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Transformers: War for Cybertron is a third-person shooter combat game and one of the several War for Cybertron video games for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, and DS. It was developed by High Moon Studios and published by Activision. It is the first piece of media set in the Aligned continuity family in the early days of Cybertronian war and would later be followed up by Fall of Cybertron.


Decepticon Campaign

Chapter I: Dark Energon

It is the waning days of the Great War on Cybertron before the Transformers come to Earth. Megatron, genuinely believing a caste system will bring Cybertron back to its Golden Age, is researching a dangerous power source known as Dark Energon to fuel his conquest of the planet. Megatron discovers that the factory that produces Dark Energon is guarded by a neutral army led by Starscream, and he leads an attack on the station. After his ship crashes into the hull of the station, Megatron, Brawl and Barricade defeat Starscream's army and harness the power of the Dark Energon. Cornered, Starscream tells Megatron that he's the only one who knows how to make more of the energon and that he will help the Decepticon leader if Megatron takes him into his army. Megatron reluctantly agrees to this. Doing this also causes Jetfire to lose trust in Starscream and warn Zeta Prime of their ambitions.

In Exodus Chapters 18–19, Megatron laid claim to Trypticon Station and the Dark Energon contained within. By this point in the war, however, Starscream was already a full member of the Decepticon army. The Dark Energon was his trump card in case he ever chose to betray Megatron to the Autobots. The taking of Trypticon Station happened largely behind the scenes in the novel, without Starscream actively defending it—Megatron took advantage of a rare absence of Starscream from the station to make it his own. He returned from an errand to find his loyal pack of Decepticons brutalized by Megatron's gladiators, and his power base usurped.

Chapter II: Fuel of War

Megatron sends the Seekers to reactivate the ancient Energon Bridge that will produce new Dark Energon. After encountering Autobot security probesstrange jellyfish-like life forms, and fighting legions of Autobot defenders, they succeed. They then start the assault on Iacon.

In Exodus Chapter 22, Starscream and his Seekers reactivate the Geosynchronous Energon Bridge to help Megatron conduct Energon from Cybertron's core to Trypticon Station. The events are basically the same as the game.

Chapter III: Iacon Destroyed

With his new powers, Megatron takes the fight straight to the Autobots' capital city. While Starscream and Brawl lead the main attack on the city, Megatron takes Soundwave and Breakdown on a flanking attack to recover the Omega Key, which will allow him to access the core of the planet. Arriving at the key's holding place, the Decepticons learn that the Autobot leader Zeta Prime has taken it to keep it safe. The team regroup with Brawl and Starscream, and use Dark Energon bombers to eliminate the remaining Autobots before storming the building in which Zeta Prime is waiting. Megatron defeats the Autobot leader, stealing the Omega Key and punching a hole in his chest. Zeta reveals that the key Megatron has just stolen only activates the real Omega Key, and that soon it will find him. Suddenly a huge ship awakens and takes off. This is the Autobots' last line of defense.

In Exodus Chapters 24–27, Megatron led a group of Decepticons to capture the Code Key of Justice while Starscream acquired the Code Key of Power. Together, the two could access the Plasma Energy Chamber. He was confronted with Sentinel Prime at the end, but only because the Prime had been Starscream's prisoner up until that point, and the Seeker commander had released Sentinel to delay Megatron. After defeating Sentinel Prime in personal combat (no holographic death rooms), Megatron found the Key inside Sentinel's body. At that moment, Teletraan-1 reactivated Omega Supreme to protect the Plasma Energy Chamber from Megatron, at Starscream's secret behest.

Chapter IV: Death of Hope

  • Characters available: Megatron, Soundwave, Breakdown
  • Boss: Omega Supreme (Vehicle mode)

An unknown amount of time later, Megatron is commanding his ship in search of the "Omega Key." The ship is suddenly attacked by Omega Supreme, who shoots them out of the sky, causing them to crash-land in Iacon. Megatron, Soundwave and Breakdown began a desperate retreat from Omega Supreme's attack and take cover in a large tower. Once inside, the group hear Starscream announce that Megatron is dead and that he is taking command of the Decepticons (surprise!). Enraged but unable to make any outside contact, Megatron leads his forces through the city, dodging attacks from Omega Supreme while searching for a way to fight him. Soundwave discovers that they can use some of the Autobots' Nucleon Shock Cannon turrets on a tower roof against the massive Autobot. Along the way, the group makes contact with Starscream and corrects his mistake, using him to distract Omega Supreme. Once they reached the turrets, the group manages to shoot down Omega Supreme, causing him to crash to the ground below. This is when Megatron and the others make the final assault on unlock Cybertron's core.

