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Transformers: The Covenant of Primus: The Origin Story of the Transformers and the History of Cybertron is a hardcover book presenting the Covenant of Primus that was written by Alpha Trion, with 60 new lavishing illustrations.


Chapter 1: The Thirteen Primes 

Alpha Trion recalls the moment of his creation and then that of Solus Prime and the others following him, each appearing from nothing ex nihilo in repeating explosions of lightning and tremor. Immediately after their creation they feel Primus fade away into hypersleep. He leaves them with a last vision of how he and Unicron became a divided duality from a single original being and fell into eternal conflict and battle too evenly matched to ever end. 

Primus sought to change that eternal stalemate by removing himself from the equation and substituting beings of much more greater variety and unique varied potential to change the future: a group of Thirteen each with creative new approaches to the problem of Unicron. These Thirteen were formed to incorporate factets of both Primus and Unicron's natures, increasing the options for new direction far beyond the equally matched duality of the original combatants. 

The Covenant of Primus

Alpha Trion then gives a brief several paragraph portrait of each Prime in the order of their creation: Prima, Vector Prime, Alpha Trion, Solus Prime (including a brief digression on the nature of Gender in Transformers), Micronus Prime, Alchemist Prime, Nexus Prime, Onyx Prime, Amalgamous Prime, Quintus Prime, Liege Maximo, Megatronus and the Thirteenth Prime. 

Chapter 2: The Expulsion of Unicron

The newborn Primes quickly settle down to learn their own abilities, to train and to strategize for the coming conflict with Unicron. They split into three natural teams: Warriors (Prima, Vector, Megatronus, Onyx and Amalgamous), Strategists (Trion, Quintus, Maximo and Micronus), and Free Agents capable of direct battle or more subtle/varied attacks (Alchemist, Solus, Nexus and Thirteen). Many strategies were discussed and abandoned by the Thirteen. 

Personality conflicts simmered between some of the Thirteen (between the very Primus-like Prima and strongly Unicron-influenced Megatronus particularly) but their unified purpose bound them together. It was in this period that Megatronus requested the construction of the Requiem Blaster from Solus, and though she was hesitant to make such a thing she decided that she trusted him and would do as he asked. The faith she put in him and the fine speech she made proclaiming it touched the often shunned Megatronus deeply and bound him to her in absolute loyalty and unswerving love, softening his hard edges, though inflating his great pride. 

Training continued and friendship formed. Eventually they settled on a plan to battle and distract Unicron as a cover to opening a path for Thirteen to be inserted in close proximity to Unicron's core. Once there his uniquely Primus-like spark would react with Unicron's and both would be knocked into involuntary shutdown. The Primes would then retrieve and revive him. 

When the time of battle came it proved far more hellish and terrible than had imagined in all their training. Unicron assaulted them with defenses far beyond their expectations and worse, the mere aura of his presence crushed all their hopes and dreams nearly drowning their sparks in despair and darkness. Only the comforting words All are One sent by Thirteen to reassure each and rekindle their hope let them continue fighting, eventually succeeding in their goal. Unicron was vanquished, knocked into unconsciousness, hopefully forever. This was not without cost. There were many grave injuries. But worse each of them had been tainted with a touch of darkness by their closeness to Unicron.

Chapter 3: The War of the Primes 

The touch of Unicron was a contamination that festered silently as they tried to ignore it and pretend it would likely play part in the tragedies to come. Though it was fertile ground they gave it, Alpha Trion now realizes, that let it grow. 

In the long ages following Unicron's defeat the Primes each turned towards their own interests. Vector Sigma and the device that would much later become the Matrix of Leadership were among the projects of this era. Prima, Vector Prime and Alpha Trion concerned themselves mostly with government and the planning of rules and order for a new community and civilization. The independently natured Megatronus, Maximo and Amalgamous focused on Energon stores, mining and refining, but were resentful of what they saw as the first group's bossy, controlling interference. Micronus, Onyx, Solus and Nexus lacked interest in the politics of either group and concerned themselves largely with their own creative tasks. While Thirteen, Alchemist and Quintus traveled freely between cliques. The Liege Maximo was the true emissary, always traveling and communicating between all groups and individuals with his natural beguiling charm.

