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Transformers: The Last Knight is a 2017 live action movie directed by Michael Bay. It is the fifth and final instalment of the live-action film series and a direct sequel to 2014's Transformers: Age of Extinction. Mark Wahlberg reprises his role as Cade Yeager, alongside Josh Duhamel, John Turturro, and Glenn Morshower from the first three films. It was the final Transformers film to be directed by Michael Bay, before he moved down to the producer role on Bumblebee.


In the years since Optimus Prime left Earth to find his creators, all Transformers, regardless of faction, have been declared illegal. Cade Yeager, now a fugitive, teams up with Viviane Wembly, Sir Edmund Burton, and Bumblebee, to find out why the Transformers keep coming back to Earth. The answer is buried deep beneath the Earth, and they must unlock the past in order to find it, while a new enemy emerges: Optimus himself.


TLK 0h00m31s

The war explored

In the first millennium, King Arthur leads his 12 knights and his soldiers into a battle against the Saxons. However, the Saxons overpower them, giving the Saxons the upper edge. Having realized this, he enlists the help of the magician Merlin, who negotiates with a Cybertronian Knight. The Knight gives Merlin a staff wielding ultimate power, and transforms along with his other 11 Knights into a large dragon transformer named Dragonstorm. Dragonstorm comes to the knights' aid, wiping out their adversaries, and winning the battle in King Arthur's favor.

TLK 0h10m56s

Kids run away from the TRF robot

In the present day, after the Battle of Hong Kong Optimus Prime has left Earth in search of his creators. All Transformers, regardless of faction, remain outcasts on Earth. However, more Transformers have been arriving on the planet recently in the years since Prime left. The Transformers Reaction Force dedicates itself to hunting down and destroying Transformers of all factions following the dissolution of Cemetery Wind. In the half of the war-torn area of Chicago, a group of kids stumble upon a crashed alien ship with a Cybertronian Knight inside. The kids are confronted by a TRF Walker, which is destroyed by Izabella, a survivor of the Battle of Chicago. Izabella and her Transformer companions, Sqweeks and Canopy, urge the kids to escape, but Canopy is shot by a TRF drone and dies. Shortly after, Bumblebee and Cade Yeager arrive and help the kids escape. Yeager finds the dying Knight, who gives him a metallic talisman. The TRF attempt to capture Cade, but the arrival of Hound, and Bumblebee's threat to Santos prevent them. However, a sniper attaches a tracking beacon to Bee.

TLK 0h23m30s

You destroyed your world

Meanwhile, Optimus Prime crash-lands on his home planet Cybertron. Finding that Cybertron is dead, Optimus confronts his creator, a powerful sorceress named Quintessa. She restrains him, and relives him of his Sword and Shield. Quintessa corrupts Prime, promising him a chance to save Cybertron, making Optimus believe that he was the reason why it was destroyed in the first place. Quintessa explains that Earth is actually a Transformer itself, named Unicron. She reveals that Unicron is Cybertron's enemy, and that she must use a hidden artifact on Earth in order to gain the energy to fix Cybertron. The artifact is Merlin's staff, and it was stolen from her by the 12 Knights of Iacon. The knights hid the artifact on Earth, and gave it to Merlin. She then dubs him "Nemesis Prime".

William Lennox, a former NEST commander who now works under the TRF, speaks with General Morshower, his superior, about the presence of an ancient alien technology on Earth. This technology can help bring Cybertron into Earth's atmosphere, but only through the use of the staff given to Merlin. The TRF makes a deal with Megatron, who demands the release of his fellow Decepticons - Onslaught, Mohawk, Nitro Zeus and Dreadbot, except Berserker. The TRF teams up with Megatron's gang, with the TRF hoping to arrest Cade Yeager, and Megatron needing Cade's artifact given to him by the knight, Steelbane.

TLK 0h39m28s

He calls to Tessa

Yeager hides out at a junkyard, which serves as a sanctuary for many of the surviving Autobots - Bumblebee, Hound, Drift, Crosshairs, Grimlock, Wheelie, and many others. While there, Yeager finds that Izabella has followed him back; Yeager tells her to leave but Izabella wants to stay and fight. The next morning, Megatron's Decepticons arrive at the junkyard and Megatron briefly engages Hound. Meanwhile, The Autobots, Cade, Izabella, and Jimmy arrive in an abandoned city. Drift and Crosshairs kill Onslaught, while Bumblebee kills Mohawk. The TRF arrives, and shoots Cade in the chest. However, the artifact saves Cade. Yeager is confronted by a Transformer named Cogman, convincing him to go to England with him and Bee to find out about the artifact.

TLK 1h08m26s (Hot Rod)

When Viviane first meets a transformer

Meanwhile, an Oxford professor named Viviane Wembly is kidnapped by the Autobot Hot Rod. Both are brought to England and meet with Sir Edmund Burton, the last living member of the Witwiccan Order. Burton tells Cade and Viviane of the Transformers' origins, saying that the collision of Cybertron with Earth would spell certain doom. He tasks Viviane, the last descendant of Merlin, with obtaining his staff so they can prevent the impending apocalypse. Burton tells Yeager that, as a person defined by honor and dignity, he is the last knight. The talisman given to Yeager has wrapped around his arm by this point. The trio are forced to evacuate Burton's home when the MI6 and TRF arrives.