In Exodus Chapters 27–28, Omega did nothing to pursue Megatron. Instead, he attempted to depart Cybertron altogether to keep the Plasma Energy Chamber, inside him, away from the Decepticons. Starscream and the Seekers shot down Omega in a brief aerial skirmish.

Chapter V: The Final Guardian

  • Characters available: Megatron, Soundwave, Breakdown
  • Boss: Omega Supreme (Robot mode)

The Decepticons descend into the impact crater to loot Omega's remains, but he transforms into robot mode, unleashing his full barrage on the squad. Megatron manages to corrupt Omega with Dark Energon, using him to reach and corrupt the core of Cybertron with Dark Energon. The planet itself is now under control of the Decepticons. Or is it?

In Exodus Chapter 29, Omega did not fight alone—Optimus Prime and his top aides were present fighting alongside Omega Supreme at his crash site, until Megatron brought the Guardian low and ripped the Plasma Energy Chamber from within him. Because that was all he needed from Omega, the Guardian was not captured in Exodus, but left badly wounded for the Autobots to retrieve and repair.

Autobot Campaign

Chapter VI: Defend Iacon

In a decimated Iacon, the young Autobot messenger Bumblebee is sent to tell the soldier Optimus that Zeta Prime is dead. Optimus decides to take temporary control of the Autobots, adopting Bumblebee into his team. The two of them and Ratchet kick off a counterattack to push out Decepticon forces. They manage to reactivate the planetary guns, clearing the skies over Iacon, and proceed to aid Ironhide in reclaiming the Decagon, tangling with Starscream along the way. Entering the Decagon, Optimus receives a message from Zeta Prime, revealing that he is not yet dead but is being held in a prison in Kaon. Optimus gathers up a bunch of Autobots to rescue their fallen comrade.

A direct conflict with Starscream like this did not take place at this point in the novel. Iacon was the last bastion of Autobot resistance for most of the novel, and did not need to be reclaimed. Furthermore, Sentinel Prime had been captured since the beginning of the war, so Optimus Prime had already accepted his role as leader.

Chapter VII: Kaon Prison Break

  • Characters available: Optimus, Bumblebee, Sideswipe
  • Boss: Soundwave

Optimus allows his team to be captured by the Decepticons and enter the prison. The three are just barely saved from a firing squad by Air Raid, but as they escape into the tunnels below, Air Raid is captured. The three Autobots sneak through the prison, rescuing Air Raid and releasing all the Autobot prisoners (including Arcee and Jazz). Using the chaos as a distraction, the trio sneak to the high security bunker Zeta Prime is being held. When the Autobots try to save them, Soundwave attacks, sending out FrenzyRumble, and Laserbeak. The Autobots defeat them, but Soundwave manages to retreat. When Optimus tries to rescue Zeta, the Prime tells him that he is already dead and collapses. Optimus returns the body to the High Council, who tell Optimus that he must accept that he is a Prime and take up his role as leader. Thus, he becomes Optimus Prime. He then travels to the core to stop its corruption by dark energon.

In Exodus Chapter 32, Optimus Prime, Jazz and Prowl stormed Kaon to recover a dying Sentinel Prime. It did not involve being deliberately captured or a battle with Soundwave.

Chapter VIII: To the Core

  • Characters available: Optimus Prime, IronhideWarpath
  • Boss: Corrupted Worm

Optimus's first task as Prime is to cure the currently infected core. Heading to the entrance, where Omega Supreme is being held by the Decepticons, the three Autobots manage to free Omega, then call in Ratchet to repair him enough to open the Omega Gate. Thanks to the help of some space slugs, Optimus, Warpath, and Ironhide defeat a corrupted space slug and reach the core. However, the core tells Optimus that, in order to repair itself, it will have to shut down for millions of years, forcing Optimus and the Autobots to evacuate Cybertron. Before the core shuts down, it gives Optimus the Matrix of Leadership. A vessel of pure energy and the collective wisdom of the primes.

