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This is a box set of the complete Transformers Animated series.

1."Transform and Roll Out, Part 1"
2."Transform and Roll Out, Part 2"
3."Transform and Roll Out, Part 3"
4."Home is Where The Spark Is."
5."Total Meltdown"
6."Blast from the Past"
7."The Thrill of the Hunt"
9."Along Came a Spider"
10."Sound and Fury"
11."Lost and Found"
12."Survival of the Fittest"
14."Nature Calls"
15."Megatron Rising, Part 1"
16."Megatron Rising, Part 2"
17."The Elite Guard"
18."The Return of the Headmaster"
19."Mission Accomplished"
20."Garbage In, Garbage Out"
22."Rise of the Constructicons"
23."A Fistful of Energon"
24."SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy"
25."Autoboot Camp"
26."Black Friday"
27."Sari, No One's Home"
28."A Bridge Too Close, Part 1"
29."A Bridge Too Close, Part 2"
30."Transwarped, Part 1"
31."Transwarped, Part 2"
32."Transwarped, Part 3"
33."Three's A Crowd."
34."Where is Thy Sting?"
35."Five Servos of Doom"
36."Predacons Rising"
37."Human Error, Part 1"
38."Human Error, Part 2"
39."Decepticon Air"
40."This is Why I Hate Machines."
41."Endgame, Part 1"
42."Endgame, Part 2"

1."Meet Bulkhead"
2."Meet Ratchet"
3."Meet Bumblebee"
4."Meet Optimus Prime"
5."Meet Prowl"
6."Meet Megatron"
7."Meet Starscream"
8."Career Day"
9."Starscream Heckles Megatron" aka "Mocking Megatron"
10."Mime Time" aka "Bumblebee"
11."Catch" aka "Bulkhead Plays with Grimlock"
13."Evel Knievel Jump" aka "Prowl"
14."Operating Table" aka "Ratchet"
15."Explosove Fist"
16."Sarscream's Fantasy"

1."A New Chapter! Transformers" (part 1)
2."The Heroes Are Called Autobots." (part 2)
3."Secret of the AllSpark" (part 3)
4."The Great Soundwave Operation"
5."Unwipeable Memories"
6."The Immortal Megatron"
7."Challeng of the Burning Giant"
8."Birth of the Dinobots"
9."Trap Time"
10."Shadow of the Spider-Woman"
11."Fierce Battle at the Bottom of the Lake"
12."Showdown! Dinobots"
13."Stop the Headmaster"
14."Megatron's Reserrection, Part 1"
15."Megatron's Resurrection, Part 2"
16."Elite Guard"
17."Headmaster, Once Again"
18."Blast-Extinguishing Complete"
19."Wreck-Gar's Rampage"
20."Ratings Race!"
21."Increasing Enemies"
22."Swindle's Scheme"
23."Double Agent"
24."Heart of the Spider-Woman"
25."Respective Expectations" (Part 1)
26."The Enormous Power" (Part 2)
27."Sari's Secret" (Part 1)
28."Sari, Transform!?" (Part 2)
29."Megatron's Raid" (Part 3)
30."The Tough Dirt Boss"
31."Wasp's Revenge"
32."Memento of the Master"
33."Sorrowful Life-Form"
34."The Autobots Became Humans" (Part 1)
35."The Virtual Reality Trap" (part 2)
36."Chase the Spaceship"
37."Fanzone Goes to the Planet Cybertron"
38."Take Off! Optimus Prime" (Part 1)
39."The Final Decicive Battle" (Part 2)
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