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Do you want to tell him this should be a Ratchet cover?

Titan Transformers Comic > Issue # 3
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Chucked onto an unknown world, Ratchet finds that he can't escape war.

Magazine Credits

Editor: Steve White
Designer: Martin Stiff
Deputy Editors: Andrew James & Ned Hartley
Assistant Editor: Den Patrick
Publishing Manager: Darryl Curtis


Prelude: Ratchet

Due to the foldspace detonation from last issue, Ratchet has been transported to an alien planet in the grip of genocidal war between the Thraal and the Aovan - a war that strikes Ratchet as hauntingly similar to Cybertron's. Ratchet attempts to defend himself non-lethally but this just increases the violence; to avoid getting involved further, he scans a local vehicle, adapts his alternate mode and transforms in order to blend in. He establishes a signal beacon in the hope of signalling Jazz and Ironhide. Afterwards, unable to stand by and let the Aovan be massacred, Ratchet attacks and defeats the Thrall leader (who he views as the same "type" as Megatron). This causes Ratchet to technically become ruler of the Thrall Imperium, and he negotiates a ceasefire and eventually an alliance between the two factions. He warns them he'll be back one day to see how they're doing - if he can get home...

Articles & features

Free Gift

  • Transformers Keychain/Keyring (called both on the cover), a large foam rubber Decepticon or Autobot symbol ("2 To Collect!")


Reprinted stories are only a portion of their respective issues.


  • Ratchet is coloured cream-beige instead of green and now has a mouthplate - which is not only off-model but means he looks completely different to how he did in the previous issue.


"I cant save them all. I learned that truism a long time ago, on countless battlefields. But still, no matter how many I help... a hundred, a thousand... it's the one that I fail that haunts me!"


Items of note

  • Ratchet as he appears in Prelude also appears in the IDW reprint, recovering the injured Bumblebee. Since Ratchet has been off-world long enough to establish a power-sharing government, this implies Bumblebee was abandoned for a considerable length of time. (This on top of a suicide mission. Do the Autobots secretly hate Bumblebee?)
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