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!align=center bgcolor=#6699CC|'''<font color="white">''Movie Prequel'' issues:</font>'''
!align=center bgcolor=#6699CC|'''<font color="white">''Movie Prequel'' issues:</font>'''
|| [[Movie Prequel Issue Number One|#1]] | [[Movie Prequel Issue Number Two|#2]] | [[Movie Prequel Issue Number Three|#3]] | [[Movie Prequel Issue Number Four|#4]]
|| [[Prime Directive (IDW) issue 1|#1]] | [[Prime Directive (IDW) issue 2|#2]] | [[Prime Directive (IDW) issue 3|#3]] | [[Prime Directive (IDW) issue 4|#4]]

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This article is about the miniseries. For the Target-exclusive issues, see Movie Prequel Special.

Prime Directives tpb

What exactly am I?

Transformers: Movie Prequel, called Transformers: Official Movie Prequel on the covers and Prime Directive in solicitations, is IDW Publishing's four-issue comic series which serves as a foundation and backstory for the 2007 Transformers live-action movie.

Movie Prequel issues:
#1 | #2 | #3 | #4

Preceded (more or less) by: Planetfall and Interlude
Followed by: Movie Adaptation


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Creative team

Movie Prequel was produced primarily by the team that spawned The War Within and The Gathering: writer Simon Furman and penciler Don Figueroa. IDW editor-in-chief Chris Ryall also assisted with the writing.

Items of note

  • The series was originally released without a story title, as "Transformers Official Movie Prequel". The original working title, "Prime Directive" (which was also the title of the first Dreamwave Generation 1 mini-series and the working title of the movie's script), was included in the original scripts, and was also mentioned in early solicitations for the series.[1]
  • Two comics originally produced in cooperation with Target (later also collected as the Movie Prequel Special) were also both originally released under the title Transformers: Movie Prequel, and tie in to the story of this series (although the later-released Target comic contradicts issue 4).
  • An animated version of this comic (with voice acting), named Transformers: Beginnings, was included on a special bonus disc included with a Wal-Mart exclusive edition of the Movie DVD.


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