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The DS iteration of Transformers The Game actually consists of two separate games: Transformers Autobots and Transformers Decepticons. The games have different storylines and environments, but the basic gameplay elements are shared between them.

In both games, the player creates a character who can scan many different transforming forms. Each game features missions involving this character as well as missions focused on the movie cast.



As mentioned, this game revolves around the Autobots and their attempts at preventing the destruction of Earth and the resurrection of Lord Megatron, the former military leader of Cybertron. After the battle of Tyger Pax, Create-A-Bot arrives on Earth, landing in the Las Vegas casino strip. After a quick run-down with Ironhide, he teams up with his fellow Autobots to retrieve the All Spark, searching the quiet (and appropriately named) city of Tranquility, but later heading to the Hoover Dam and even going as far as the Arctic to find the frozen remains of Megatron. All the while, Create-A-Bot must learn what it truly means to be an Autobot.


Casino Strip

  • The New Arrival

Create-A-Bot arrives on Earth and is instructed by Ironhide on the basics.

  • Put It to the Test

The mission begins with your character being summoned to kill three Decepticons, after which the Create-A-Bot from Transformers Decepticons will come as a boss for this level.


  • Protect the Locals

Optimus sends Create-A-Bot to kill a drone in a minute, before having to transform and hide from the police. After losing them, he must kill two drones without destroying any property.

  • Car Shopping

Bumblebee arrives and tells Create-A-Bot to scan some vehicles. 1st Nothback 2nd Pickup. The last car transforms into a Decepticon.

  • Information Super Highway

Create-A-Bot must scan the internet through radio towers to find the glasses. No, it isn't about Sam Witwicky.

  • Police Brutality

Bumblebee goes to the suburbs and finds Barricade. He chases Barricade while being shot down by police cars. At the bridge, they battle.

The Arctic

  • Follow that Convoy

As a helicopter, Create-A-Bot must protect military convoys heading to Megatron.

  • Too Late

Ironhide protects 3 convoys being attacked by Decepticons. Then, he searches for Megatron. Afterwards, he steals a military computer.

  • Bad Reception

Create-A-Bot protects Ironhide as he goes to the radio tower.

  • Winter Showdown

Ironhide duels with Starscream at the radio tower. Starscream flies away, probably afraid of dying. He learned that strategy the hard way.

Tranquility 2nd Visit

  • Happy Landings

Bumblebee must destroy Sector Seven defenses so Optimus Prime can come to Earth.

  • Know Thy Enemy

Jazz must bring back three Sector Seven vehicles. First is a SUV. Then a Dune Buggy. The final one, a helicopter, turns out to be Blackout, whom Jazz must fight.

  • Driven to Distraction

Bumblebee must neutralize Sector Seven forces at various locations.

Hoover Dam

  • In Through the Back Door

Jazz must go to the radio tower and uploads a virus. Afterwards, he must head to a computer terminal to download data on the facility and protect himself as it downloads.

  • Prison Break

Create-A-Bot is asked to destroy six satellite dishes and eight gun turrets and break into Hoover Dam. He frees Bumblebee afterwards.

  • The Heist

Bumblebee must retrieve his weapons chip and the All Spark. Afterwards, he escapes the dam.

  • Clearing the Road

Optimus Prime must destroy Sector Seven roadblocks with Bumblebee in tow, after which he must fight Barricade and a Copter drone. Barricade dies, mentioning he was a diversion so Megatron can be awaken.

  • Bombing Run

Ironhide must defuse bombs placed on the dam by throwing them into the water.

  • Interference

Optimus must duke it out and destroy Brawl.

Tranquility 3rd Visit

  • Narrow Escape

Bumblebee must escape Blackout while being under assault from Tranquility's police force and avoiding explosive Notchbacks (scannable cars)

  • Downtown Blackout

Atop a roof, Ratchet fights and defeats Blackout.

  • Fire Fighting

Create-A-Bot fights against drones with Ironhide, then heads to fight All Spark-created drones with Jazz and protect the All Spark and Bumblebee.

  • End Game

Create-A-Bot must knock the All Spark out of Megatron's hands and slam it into Megatron's spark. Create-A-Bot is killed, and Optimus Prime must defeat Megatron.