TLK 1h48m09s

With Yeager's help, Viviane delves into her father's past, and finds that they must take the HMS Alliance into the sea to find the staff inside the Knights' sunken ship. Bumblebee, Yeager, and Viviane go to the Alliance with Cogman and Burton, who neglects to go on the journey any further. The Alliance heads for the machine, but is intercepted by a TRF submarine. The Alliance ventures inside the machine, where Viviane and Yeager find a chamber of Cybertronian Knights, as well as Merlin's staff. One Knight, Skullitron, awakens and attacks them. The TRF intervenes and attacks Skullitron, while Viviane activates the staff and the ship begins to rise towards the ocean's surface. As more Knights rise up to fight, Nemesis Prime intervenes, and takes the staff from Viviane with the intention of restoring his homeworld.

TLK 1h56m14s

Cade stops the judgement

Bumblebee confronts and fights Nemesis Prime on top of the ship, as Yeager and Lennox struggle to step in. As Nemesis Prime is about to kill Bumblebee, Bee speaks, urging Prime to remember who he is. Optimus breaks free of Quintessa's control, but Megatron flies in and seizes the staff from Optimus, revealing that Quintessa also hired Megatron with finding the staff, knowing that Prime would be too "weak". As Megatron escapes, The Cybertronian Knights then attack Optimus for his betrayal. Before his execution, Yeager's talisman becomes the Excalibur sword, and he stops the fight. The Knights yield to Yeager, who urges Optimus to protect the Earth once more.

TLK 2h02m16s

Let those who exist long after us know that this was our finest hour!

TLK 2h21m49s

Say hello to my friend!

At Stonehenge, Megatron delivers the staff to Quintessa, who uses it to gain energy from Unicron/Earth, as Cybertron slowly begins to pull itself together. As the military intervenes, Megatron shoots Burton, who dies by Cogman's side. Optimus unites the Knights, the Autobots and the U.S Army. Using Lockdown's ship, they set off to Cybertron in order to stop it's collision with Earth. Optimus Prime kills the Infernocons, as the humans prepare to escape the battle. Viviane stays to retrieve the staff, and Cade follows. Optimus boards the ship, and aids the Autobots in fighting Megatron. Prime defeats Megatron, and Bumblebee seemingly destroys Quintessa. Viviane removes the staff, saving Earth.

TLK 2h24m50s

The Autobots reunite after the battle, and Optimus declares that his faith in humanity is restored. The Autobots use Lockdown's ship to return to Cybertron.

TLK 2h46m11s

Quintessa disguised as a human

Later, a group of scientists inspect a part of Unicron. Quintessa, disguised as a human, arrives and offers them a way to destroy the being.





Knights of Iacon[]






Main article: Transformers: The Last Knight/Music from the Motion Picture

On September 27, it was confirmed that Jablonsky will return to write the score, having composed the music of the first four films.[1] The score was released digitally on the film's original release date, Friday June 23, 2017, and a Limited Edition 2-Disc CD set of 3,000 Units will be released by La-La Land Records on July 11, 2017. Unlike the previous films' scores, which contained anywhere from fourteen to twenty-three tracks, the film's soundtrack contains thirty-four tracks, amounting to over two hours of music.

On the score, Jablonsky said, "I met with Michael before he started shooting 'Transformers: The Last Knight.' He showed me some amazing concept art and explained how the story connects the history of Transformers all the way back to the times of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. I loved the idea because it gave me the opportunity to explore new musical ideas. The storyline allowed me to write melodies that are a bit more 'classical' than I've written for the other Transformers films, which was a lot of fun for me. Another important aspect of the story revolves around massive skyscraper-sized 'horns from hell' that start emerging from the Earth. They look like gigantic animal horns, but no one knows what they are or why they have appeared. I wanted to create an unsettling sense of mystery and tension with the music."[2]


The title was first announced on May 16, 2016 with the first teaser.[3] On July 29, 2016, Michael Bay confirmed an image of a Western Star 4900 SF truck would be the Combaticon Onslaught.[4] The second trailer was released on December 5, 2016.[5]. The third trailer was released on April 13, 2017[6]. Final trailer was released on May 17, 2017.


See more here.

At first, Transformers: The Last Knight was scheduled to be released on June 23, 2017. But on May 9, 2017, producer move the release date of this move up on June 21, 2017.[7]

Transformers: The Last Knight was released officially on June 21, 2017.


The film receive negative reviews from critics, although some were criticizing about the aspect ratio changes. Rotten Tomatoes had given the movie 15% based on about 100 reviews.



  • The scenes of Sir Edmund Burton visiting 10 Downing Street were filmed at the actual office of the British Prime Minister in October 2016.
  • Mark Wahlberg announced this will be his last Transformers movie as Cade Yeager, and he had signed a contract for three films, with the knowledge that he could be relieved earlier.
  • During the flashback scene that revealed Bumblebee was around during World War II, his alternate mode is that of his Generation 1 counterpart, the Volkswagen beetle.
  • There are 8 different aspect ratios in the film and changes one by one every time.


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