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Why, of all Decepticons, did Megatron keep on Earth the one whose record of deceit and betrayal is legend? Because he's a div, that's why.

Transformers #11 was published by Titan Magazines in April 2008.

Magazine Credits

Editor: Steve White
Art Editor: Danny Preston
Deputy Editor: Den Patrick
Publishing Manager: Darryl Curtis


Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 3

Starscream begins his attack on the Autobot reinforcements, easily smashing them aside and taunting them that he wished he'd brought drones instead. Arcee's attempts at rallying the troops and Armorhide's attempt at drawing fire have no effect. When Starscream calls in Scorponok to assist, the Autobots realise they can't win and the Earth-based group may be dead. Strongarm decides there's nothing left to lose then, and heads off to Earth with Arcee commanding the others to follow him.

Which is just what Starscream wanted them to do - now they'll take out Megatron for him...

Megatron Bumbleslap

Let's give a big hand to the Autobots, Earth's last hope!

Megatron continues to stalk the Hoover Dam for Bumblebee, trying to call him out before realising the Autobot is merely the distraction - one of the human's must have come with him. The mere suggestion of going off to kill the human draws a panicked Bumblebee out of hiding and Megatron swats him across the room. Meanwhile, Mikaela Banes comes under attack by Frenzy - dodging his projectiles and arming herself with a fire axe, she declares herself capable of defeating him and prepares to face him in mortal combat...

Savannah, Georgia: having taken the same alternate forms as Payload drones and possessing borrowed security codes, Ironhide and Ratchet arrive at the Decepticon's All Spark facility. By destroying it, they can stop Earth being transformed into New Cybertron; Ironhide uses his demolition expertise to work out how to best manage this, but the All Spark will be destroyed in the process. Ratchet reluctantly decides to do it anyway...

...only for Bonecrusher to arrive with an army of drones! The security codes hadn't worked at all, he let them solely because he wanted to personally kill them - "now who's first for the scrap heap!"

Articles & features

  • Transformers Animated feature - stock images and descriptions of the Autobots
  • How To Draw Transformers: this time telling how to draw a Barricade, Ironhide and a fight scene between them like would be on the cover.
  • Top Gear: adverts for and a chance to win AllSpark Blasters and Screen Battles Assortments.
  • Posters of the cover image and the Animated Autobots.
  • Artobots: Fan art section.
  • Star Screams: Letters, art and photos from readers, answered by Starscream.

Free Gift

  • "Bumper Sticker Pack!"


Reprinted stories are only a portion of their respective issues.


  • Would the "How To Draw..." feature actually result in the Barricade VS Ironhide picture?
  • In the Top Gear section, Scorponok is misspelled as 'Scoponok'.



"Really... I've bigger and better demands on my time. So... die quickly, will you?"


"You didn't come alone, did you? You brought one of those fleshy bags of guts and gristle. Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of-"
"No! No!"
"Ah. There you are..."

Megatron baits Bumblebee

"I've come a long way since we last crossed paths, and I trashed you pretty good back then. This time, all the king's horses and all the king's men... won't put you back together again!"

Mikaela Banes the Decepticon Slayer

"The code weren't worth spit once it'd been cloned. You lit up my security board like a shower'a shootin' stars. Could'a just had the drones go ballistic on ya there 'n' then, but, well, I wanted the exercise.

Bonecrusher's job is really boring

Star Screams

"Letters should be signed 'All Hail Megatron', or you'll be earmarked for hard labour detail on Cybertron! Alternatively, you can make them out to 'Starscream - acting glorious leader to the Decepticon resistance on Earth'."

"To answer your question - yes, Jazz did need to die... painfully."

"My mum and auntie think I am too old for this stuff..." (Reader)
"Your mother and aunt have been shortlisted to spend the rest of their miserable lives polishing my armour with their own spit when we take over this wretched planet."

"What do you mean, scratchy voice? My audio output is infinitely more tolerable than the high-pitched whine you pant-wetting, naked apes emit, especially you female ones - it's enough to blow your high-band receivers!"

Items of note

  • More fun with change of artists between parts: Starscream has his brown colouring (and tiny mouth) from the film, Elita-One resembles her G1 self even more, Longarm has changed colours and heads, and Megatron's face has changed from #9 to be more like his stock photo self.
  • While Skyblast was acting as the leader before, Elita and Arcee takes control of the situation here with no fuss from him.
  • Megatron has picked up some bits of Earth culture, knowing the giant's line from Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • Frenzy can now talk English.
  • Bonecrusher is alive, despite his apparent death in the film & the timeline diverging afterwards - either he was merely damaged but repairable in the film, Optimus never fought him, the All Spark reactivated him, or his hate is so strong it keeps his body moving from beyond the grave!
  • Transformers can trans-scan the alternate forms of other Transformers.
  • The reprints have been shortened to a mere five pages - presumably this is so they'll last until #13, thus ending with Twilight's Last Gleaming.
  • Starscream informs the small children in Star Screams that Generation One Thundercracker was never good enough to have a main role, and thanks a young boy for creating some fan characters because he can use them for target practise.
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