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Mad Dogs & Autobots

General Rufus "Mad Dog" Madison storms out of the United States Capitol building, complaining loudly about how they're shutting down his top grade experimental weapon department. As he's asked to leave, he meets Colonel Leech who has news that one of their spies in the Pentagon has uncovered what appears to be a rival department based in JasperNevada which has built its own robotic battle suits. Madison comes to the conclusion that the rival department has stolen his department's weapon plans.

In Autobot Outpost Omega OneJack is demonstrating the practice of bobbing for apples, which Bulkhead duplicates by bobbing for engine blocks. Their fun is interrupted by a call from Agent Fowler who passes on a report that hard-line environmentalists have taken over the Deep Driller oil platform. Obligingly, Optimus Prime leads a team through the GroundBridge only for them to find that the rig is deserted, except for Mad Dog and several others in robotic walkers. While it's clear to the Autobots that the general has made a mistake, Mad Dog isn't interested in listening to them and opens fire.

While Bumblebee finds a helicopter isn't adequate cover, Optimus contacts base to consult an amused Ratchet who suggests they use the walkers' lack of speed against them. Arcee tricks a couple of the soldiers into shooting each other, while Bumblebee gets a couple of others to bring a crane down on their own heads. Mad Dog and Leech are still spoiling to fight, but Jack has a suggestion for Optimus.

Moments later, Optimus surrenders and asks Mad Dog to help him out of his "battle suit". Madison is happy to oblige until he realises that Optimus is an autonomous robot and not a human in a mech suit at all. Once the storm passes, the military arrives and General Madison is strapped to a trolly and taken away.

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"The United States Capitol - where senators and representatives decide how best to spend the nation's wealth... decisions that often make people very happy, very sad or just very, very angry!"

—The narration sums up how the government works.

"Ratchet, are you receiving my visual feed?" "Umm... yeah... and it's pretty funny viewing. Are you getting beaten... by humans?!"

Optimus Prime and Ratchet

"Oh, and tell the others to stop falling on their faces—it's making us look bad in front of the kids."

Ratchet makes helpful suggestions.



Articles and features

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  • Decepticon Drencher!


"I'll try my best to keep Megatron's abuse to a bare minimum this issue." "Then prepare for failure, Autobot. This Megamouth never shuts!"

Arcee and Megatron

"Think what you will, Arcee, but I can assure you this specimen would fall just like the rest of your claptrap band!" "Maybe... after catching wind of your horrendous bolt-breath." "RAAAAAAAARRR RGHHHH!!!"

Megatron and Arcee



  • The last sentence in the newspaper clipping in the Trans Files section starts off "The FBI have sinced recovered the orb".


  • The newspaper clipping in the Trans Files section also misspells Miko's last name as "Nasaraki", but we're pegging this as intentional and that Miko gave a fake name. It also notes she's 14 rather than 15.


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