In Exodus Chapter 33–34, Optimus Prime, Jetfire and Bumblebee traveled down to the Core, disconnected the corrupted Plasma Energy Chamber, and Optimus received the Matrix of Leadership. It was a largely uneventful trek, as Megatron staged no troops around the Core and trusted the sheer intensity of the Dark Energon in that region to ward off any Autobots. Also, no space slugs.

Chapter IX: Aerial Assault

Returning to Iacon, Optimus Prime orders the launching of a full-scale evacuation of Cybertron's surface. However, as the transports leave the atmosphere, Megatron, feeling slighted by his "brother", begins shooting them down with his giant purple griffin massive orbital space station. Optimus quickly realizes the need to shut down the station, and hastily sends a group of fliers to shut it down from the inside. The team manages to disable the power core, but Megatron taunts them as he activates a back-up generator. Then the station itself begins to mock them. Realizing the station is a Cybertronian, the team flies in deeper to find its Transformation Cog to force it into its robot mode before it can finish leveling Iacon, and "The Last Prime" along with it. Succeeding, the Autobots race out of the quickly transforming space station as it reveals itself to be Trypticon. The Autobots manage to shoot out the massive Decepticon's thrusters, causing it to hurtle towards the surface of the planet, just outside Iacon. Meanwhile, Optimus and the others decide to investigate the crash site and finish off the beast themselves.

In Exodus Chapter 36–37, Trypticon Station began firing on the Autobot fleet as it fled Cybertron. Optimus Prime and a crew aboard the Eight Track commandoed their way into Trypticon and blasted apart the station from within. The novel made a point of (mostly) treating Jetfire as the only Autobot Seeker, and so there were no Air Raid and Silverbolt to act as his wingmen for a flying assault. Also, Trypticon did not transform in freefall.

Chapter X: One Shall Stand...

  • Characters available: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide
  • Boss: Trypticon

All seems quiet as Optimus, Ironhide, Bumblebee, and others search the wreckage, but soon a very much alive and enraged Trypticon emerges to wage a long and difficult battle with Prime and the Autobots. After repeatedly targeting key weaknesses, Optimus uses his axe to knock Trypticon off balance, sending him plummeting into the deep Energon pool below, causing the last of his systems to shut down. Later, as the remaining Autobot transports escape the planet's dying surface, Optimus informs his primary contingent of their new transport—an Ark that will allow them to keep Cybertron's legacy alive, wherever their adventures may take them. So begins the fall of Cybertron...

In Exodus Chapter 38, Trypticon Station transformed after making planetfall. Optimus Prime and the core Autobots left Cybertron aboard the Ark, avoiding conflict with it. Instead, the Wreckers led by Ultra Magnus remained behind to confront the creature and cover the other Autobots' escape. Soul-crushingly, the battle between the Wreckers and Trypticon was not depicted and, instead of being destroyed, Trypticon transformed into the Nemesis to pursue the Ark through space.



The game is an over the shoulder, third person shooter that allows the player a choice of one of three canon characters at the start of each of the 10 chapters. The 10 chapters are divided evenly between Autobot and Decepticon, with the Decepticon missions coming first chronologically in the story, and each faction has one flying mission each. Players can transform freely between both modes (no triple changers are included, though there is in the sequel), and in something of a deviation from established canon, all have weapons in both modes. Each character has "cool down" special abilities in both vehicle and robot mode that is always available and automatically recharges (such as dashing, hovering, and ramming in vehicle mode) as well as "Energon abilities" that are powered up by collecting Energon shards from defeated enemies and breakable containers in game. These include, among others, energy shields and shockwaves. Characters can fire a variety of projectile and beam weapons, jump and double jump (double jump activates feet rockets), and perform a melee attack. Powerups found in game include new ranged weapons, grenades, extra energy and ammo, and special Energon powerups that act as a separate power supply. All told there are 13 different guns, 4 different grenade types, and 2 turret heavy weapons in game, including Starscream's classic null ray, as well as Optimus Prime's classic Ion Blaster and Megatron's Fusion Cannon.

All single player missions are also available for play as an online co-op, with up to three players at a time. In co-op mode, players still choose one of the three canon characters for each mission.



This broad option is where you will be spending most of your hours after you beat Trypticon. Here, players can create their own Cybertronian combatant and pit them against the multitude of online transfans and 12-year-olds that will more than likely slaughter you. Custom characters can be leveled up by killing dudes in matches, with specific bonuses being given for specific actions. As they level up, more abilities become available.


