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There's only one childhood, and there's only one Crayola...WORTHLESS FLESHLINGS!!!

The Transformers Coloring and Activity Book and Crayons is a children's activity book for the 2007 live-action movie.

Vital Statistics

ISBN 978-0-06-088825-1
ISBN 0-06-088825-1
Adapted by: Nora Pelizzari
Illustrator: Val Staples
Pagecount: 32pp

Originally published: Harper Entertainment, 2007


Activities from this book feature key moments from the 2007 movie, but it is not a narrative retelling of it.

Items of Note

  • Epps is kinda... white and skinny in this book. Gaffe.
  • Sam's story is entirely absent from this book, which focuses on the military personnel involved.
  • The Sector Seven base under Hoover Dam is identified as "Area 52."

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