This timeline covers the history of the Transformers Animated cartoon continuity. Note that since the timeframes for some events are given in only vague terms, the exact ordering of portions of the timeline is a "best guess". Also, the Animated units of time "solar cycle" and "stellar cycle" both appear to be rough equivalents of an Earth year.

10 billion years ago

"4 million solar cycles" ago

"A thousand stellar cycles" ago

"Centuries" ago

  • Seemingly quite some time after the AllSpark was lost, the Great War ended with the Decepticons defeated. Transform and Roll Out! [2]

Some year

50 years later (22nd century)

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  1. Ratchet stated that "We've been around for 10 billion years." It is not made explicit, but from the context it seems as if he was referring to the Transformer race as a whole.
  2. There are three references to the war ending "centuries ago" in "Transform and Roll Out, Part 1": two spoken by Ratchet and one by Optimus Prime. It is unclear whether this is an "Earth century" or a Cybertronian one... but Optimus' crew hadn't yet had contact with Earth when these statements were made.
  3. The packaging blurb on the "Transform and Roll Out!" DVD refers to the 22nd century. Additionally, Professor Sumdac mentions that his updates to Dino Drive's animatronic dinosaurs "bring[s] Dino Drive into the 22nd century."
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