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Well, this is just Prime...

Transformers #12 was published by Titan Magazines in May 2008.

Magazine Credits

Editor: Steve White
Art Editor: Danny Preston
Deputy Editor: Den Patrick
Publishing Manager: Darryl Curtis


Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 4

Bonecrusher and Ironhide tear it up, but Ironhide is losing in a straight fist-fight. Luckily Ratchet has more sense and absorbs the minerals in nearby ore to form offensive armour weaponry. The tide turns against Bonecrusher, but the Autobots know that they'll still get gunned down by the Payload drones. But they reckoned without the arrival of Autobot reinforcements!

At the former Sector Seven base, things are going badly for Mikaela BanesFrenzy is dodging every attack and easily takes her down. But the final blow goes against him, as she tricks him into shooting his razor blades into the liquid nitrogen tanks! The tanks are emptied, Frenzy is frozen and offlined, and Mikaela barely escapes with Phase One of her job complete — the frozen Optimus Prime is thawing out...

Elsewhere, Bumblebee is beaten and at Megatron's mercy, the tyrant amused by the Autobot's refusal to beg for mercy. Lucky for Bumblebee, this is the moment Elita-One, Strongarm and Skyblast arrive! But Bumblebee knows nothing they do will matter if Mikaela fails; speaking of which, with the help of Tom Banachek, she's accessed a Sector 7 room containing an unknown glowing object. This may not be enough though. These days, Megatron wields the power of the All Spark — the Autobots can't stop him. Their team in Georgia is already starting to go down. And he's about to lay the killing blow on Skyblast...

...and then Optimus appears, revived and ready to kick some MAJOR ASS!

And all of this seems to be playing out exactly how Starscream wants...

Articles & features

  • Transformers Animated feature - "Bad Boyz Two!", about Megs and Starscream.
  • How To Draw Transformers: how to draw a transformation sequence for Blackout.
  • Top Gear: adverts for and a chance to win Titanium Series figures, Camshaft and Classics Mirage, and Risk.
  • Posters of the cover image and the Animated Megatron and Starscream.
  • Artobots: Fan art section.
  • Star Screams: Letters, art and photos from readers, answered by Starscream.

Free Gift

  • "Fab Free Transformers Pinball!" — a small cheap pinball game


Reprinted stories are only a portion of their respective issues.


  • Ratchet says Ironhide is in his "proto-form", even though he can't be.



"Attitude will only get you so far! Whereas the metals and minerals in this ore... will get you armour!"

Ratchet saves Ironhide's butt

"Came here to free Optimus Prime. Boo-hoo - failed. Frenzy wins. Never mind. Soon be cold and dead."

Frenzy gets the last half right...

"I thought your vocal interface had repaired itself, Autobot. At least have the decency... to scream! One plaintive broken sob, a cry for mercy and I'll consider ending this torment. Believe me... I could do this all night!"
"I-is... that all you got?"

Megatron finds Bumblebee has big brass ones

"Enough! This is between you and me, Megatron — one shall stand, one shall fall! Let's finish this."

Optimus Prime

Star Screams

(On cosplayers) "When the Decepticons rule this swamp-soaked rock I will outlaw meatsacks disguising themselves as Autobots, especially one with a face like a rusty bucket of clunge sprockets such as Prime."

"The afterburners are fine, thank you for asking, especially since I got some cream from Ratchet. Well, I say 'got'; it was more like hanging him upside down and shaking him until his medi-bag fell open, and I could help myself."

"My favourite Autobot is Jazz, because the only good Autobot is a dead Autobot."

"I will never understand why you are so found of a bright yellow car. He can't even converse unless it's through sickeningly romantic power ballads or turged R&B! Still, you're [sic] willingness to mimic Brawl amuses me!"

Items of note

  • More fun with change of artists between parts: Bonecrusher has darker colouring, Elita's changed her head again, Ratchet's colours are more movie-esque, Starscream has gone grey, Bumblebee's head is more detailed, and Megatron's face contrives to be shadowed and eerie in every panel. This last one is awesome.
  • Megatron refers to the first time he mangled Bumblebee.
  • The Payload disguised bodies Ironhide and Ratchet were in lacked their usual firepower - it appears these weapons can be sacrificed to help take certain forms.
  • The Autobots can rebuild their weapons by absorbing raw materials.
  • Megatron is linked to the All Spark now, wielding its power — he babbles "It is me and I am it!". This gets elaborated on next issue.
  • Starscream is aware of Ultra Magnus and Unicron (at least in the letters page).
  • Mikaela is badass.
  • But not as badass as that appearance of Optimus.
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