Characters are created from four different bases, each of which feature different weapons, abilities and alternate forms. They are:

  • Scout - Four units of health, transform into cars, abilities include Decoy Trap, Mark Target, Dash and Cloak. Made for hit-and-run tactics as well as sniping. They are the smallest in robot mode, and run at about the same speed as scientists.
    • Decoy Trap- Sets out a fake pickup that damages enemies when they touch it.
    • Dash- Rocket powered jump in the direction the player is moving.
    • Cloak- Turns the player invisible for a period of time, or until they are hit or they attack.
    • Mark Target- Marks an enemy with an EMP tag that weakens the armor and lets him show up on an ally's radar.
  • Scientist - Three units of health, transform into jets, abilities include Shockwave, Sentry Spawn, Drain, and Disguise. Made for giving support to other players and assassination. About as tall as leaders, and run about as fast as scouts.
    • Shockwave- Creates a radial pulse that damages and pushes away enemies in the area.
    • Spawn Sentry- Creates an attack drone that fights with you until destroyed. (Note that it can be healed by the Energon Repair Ray.)
    • Drain- Leeches away the enemy's health while increasing yours.
    • Disguise- Changes your color scheme to the opposite team to ambush them unexpectedly.
  • Leader - Five units of health, transform into trucks or "rigs". Abilities include Shield, Disruption, Warcry, and Molecular Bomb. Made for leading other players into battle. The tallest type, these run more slowly than scouts and scientists.
    • Warcry- Boosts the damage of you and everyone around you.
    • Barrier- Creates a force field that absorbs blaster fire but lets characters pass through.
    • Moleculon Bomb- Reduces movement speed of enemies and damages them
    • Disruptor- Locks enemy into vehicle mode and keeps them from changing form for a short time.
  • Soldier - Six units of health, transform into tanks. Abilities include Omega Missile, Whirlwind, Ammo Beacon, Energon Sling and Hover. Made for dealing damage, about as tall as leaders, and are the slowest at running.
    • Hover- Lifts the player into the air and increase their weapon damage and accuracy for a short time. (NOTE: you can't move very fast when using it)
    • Whirlwind- The player holds out their melee weapon and spin around at the waist for a period of time, this ability is extremely usefully for taking out multiple players in a small area and for destroying cloakers and swarming spiders.
    • Ammo Beacon- Deploys an ammo pack with a hub beacon, allies get more ammo and increased damage and accuracy when near it. Also, an upgraded version spawns a turret when stood near long enough
    • Energon Sling- Disables a target's abilities for the duration of the ability.
    • Omega Missile- Deploys a mini nuke that can be controlled by the character.

Initially, players are only able to create one of each class, but as they level up, more slots open for a maximum of three of each class. Names can be chosen for each, but don't get too excited about making the Transformer you always dreamed of: bodies are limited to about three options per faction and look exactly like characters from single-player (for example, the Autobot Scout category lets you choose from Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Jazz or Arcee). And while you can pick your color scheme, the palettes are rather limited, especially for Decepticons. Downloading or unlocking additional characters will also make their chassis available for customizing.


Choosing a playlist will automatically send you into a lobby, where the service will do its best to form balanced teams (I.E., you hopefully won't see a team of level 25 leaders fighting one level zero Scout). The service will also select a random stage, which players can veto. Finally, when the game begins, combatants select their character. If your scientist gets butchered too many times, you can pick a different character at any time during the match, and you will switch to it upon dying. Players also cannot pick a faction; the game does it automatically. Weapons can only be picked up from defeated enemies; ammo caches, overshields and energon are scattered throughout the stages.

Playlists include:

  • Team deathmatch: Kill 40 opponents to win. Games can range from four to sixteen players.
  • Deathmatch: Kill 20 opponents to win. It's a free-for-all.
  • Conquest: Capture and defend several "power nodes" until your team gets 400 points.
  • Code of power: Capture the flag. Team with highest score after two rounds wins.
  • Countdown to extinction: Plant the bomb in the enemy's base three times to win.
  • Power struggle: Control the active power node until you get 400 points.

Players can also set up private matches, where the game options and maps can be adjusted as you see fit, but they are invite-only. Hopefully, you've got a lot of online friends!


