Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers 2010 is the title given to the 1986 Transformers line in Japan. It was a simultaneous Japanese release of Hasbro's own 1986 product line, and was the first instance of what would become Takara's standard method of operation—the annual rebranding of the franchise with a new sub-title. It accompanied the fictional shift of the animated series from the present day to the 21st century, but while the original American version of the series took place over 2005/06, the Japanese version advanced the setting to 2010, hence the line's new name.

The franchise consists of:

  • A toyline, consisting of the toys released by Hasbro that year, except for Sky Lynx.
  • A cartoon, consisting of all thirty episodes from the third season of the Generation One animated series, plus two newly created clip shows.
  • A series of story pages which ran alongside the manga and provided prose adventures with two-page magazine spreads.

Following this, a period of much greater differentiation between Takara and Hasbro's Transformers lines set in when the series was rebranded as The Headmasters in 1987.

2010 toyline
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