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Transformers Collection (also abbreviated unofficially as T/F Collection or TFC), is one of Takara's series of Generation One reissues. Each toy is housed inside a "book-box"-style package that opens just like a large book, complete with a small booklet containing profiles of the reissued character (and a couple of random characters), episodes of the cartoon and a small portion of the Japanese catalog.

Some figures combine accessories from different versions of the toys. Twenty-two sets were reissued, and many of these releases were accompanied by redecoes exclusive to Takara's e-Hobby online service, as well as other Transformers reissues not part of the Collection line. The line went on indefinite hiatus while the 2007 movie was in production and appears to have ended, as the Transformers Encore line now has taken the reissue mantle, though not in book format.

The series (up to TFC-18) is showcased in the Transformers: Binaltech & TF Collection Complete Guide coffee table book, published in 2005.



  • An early fan name for the Transformers Collection line was "Dreamwave reissues", because many of the toys used recycled cover artwork originally drawn by Pat Lee for Dreamwave's first Generation One mini-series for their box artwork. There have even been fan theories that attempted to "predict" upcoming reissues based on those covers. However, directly associating the line with Dreamwave is more than a little inappropriate, considering about half the box artwork has in fact been drawn by Japanese fan-turned-pro Hirofumi Ichikawa... who has never in his life worked for Dreamwave. Chinese fans, as well as auction sellers, still frequently use the abbreviated name "DW" to refer to the reissue toyline to this very day, however.
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