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This is what comic books look like in the UK now. It makes us sad too.

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Optimus Prime learns that sending the All Spark into space was not a good idea...

Magazine Credits

Editor: Steve White
Designers: Robert Farmer & Martin Stiff
Deputy Editors: Andrew James & Ned Hartley
Assistant Editor: Den Patrick
Publishing Manager: Darryl Curtis


Prelude: Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime makes the decision to send the All Spark into space to ensure Megatron can never find it. This is a decision that weighs heavy, as its absence could condemn Cybertron to a slow death. A Decepticon drone assassin - one in a long line of them - attacks the Autobot base in search of Optimus, who goes out to meet the threat head on. Destroying the drone by transforming and ramming into it at high speed, Optimus is left badly damaged and sees a vision of the Transformer war spread to other worlds. This causes him to question launching the All Spark - but it's too late, as it's already been launched...

Articles & features

Free Gift

  • Cardboard dog tags, with Autobot or Decepticon logos on them.


Reprinted stories are only a portion of their respective issues.


  • The Mech Mail letters page contains letters from young children who've already seen the film... which hadn't come out by this point. Oh, Titan.
  • Despite being on Cybertron prior to the events of the movie, Optimus Prime is in his earthen robotic form (complete with red and blue flames)...and yet somehow still transforms into his protoform "comet" mode.


"No matter how many times Megatron tries to kill me, no matter how many drones he sends at me... I stubbornly refuse to die. I'd give my own life in an instant if it meant an end to this carnage, but right now — for better or for worse — I an the only thing standing between Megatron and the All Spark!"

Optimus exposits while personally slaughtering an entire platoon of Dreadwings

Items of note

  • The Prelude strip ties into the Movie Prequel reprint.
  • Geoff Senior coloured the first two pages of #1 for an interview at, which — due to less grey — look quite different to the printed version.
  • Every issue of the comic contains a "Fantastic Free" gift. Steve White has stated they are trying to come up with free gift ideas that aren't "some piece of cheap plastic", a challenge considered the small budget they are given.
  • The story was reprinted as part of Saga of the Allspark #1.
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