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Transformers Beast Wars: Transmetals is the name of two separate games, one for the Sony PlayStation and one for the Nintendo 64. The two games share a primary theme; characters from the second season of the Beast Wars television series duking it out in one-on-one combat, but the games differ in character selection and bonus features. The title of the Japanese version of the game is トランスフォーマー ビーストウォーズ 激突!ガンガンバトル (Transformer Beast Wars Metals: Gekitotsu! Gan-Gan Battle, Transformers Beast Wars Metals: Clash! Intense Battle).

Story Summary

Both games feature an all-out battle between the Maximals and Predacons. The player's character must fight through all possible enemy forces in order to beat the game. In the Nintendo 64 version, there is a final battle with an upgraded version of Megatron, called "Megatron X". Megatron X is identical to Transmetal Megatron, except chromed and outfitted with a pair of dragon-like wings. The player must fight Megatron X even if said player is using Megatron as their character.

The games diverge at their conclusions; the PlayStation version has a very vague ending for either faction that generally upholds the status quo; the N64 version features individualized text stories for each character, the vast majority of which involve somehow finding The Ark and fiddling about with the timestream.

Playable Characters

PlayStation version


Hidden Characters

Nintendo 64 version

  • Optimus Primal (Transmetal)
  • Airazor (Transmetal)
  • Cheetor (Transmetal)
  • Rattrap (Transmetal)


Hidden Characters

  • Blackarachnia (palette swapped and stretched Tarantulas)
  • Ravage
  • Tigatron
  • Starscream (palette swapped Waspinator to resemble his pre-Transmetal form, as possessed by Starscream in Possession)


  • Both versions of the game include a bonus feature where images of various Beast Wars toys can be unlocked.
  • The N64 version features several mini-games, mostly involving timed button-mashing.
  • On the PlayStation version, Cheetor (and his redecos) are the most overpowered and "cheap" of the combatants, with extremely easy combo attacks that are unblockable and cause 100% damage to the enemy.
  • This game tells us what would happen if Megatron succeeded in killing Optimus Prime, and how with him dead, the Matrix goes with him, and Unicron eats Cybertron. Apparently, long term planning is not one of his strong points. Yesss.

N64 Endings

  • Optimus Primal: Primal's leadership skills eventually result in the destruction of the Predacons and the capture of Megatron. The Maximals attach Megatron to the exterior of an Autobot shuttle and fly back to Cybertron. Little do they know that Megatron's arm has gotten free of his bonds. Are the Beast Wars over or are they just beginning?
  • Rattrap: The resourceful Maximal spy executed a darling and brilliant sneak attack against the Predacons. As a result of the explosive finale, Megatron was completely destroyed. The Maximals were then able to capture the remaining Predacons. With safety future assured, they returned to Cybertron aboard the ancient Autobot escape shuttle. Back on Cybertron, Rattrap's could often be seen relaxing at the restaurants, bars and taverns, enjoying the newfound peace. "Ahh... Ya know, we're all gonna di... dine!"
  • Cheetor: When Optimus Primal was badly damaged during a decisive strike, Cheetor charged into battle with unmatched fury. The tide of the war was turned. The Maximals were eventually able to overpower the Predacons and establish a general peace on the planet. After the battle, Optimus Primal told Cheetor: "You showed a lot of potential out there. Someday you might make one Prime leader." Cheetor replied: "Sorry Bigbot, but that's your department... But who knows? Maybe in another universe!"
  • Airazor: Airazor played a critical role in the Maximal's eventual victory over the predacons. When the last of the Predacons were captured, the Maximals prpared to leave the planet and return to Cybertron aboard an ancient Autobot escape shuttle. Airazor decided that she would prefer to stay on the planet with her "Spark-Mate" Tigatron. Together they watch the planet recover from the damage caused by the war. They often thought of their commrades and wandered if true peace could ever be established between Maximals and Predacons.
  • Megatron: Megatron successfully destroys all of the Maximals. After achieving this, he enters the Autobot Ark and destroys the legendary Optimus Prime, ensuring a definitive victory for the Decepticons. In 2005, the horrible transformer Unicron attacks Cybertron. With the Matrix destroyed with Prime, can anything stop Unicron?
  • Tarantulas: After earning a stunning victory over both Maximals and Predacons, the treacherous Tarantulas obtained what he needed in order to escape from the planet. The Beast Wars continued without him... Tarantulas returned to Predacon space. As a member of the Predacon secret police, he reported back to the Tripredacus Council about Megatron's activities, and the incredible discoveries found on the planet. Newly promoted, Tarantulas now commands a fleet of over a hundred transwarp battle cruisers as they head for the planet... "If the Beast Wars aren't over yet, they be soon! Ha ha ha, hee hee hee hee!!"
  • Waspinator: Waspinator finally get's fed up with being a Predacon and goes through every Transformer in his way. When he finally reaches Megatron, Waspinator declares "Waspinator quits!" and leaves. He then rules over the protohumans as a benevolent god, declaring "Waspinator finally happy!"

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