This cooperative mode puts several friends together against an unending horde of enemies. With each horde vanquished, tougher ones come in. The players can get points from killing enemies, and these points can be used to get new weapons, ammo, health, and to access new areas. Characters in Escalation mode are the same as those selected in Campaign (as well as bonus and DLC characters); custom multiplayer 'bots are not available here.

Nintendo DS

This version is played in the third person. Unlike the console versions, you can only have two characters on your team, but you can switch The two on the fly by tapping the insignia on the touch screen. All characters have one ranged attack via a gun of some sort, as well as a close range melee attack. Each weapon does a particular type of damage: Plasma (red circle), Laser (yellow triangle), and Solid (blue square). Some Characters can upgrade their weapons to do two kinds of damage at once. Certain enemies are weak to different damage types, and some can change their weaknesses. Additionally, all of the games thirty characters are classified by their vehicle modes. The tanks and trucks from the console versions have been consolidated to the Heavy class, the cars are the Light class, and the jets are in the Air class.

Each game has a story mode with 8 missions. Like the console versions, the Decepticon Story occurs chronologically before the Autobot one. Completing a mission earns you whatever collectibles you've found (see below). Also see below for a synopsis.

There are 30 playable transformers (15 Autobots, 15 Decepticons). There are 8 Light characters, 10 Air characters, and 12 Heavy ones. Light Characters can drive through small openings, Air characters can fly over stuff, and Heavies can plow through some walls.

Playable Characters



Non-Playable Characters




NOTE: Skywarp and Thundercracker are no different than Starscream except for their transformations and poses, and are available in Escalation with their normal paint jobs.


Neutron Assault Rifle


  • Damage - 17
  • Rate of Fire - .095
  • Clip - 32
  • Ammo - 224
  • Reload - 1.5s
  • Range - Medium

Ion Displacer


  • Damage - 30(SP) / 25(MP)
  • Rate of Fire - .065
  • Clip - 300
  • Ammo - N/A
  • Reload - N/A
  • Range - Medium / Long

Nucleon Shock Cannon


  • Damage - 400
  • Rate of Fire - 1.75
  • Clip - 10
  • Ammo - N/A
  • Reload - N/A
  • Range - Medium / Long

Energon Repair Ray


  • Damage - 55
  • Rate of Fire - .1
  • Clip - 100
  • Ammo - 400
  • Reload - 2.5s
  • Range - Close
  • Special - Ally Heal

Ion Cannon


  • Damage - 12(SP) / 14(MP)
  • Rate of Fire - .065
  • Clip - 50
  • Ammo - 300
  • Reload - 1.5s
  • Range - Close
  • Special - Optimus Only

Energon Battle Pistol


  • Damage - 95(SP) / 85(MP)
  • Rate of Fire - .5
  • Clip - 8
  • Ammo - 40(SP) / 24(MP)
  • Reload - 1.5s
  • Range - Medium / Long
  • Special - 5x Scope



  • Damage - 200(SP) / 170(MP)
  • Rate of Fire - 1.25
  • Clip - 4
  • Ammo - 20(SP) / 18(MP)
  • Reload - 2.5s
  • Range - Long
  • Special - 10x Scope

Photon Burst Rifle


  • Damage - 29(x3)
  • Rate of Fire - .3
  • Clip - 24
  • Ammo - 144
  • Reload - 1.5s
  • Range - Medium / Long
  • Special - 2x Scope

Fusion cannon


  • Damage - 125(SP) / 95(MP)
  • Rate of Fire - .8(SP) / .75(MP)
  • Clip - 20
  • Ammo -100(SP) / 100(MP)
  • Reload - 2.5s
  • Range - Medium / Long
  • Special - Megatron Only

EMP Shotgun


  • Damage - 169
  • Rate of Fire - .5
  • Clip - 2
  • Ammo - 20
  • Reload - 2.5s
  • Range - Short / Close

Plasma Cannon


  • Damage - 125/200/350(SP) / 115/140/180(MP)
  • Rate of Fire - .75/2/3.5
  • Clip - 100
  • Ammo - 600(SP) / 500(MP)
  • Reload - 2.5s
  • Range - Medium / Long
  • Special - Chargeable

Magma Frag Launcher


  • Damage - 250(SP) / 145(MP
  • Rate of Fire - 1.1
  • Clip - 3
  • Ammo - 15(SP) / 12(MP)
  • Reload - 2.5s
  • Range - Medium
  • Special - Sticky + Manually Detonated

