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*[ Transformers: The Movie Guide on]
*[ Transformers: The Movie Guide on]
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Of COURSE Simon Furman wrote it.

Transformers: The Movie Guide is a book for the 2007 live-action movie.

Vital Statistics

ISBN 0756630134
Written by: Simon Furman
Illustrator: N/A, Various stock images from Dreamworks
Pagecount: 72pp

Originally published: Dorling Kindersley Publishing INC, 2007


Various character profiles, covering the major (robotic) players of the movie. A bit of fleshing out of character abilities, weapons, and histories. As well, the book covers other things about Transformers that the movie mentions, such as the Trans-scanning, and Protoforms. It, like other visual guides, has the standard seemingly near-nonsensical callouts that point to various parts (an example being Optimus Prime's roof lights in vehicle mode being missile launchers).

The cover is lenticular, and changes between the movie Autobot logo and the (drawn) head of Optimus Prime.

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