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Because of fundamental differences between static and portable consoles, the PSP version of the game is, like the Nintendo DS games, different from the console versions.

The main difference and selling point of the game is the multiplayer option. Players can host and join games through the system's wireless properties, and there are a large number of characters available, many having to be unlocked by completing the single game campaign. This is another big difference from the console versions, mixing stories from the Autobots and Decepticons, in and out of the film events. The game deviates from the movie plot, focusing more on background characters not seen in the movie, including Thundercracker, Shockwave (not a triple changer, unlike the console version, with the one-eyed drones implied to be loyal to him), Hound (a tech specialist) and Trailbreaker (voiced by Steve Blum).

Upon beating the game, several characters are unlocked for online play, including Wheeljack, Sideswipe and Hoist for the Autobots (as well as Ratchet, who is not playable in the console game), and several of the drones for the Decepticons (plus Brawl and Bonecrusher, who are in a similar position to Ratchet).

Storyline-wise, the game states that Megatron brought the hundreds of one-eyed drones with him when he crash-landed, and it was Shockwave and Thundercracker who activated them. Also, it was Barricade rather than Frenzy (or Bumblebee, or the random missile Blackout fired) who reawakened Megatron.

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