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The Transformers Annual 1988 was published by Marvel Comics Ltd on 1 August 1987.



What's in a Name?

Having learned of the arrival of the Predacons on Earth, Swoop reflects on how he encountered one of their number, Divebomb, on Cybertron.

Doomsday for Nebulos

Lord Zarak meets with a group of Decepticons led by Scorponok, who he has summoned to Nebulos, and soon begins to wonder if this was a mistake...

Transformers Trivia Quiz

Split into two sections, one about Autobots and one about Decepticons, with a slight numerical imbalance of 21 Autobot questions and 22 Decepticon. Most are general franchise questions (e.g. "Scattershot is the team leader of which Autobot group?", "The Decepticon Triple Changer Octane can become which two vehicles?") but a few relate specifically to the comic (e.g.. "Which Autobot hosted the Transformers comic letters page for just one issue?", "Three Decepticons appeared on the cover of last year's Transformers Annual. Who were they?").

Vicious Circle

Ultra Magnus, having survived falling into a volcano, must face Galvatron once again.

Stylor's Story

As the Decepticons attack the Nebulan city, Stylor decides to join the Headmasters.

Character bios

Bios of Brainstorm, Chromedome, Hardhead and Highbrow, similar in style to the A to Z features in the regular UK title (which are themselves cribbed from the US Transformers Universe). The only difference is the addition of a "Chest Readout" category (although similar stats are available for all Transformers, they're just more visible with the Headmasters).

Ark Duty

A vital information tape is stolen from Kup; Hot Rod disobeys orders to retrieve it.

The Final Conflict

Scorponok and Fortress Maximus face off in a duel to the death!

Character bios

Profiles of Mindwipe, Skullcruncher and Weirdwolf, identical in style to the Autobot ones.


  • Throughout the annual (in the latter two text stories and the profile on Highbrow), Gort is referred to as Grot. It's too consistent to be a typo and suggests that whoever wrote and/or edited the annual wasn't really familiar with the franchise. (The annual features no credits except on the first two comic strips.)

Items of Note

  • The three comic strips tie in well with the Marvel UK stories: "What's In a Name?" is set during the events of "Grudge Match!" (just after the scene of Swoop and Sludge watching the television report), "Vicious Circle" carries on the story from "Fire on High" (in what was either an attempt to make people buy the annual or a way of ensuring there was something in there worth reading, depending who you listen to) and "Ark Duty" ties in with the future timeline.
  • The Headmaster Saga seems to be set during the events of the Headmaster mini-series. The first two stories are a faithful adaptation of "Broken Glass!" (with a recap of "Ring of Hate!"), but the third is new and must be set during "Brothers in Armour!!" (in the same gap as "Worlds Apart!", after the creation of the Targetmasters and before the Transformers left Nebulos).
  • For no readily apparent reason, Fortress Maximus' Nebulan partner is called Kord rather than Galen.
  • Fortress Maximus apparently keeps his old head "inside a chamber in his massive robot structure".
  • Bonded Headmasters are referred to on occasion by both Transformer and Nebulan names - e.g., Duros/Hardhead, even in dialogue, although this is less than consistent.
  • The origin of the Targetmasters recounted in "The Final Conflict" states their partners are Nebulan weapons who have been engineered to transform into robots and then given minds duplicated from other Nebulans (implying the originals are still walking around).
  • In "Doomsday for Nebulos", all dialogue for Scorponok (the only Transformer to speak) is written in CAPITALS AND BOLD. This practise is discontinued in the other stories.


ISBN: 0-948936-09-6
Pages: 64
List Price: £3.75
Printed in Italy

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