll Call! — The Optimus Prime truck prop on a tour of the UK.
  • Episode guide: Volume 1. #11 - "Speed Metal"
  • Rescue Bulkhead — a maze
  • Competition: win Transformers and Battleships Kre-O!
  • Ratchet's joke page
  • Bumblebee and Megatron posters
  • Mega-Mouth: Megatron and Arcee answer letters and critique art.
  • Starscream's Stumpers
  • Competition: win Nerf Super Soakers!
  • Bumblebee's Summertime Wordsearch
  • Decepticon Dare Dice — cut out and glue a dice so you can challenge your friends to do silly Transformers related things!

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  • Cyber-blaster!

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"This ain't no tea party, puke bags: this is a battle of pencils and pens! Get drawing or get lost!"

Megatron welcomes us to the letters page.

"Oh, Cliffy, my fallen friend. You were too good for this world. That snake Starscream will pay for what he did. You mark my words!" "Your tears and empty threats sicken me." "You are one cold-sparked machine, Megatron. Maybe someday, you'll learn to love as well." "Unlikely"

Arcee and Megatron check out a reader's drawing of Cliffjumper.

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Patient: Doctor, doctor, I think need glasses. Dr. Ratchet: You certainly do, Madam. I am a giant, alien robot!

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  • After this issue, the series moved from a schedule of an issue every four weeks to an issue every twelve weeks.

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  • Transformers Comic issue 4.12 — promising an underwater Bumblebee versus Piranacon fight! Which failed to be in the next issue, but finally turned up in issue 16.
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