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Transformers: The Movie (The Transformers: The Movie for the first issue) is a three-part mini-series adaptation of The Transformers: The Movie, published by Marvel Comics in 1986.

Transformers: The Movie issues:


It's the movie. There's a huge fight, all your favorite characters die, Unicron eats moons, the Autobots have some adventures, then blow up Unicron. You've seen it.

Although the essentials of the movie's story remain intact, quite a few details vary between comic and screen; there is very little that isn't different in some way. Though the first issue was released at the same time as the movie with issues #2 and #3 being released after the film disappeared from theaters, it is uncertain just how much time and access the comic creators had to view the finished film when writing the adaptation, if any—the comic appears to have been written using a not-quite-final draft of the script.

There are many places where the comic incorporates elements from the original script that didn't make it to the finished film. Characters' dialog is much more exposition-heavy, partly a necessary evil due to the truncation that accompanies the transition of mediums, and partly due to the general eccentricities of writer Ralph Macchio, whose comic work regularly featured this sort of "self-narrating" dialog long after it had passed out of widespread use. A good deal of material has been removed simply due to the space restraints of fitting the movie into three issues. Finally some things seem clearly added due to the comic creators’ own initiative.

Creative team

The series was written by Ralph Macchio, adapted from the movie script. Breakdowns (pencils) were provided by Don Perlin, with finishes (inks) by Ian Akin and Brian Garvey.

UK printing


Someone clearly didn't like Daniel. Will the suspects please form an orderly queue...

The entire three-part series was printed in a seventy-six page Winter Special with a card cover. This was by far the largest individual Transformers comic released by Marvel UK. The cover used was a cropped version of the cover to issue #1.

To maintain continuity with the story "Target: 2006" the date in the adaptation was changed to 2006.

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