Vehicle Forms.... Beater Sportster SUV Armored Truck Chopper Notchback Import Attack Copter Peace Van Pickup Utility Pickup Car Moving Truck School Bus Longhorn Gunner Flame Truck Ice Cream Truck Recon Chopper Lightning Rider Death Truck Tricked Out Car Funky Bus Racer Maintaince Hot Rodder Stealth Chopper Safari Truck Swat Van News Copter Off-Roader Raider Speedster Police Copter Transport Prison Bus Skydive



Similar in setting but unique in portrayal is the flip side of the story, Decepticons. Here, a nearly identical robot has come to Earth at the command of Starscream to find the source of a distress signal from a "lost" Decepticon somewhere in the area. However, Starscream keeps many important pieces of information to himself, including the location of the All Spark and the identity of the Transformer locked in the icy grip of the Arctic. While this Create-A-Bot has to learn that being a Decepticon means loyalty to Megatron, it also becomes apparent that though they fight for different reasons, the Autobots and Decepticons are aiming for the same goal, namely peace on Cybertron, and also that their senses of honor are not that far apart.

This game is also unique in that the Arctic level is replaced with Qatar, and that this Create-A-Bot is almost immediately put into a position of authority, mainly because Starscream wants everyone dead.


Casino Strip

  • The Rookie

Create-A-Bot contacts Barricade and learns the basic controls.

  • Hazing

Create-A-Bot dukes it out with several Autobot Drones. Afterwards, the Autobot Create-A-Bot shows up.


  • Beware the Locals

Create-A-Bot must destroy property.

  • Robots in Disguise

Create-A-Bot must scan several cars. The last one turns out to be an Autobot.

  • The Diversion

Create-A-Bot must neutralize the police.

  • Stings Like a Bee

Barricade chases and then battles Bumblebee.

Qatar Military Base

  • Decoy

As a chopper, Create-A-Bot must destroy tanks, jets, and helicopters.

  • Blackout at Qatar

Blackout must destroy 5 satellites and then scan 5 buildings.

  • Leftovers

Brawl must stop convoys from getting to the town.

  • Ratchet Retaliation!

Create-A-Bot fights Ratchet and Autobot drones. Ratchet escapes, and is not seen again.

Tranquility 2nd Visit

  • Torching the Welcome Wagon

Create-A-Bot must take out the city's defenses.

  • Codebreaker

Brawl must protect several generators.

  • Reinforcements

Create-A-Bot must destroy several Autobots and then fight Bumblebee.

Hoover Dam

  • Communication Breakdown

Brawl must take out satellites and then plant bombs along the dam.

  • Cover Your Six

Barricade raids a Sector Seven base to find info on Megatron.

  • Tag Team

Blackout carries Barricade to get into the base. Barricade then must find the control room.

  • Megatron's Return

Create-A-Bot must protect Megatron from Autobots as Megatron is revived.

  • Get the Chip

Blackout must obtain Megatron's weapon chip.

  • Ambush

Megatron takes out turrets and then Autobots. Jazz comes and brawls with Megatron, but is killed.

Tranquility 3rd Visit

  • Street Brawl

Brawl must destroy Ironhide.

  • Starscream's Betrayal

Starscream must chase down Bumblebee, after which he fights and kills him. Starscream then kills Blackout, and Barricade tries to fight against him. Too bad he also dies.

  • Sibling Rivalry

Create-A-Bot takes down 25 All Spark Drones. Then, he chases Starscream, who sends 25 more Drones. Then, he fights off 5 Autobots. Meanwhile, Megatron duels his brother, Optimus Prime. Optimus is killed. Shockingly, he is not the last boss.

Casino Strip 2nd Visit

  • Final Showdown

Create-A-Bot weakens Starscream, who drops the All Spark. Create-A-Bot then slams it on Starscream, killing himself, but not wounding Starscream at all. Megatron chases down Starscream, battling him at three positions. Starscream dies, and Megatron destroys Create-A-Bot's spark. Poor kid.


  • In certain missions, when you have completed the game on either side, you become the last character that you were in freeplay.
  • In the Decepticons version, when Barricade and Create-A-Bot are talking about Megatron's location they say he is in the Antarctic region. The subtitles correctly state that he is in the Arctic.

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