Scatter Blaster


  • Damage - 104
  • Rate of Fire - .4
  • Clip - 6
  • Ammo - 36
  • Reload - 2.5s
  • Range - Close

Thermo Rocket Launcher


  • Damage - 185(SP) / 135(MP)
  • Rate of Fire - 1.25(SP) / 1.2(MP)
  • Clip - 4
  • Ammo - 16(SP) / 12(MP)
  • Reload - 2.5s
  • Range - Medium / Long
  • Special - Vehicle Lock-on

X12 Scrapmaker


  • Damage - 30
  • Rate of Fire - .4 -> .09
  • Clip - 60
  • Ammo - 300
  • Reload - 2.5s
  • Range - Medium
  • Special - RoF Warm up

Flak Grenade


  • Damage - 450(SP) / 325(MP)
  • Radius - 200
  • Ammo - 3 / 1

Thermo mine


  • Damage - 250(SP) / 140(MP)
  • Radius - N/A
  • Ammo - 3 / 1



  • Special - Blind and Slow

Energon Grenade


  • Special - Heal

Downloadable content

On the Xbox website there is a listing for a character and map pack #1. It includes two new multiplayer maps, Havoc and Fortress, two new Escalation maps, Forsaken (Autobots) and District (Decepticons). There will also be new characters, Scattershot, Onslaught, and the Pre-order characters(Shockwave, Demolishor, and Jazz). You can play those characters in Escalation mode, and you can play their chassis in regular multiplayer. The trailer for the DLC was released on July 21. The trailer also gives a release date of the DLC: July 27. According to it will be $10.00/£7.99 on the PlayStation Store and 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. A Second DLC pack; Characters and map pack #2, was released on the 7th of September, containing three new multiplayer maps: Horizon, Sector and Metropolis, two Escalation maps: Static(Decepticons) and Pulse(Autobots) and two new multiplayer characters, a playable leader class Zeta Prime for Autobots and the Scout Dead End for Decepticons. No announcements about a PC version of the DLC, but there is a Mod that gets you Zeta Prime, Thundercracker and Skywarp for Multiplayer/Escalation.


