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Megatron wants a hug.

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Three Autobots are all that stand between Megatron and the All Spark.

Magazine Credits

Editor: Steve White
Designer: Martin Stiff
Deputy Editors: Andrew James & Ned Hartley
Assistant Editor: Den Patrick
Publishing Manager: Darryl Curtis


Prelude: Megatron

Having just dispatched Bumblebee, Megatron pursues the All Spark into space, intent on intercepting the cube before it reaches its destination - the Alkaris Anomaly, a wormhole that would transport it to any one of an infinite number of potential locations throughout the universe. Passing by Cybertron's moon, Megatron finds himself ensnared by a powerful tractor beam that pulls him down to the moon's surface. Freeing himself by destroying the beam projector with a reverse particle stream, Megatron turns his weapons on the Autobots responsible - Jazz, Ratchet and Ironhide - but soon realises that this is what they want, as it will delay him from his pursuit of the All Spark.

Movie Devastator TitanIssue2

Infiltrator and Escalator couldn't make it, so...

Instead, Megatron summons Devastator from Cybertron to fight in his place as he goes after the cube, but Megatron proves unable to stop the All Spark from entering the anomaly, and decides to enter it himself. The battle on the moon comes to an explosive end when Devastator unleashed a foldspace warhead - while he himself is at ground zero - and the combatants all vanish in a flash of light. Meanwhile, and Megatron is disgorged from the wormhole in some far-off region of space, with no trace of the All Spark...

Articles & features

  • Character Profile: Megatron — Shortened version of the profile from Transformers: The Movie Guide.
  • Cybertron Smackdown: Jazz v. Blackout — Write-ups of the skills and weaknesses of the two 'bots in question, leaving the reader to decide who would win in a head-to-head. Written by Simon Furman.
  • War Games - Interview with Andrew Burrows on Transformers: The Game
  • Top Gear — Win Transformers posters, USB keys and Ultimate Bumblebee.
  • Mech Mail - Letters and art from readers

Free Gift

  • Non-permanent Transformers tattoos (or "stickers" to you and me)


Reprinted stories are only a portion of their respective issues.




"Suddenly it all makes sense. The diversions, the distractions, the false trails. Optimus Prime's intention was to keep me from the All Spark just long enough to lose it in the vastness of the cosmos. I'm so very nearly impressed."


"Yah! As if my bodywork hadn't taken enough hits today!"

"That's it, Jazz... see the bigger picture."

Jazz and Ironhide

"Devastator... don't! At this range... you'll take us all out of the game!"
"Eh. So?"
Ratchet discovers the flaw in reasoning with Devastator

Items of note

  • The events of Prelude: Megatron take place after the first issue of Prime Directive - except that the reprinting of that issue won't be finished until the next edition of Transformers Comic, so readers are getting a glimpse into the future with this issue.
  • As in the film itself, Brawl is here named "Devastator." Amusingly, to amp up his "heavily-armed" appearance even more, he's decorated with a pair of bandoleers. These straps are colored purple, which combine well with his normal green coloration to bring to mind the classic Devastator green-purple color scheme.
  • The foldspace warhead scatters the characters throughout space, setting up the plot for the next four issues.
  • The story was reprinted as part of Saga of the Allspark #1.

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