  • A Prime Problem (10 points): Complete Defend Iacon on any difficulty.
  • The Last Prime (10 points): Complete Kaon Prison Break on any difficulty.
  • You Got the Touch (10 points): Complete To the Core on any difficulty.
  • The War Within (10 points): Complete Aerial Assault on any difficulty.
  • The Harder They Fall (10 points): Complete One Shall Stand on any difficulty.
  • Paging Ratchet (15 points): Revive 5 Autobot soldiers in Defend Iacon.
  • Beak Breaker (15 points): Shoot the 3 Hidden Laserbeaks throughout Kaon Prison Break.
  • Slugfest (15 points): Save the Slug before it is executed in To the Core.
  • Powerglide Performer (15 points): Fly through the coolant tunnels in 23 seconds in Aerial Assault.
  • First We Crack the Shell... (15 points): Get smashed by Trypticon's hand as he falls into the energon goo in One Shall Stand.
  • Autobot Recruit (15 points): Autobot Campaign Complete (Easy).
  • Autobot Commander (30 points): Autobot Campaign Complete (Medium).
  • Autobot Prime (45 points): Autobot Campaign Complete (Hard).
  • Dark Awakening (10 points): Complete Dark Energon on any difficulty.
  • Starscream's Brigade (10 points): Complete Fuel of War on any difficulty.
  • The Fall of Iacon (10 points): Complete Iacon Destroyed on any difficulty.
  • The Secret of Omega Supreme (10 points): Complete Death of Hope on any difficulty.
  • Victory is Mine (10 points): Complete The Final Guardian on any difficulty.
  • Your Lucky Day (15 points): Kill all but 1 of the neutral prisoners in Dark Energon.
  • Thief in the Night (15 points): Find and disable all security trip-wire switches in Fuel of War.
  • Chaos Bringer (15 points): Destroy the moons surrounding a Cybertron model in the Stellar Galleries in Iacon Destroyed.
  • MotorMaster! (15 points): Race across the Chasm Bridge in 33 seconds in Death of Hope.
  • Devastator! (15 points): Destroy all cover in the arena in The Final Guardian.
  • Decepticon Grunt (15 points): Decepticon Campaign Complete (Easy).
  • Decepticon Seeker (30 points): Decepticon Campaign Complete (Medium).
  • Decepticon Warlord (45 points): Decepticon Campaign Complete (Hard).
  • Till All Are One (30 points): Complete both Campaigns (Any Difficulty).
  • Brute-a-kiss! (15 points): Ignite a Brute's back 5 times in Campaign or Escalation.
  • Footloose and Fancy Free (15 points): Destroy a Jet Soldier's foot thruster 5 times in Campaign or Escalation.
  • That's No Mirage (15 points): Headshot a Cloaker when it is invisible in Campaign or Escalation.
  • Targetmaster! (15 points): Kill 2 Snipers in 5 seconds in Campaign.
  • There Are Parts Everywhere (15 points): Multi-Kill 3 car soldiers at once using an explosive weapon in Campaign or Escalation.
  • Blast-arachnia! (15 points): Destroy 100 Spiders in Campaign or Escalation.
  • Fire in the Sky (15 points): Melee-kill a Jet Vehicle in the air in Campaign or Escalation.
  • Friends to the End (15 points): Finish any level in Co-Op.
  • Unlikely Allies (15 points): Finish any level in Competitive Co-Op.
  • More Than Meets the Eye (15 points): Earn a 1st Place MVP award in any Multiplayer mode.
  • You Got Spark, Kid (5 points): Reach level 5 in any single class in Multiplayer.
  • Spike's BFF (15 points): Reach level 25 in any single class in Multiplayer.
  • The Kup's Half Full (25 points): Reach a combined class level of 50 in Multiplayer.
  • Only the Strong Survive (50 points): Reach a combined class level of 75 in Multiplayer.
  • Top of the Scrap Heap (75 points): Reach a combined class level of 100 in Multiplayer.
  • Prime Directive (30 points): Unlock Prime Mode.
  • Powermaster! (30 points): Spend 25,000 Power points in Escalation mode.
  • Heavy Metal War (50 points): Complete the 15th wave in Escalation.
  • Scavenger Would Be Proud! (25 points): Destroy all hidden Autobot symbols in the Decepticon Campaign.
  • Grimlock, Smash! (25 points): Destroy all hidden Decepticon symbols in the Autobot Campaign.
  • Action Master (15 points): Get 10 kills with a single detached turret in any mode.
  • Wait! I Still Function! (30 points): Get 3 kills while downed in a Co-Op Campaign or Escalation mode.
  • Ramhorn (15 points): Ram-kill against an enemy who is stunned by an EMP grenade in Campaign or Multiplayer.

Differences Between Versions

  • The PC version lacks achievements, and will most likely not have Downloadable Content.
  • The Wii version has a different title, Transformers: Cybertron Adventures, and is an on rails shooter.
  • The DS Version lets you change characters on the fly, but you only have a choice of two Transformers per mission.
  • However, in the DS version, you have access to 11 characters exclusive to it (and also Jazz and Shockwave)
  • Though Optimus is shown with a neutron assault rifle on the front side, it is not his primary weapon in the game.

Transformers references

Generation One

(Besides almost all of the characters and their general alt modes)
  • Energon cubes
  • The end credits are filled with visual cues from the cartoon, including a direct homage to the Season 2 opening, and Stan Bush doing the end music. They also hint at an Omega Supreme/Trypticon fight, which would have been AWESOME.
  • Starscream and Jetfire were both scientists and friends.
  • The Seeker's alt mode are very similar to the triangle jet from The Transformers cartoon.
  • The Omega Key is very similar visually and in function to the key to Vector Sigma.
    • Likewise, the sentient core of Cybertron is very similar to Vector Sigma, and if the core creates the Matrix, there's no reason the Matrix couldn't act as a key.
  • Characters' speech patterns
    • Omega Supreme's clipped speech pattern.
    • Soundwave's distorted speech patterns, and general loyalist personality (as opposed to his backstabber personality and ability to speak in complete sentences in the Marvel comics).
    • Warpath's "BAM! POW!" speech pattern.
    • Rumble's rhyming.
    • Frenzy is red and Rumble is blue.
  • Weapons
    • Optimus Prime's Ion Blaster
    • Megatron's Fusion Cannon
    • Starscream's Null Ray
    • Optimus Prime's axe and Megatron's mace could also be seen as updated versions of their cartoon weaponry.
  • Quotes from The Transformers: The Movie
    • "Spare me this mockery of justice" is said by an Autobot POW
    • "One shall stand, one shall fall" are said by Optimus Prime and Megatron in the trailer/opening cinematic
    • Rumble says "First we crack the shell... then we crack the nuts inside!" in the Kaon prison
    • In War for Cybertron: Decepticons, when the player switches between one Decepticon back to Megatron, one of the many comments that Megatron snarls is, "Nobody summons Megatron!"
    • During their descent into Cybertron's core, Optimus, Ironhide and Warpath are saved from a Decepticon ambush by a space slug, in which Ironhide says Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong, the universal greeting used by Kup when he and Hot Rod are confronted by the Allicons in the movie.
  • The idea of Scientists disguising as enemies was probably from him.
Marvel comics
  • Trypticon speaks, is quite articulate, and really likes to break stuff, consistent with his comic personality. He does not, however, throw down with the Dinobots. Maybe in the sequel (If he's still alive). Then again, he's not Ratbat's @#!*% either.
Dreamwave / IDW comics
  • Optimus Prime's alt mode is very similar visually to his War Within redesign
  • Brawl's alt mode is very similar to his War Within version.
  • The endgame of a planetary evacuation due to planetary shutdown (rather than a simple energy shortage, or the planet being knocked out of orbit) is very similar to "Great Shutdown" from Dreamwave and dead Cybertron from IDW.
Botcon / Fun Publications Comics
  • The Wreckers symbol is visible on a number of Autobot buildings
Generation 2
  • Most of the generic Decepticon soldiers have the same face as the Cyberjets.

Beast Wars

  • The Energon spiders found in Cybertron's core look very similar to Transmetal Tarantulas. Also there are Decepticon soldiers that are colored like him.
  • The achievement/trophy "Blast-Arachnia" sounds like Blackarachnia.

Unicron Trilogy

  • Demolishor is the only Armada-original character to appear in War For Cybertron.
  • Hot-Shot still have his main name from Armada, Energon and Cybertron, But he also is in the body-design of G1 Hot-Rod / Rodimus Prime in War For Cybertron.
  • Scattershot from Cybertron is part of the first expansion pack

Live-action films

  • Ratchet's visual design is very Generation One, but his personality and voice-acting is much more in line with his movie presentation, with a vaguely British accent and a much more serious demeanor.
  • In one cut scene, Starscream flies in, grabs a vertical pole as he transforms and then flips on to it similar to his stunt in the first movie except with the addition of a 180 flip.
    • This one also enters in from the opposite direction, the movie flip came in from the left, this one comes from the right.
  • Most of the weapons fit directly into the sockets of the forearm rather than being held, though this could be a reference to Generation 1 where some of the Cybertronians are shown retracting their hands/forearms and replacing them with various tools.

Transformers Animated

  • Omega Supreme is a self contained spaceship, rather than two separate vehicles or a base.
  • Starscream (and the other seekers), while having a general Generation One triangle jet shape, have forward-swept wings like their Transformers Animated versions.
  • In another reference to the Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus, the brutes can create thunder and earthquakes, and even carry what appear to be Magnus Hammers.
  • Optimus Prime carries his axe as a separate weapon, rather than a built in version.
  • Megatron's alt mode and general angular design aesthetic are much more in line with his Cybertronian design in Transformers Animated and Transformers Generation 1 than any other previous Megatron.
  • Ratchet has the same hospital logos on his shoulders like his Animated counterpart.
  • Slipstream is an unlock able character who originated from Animated.
  • As an offensive upgrade for the soldiers and 5 kill streak for the leaders. The Punch of Kill Everything (P.O.K.E.) has been used. Lugnut is jealous.


  • It manages to reference just about every previous American Transformers incarnation at least once.
  • All the DLC Characters, except Shockwave and Zeta Prime, can be seen in the credits.
  • When Enemy AI transform from vehicle to robot form and vice verse they have a period of invulnerability, which can waste ammo and ruin a game of Escalation.
  • Looking closely at some character's backs it is possible to see faces. For example, Optimus has the Autobot logo on his back which opens and closes it's "mouth".
  • The Autobot Scientists are the only group with No DLC buddies available.
  • Aside from Beast Machines this is the only incarnation of the Transformers universe to take place entirely on Cybertron with absolutely no mention of Earth or Humanity.

Technical details

  • Released date
    • United States - June 22, 2010
    • United Kingdom - June 25, 2010




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