During this period, the feelings between Megatronus and Solus deepened into true and mutual love. This surprised the more distant and insular Primes like Prima, Vector and Alpha Trion, but the later Primes smiled on the idea and enjoyed seeing their friend Solus happy. Megatronus was jealous of her by nature, but she was in large the hub that connected all the Primes into friendship and family. 

Discord among the Primes began to build more strongly when Maximo discovered and revealed a chart where Prima had plotted which Primes were the most like Unicron and functioned as Agent of Chaos. This enraged Megatronus (who had always been secretly ashamed of and at inner war with his own nature).

Chapter 4: The Age of Evolution

After Thirteen, Onyx and Micronus vanished into the Well a vast upheaval shook the world. A beam erupted from the Well of All Sparks and shot out across the stars. Alchemist Prime recognized it as the gaze of the Triptych Mask scanning all the way to the edge of the Universe and then transmitting back pattern information on all the varied lifeforms found amongst the stars to inform and shape the creation of Cybertron's new life.

When the beam cut off there came forth from the Well a great deluge of robotic life of every conceivable size and shape. Crawling, flying, walking, rolling, fluttering, slithering lifeforms swarmed forward, some as small as a rivet and others as big as an arm or leg. For three days these small creatures surged forth in uncountable numbers and variety, and then larger creatures began to follow them. Among these were biped humanoid forms. First among them the watching Primes recognized the vastly transformed, reduced, simplified form that had once stood among their number. Alpha Trion attuned himself to track this new robot, who would be known as Orion Pax. Despite Prima's misgivings Alpha Trion stood by the decision to keep their inherited T-Cog and its abilities secret from the newborn lifeforms for the time being.

On the last day of this first burst of creation came a new breed of robot, towering gigantic and monstrous beasts: the Predacons, as they were dubbed by Prima, emerged from the Well. The first and most powerful among them was the Predaking and his followers Lazerback and Twinstrike.

From then on the Well would send forth new life to replace the dead or occasionally to introduce new lifeforms until Cybertron was a lush rich living world covered completely in varied, complex and thriving ecosystems. The Covenant grew great with the chronicle of this new Age of Evolution.

During this time Prima faced the dominant Predaking in battle and won from him a promise to no longer prey on the humanoid Cybertronians in his domain.

Eventually though all things end. For Cybertron this ending would be known as “The Cataclysm.” The temporary pass of a swollen red star tugged free an armada of asteroids from the Debris Belt beyond the 5th planet of Cybertron's system and sent them hurling towards the unprotected world. Though the Primes deflected many they could not stop them all. Meteorfalls smashed into Cybertron and plunged it into the equivalent of a nuclear winter. Though this was not as fatal a blow as it would have been to organic life forms there was a second threat that was even more deadly. The pull of the second star caused vast solar flares to burst forth from their planet's star and scourge Cybertron in apocalyptic fire and radiation that no life form could survive.

The Primes did the only thing they could and gathered as many Cybertronians as possible into the deep underground caves there they might be shielded. They taught them how to activate a protective Stasis Lock that would let them survive there until the surface became habitable once more. Many life forms were extinguished forever during the Cataclysm. Left alone on the surface the barbaric Predacons at first fled from the flares under Predaking's command but soon realized there was no escape from these flames of extinction. Only in their last moments did Predaking recall some instinctual knowledge of stasis lock and attempt to protect himself and his race beneath the planet's surface. Whether any Predacons survived in the end was unknown to even Alpha Trion.

When the dying star in time passed them by the small and medium Transformers that survived, though greatly reduced in numbers, emerged at last and began to once more shape their world and civilization.

Chapter 5: The Age of Origins

As the Great Cataclysm faded into the past the Transformers once again took up the work of taming and terraforming their world. Across the planet discoveries were made, robots banded together in groups and a general sense of purpose and meaning born of their brush with planetary mortality infused all life. The most influential group in these early days were the Patterners.

Formed of a group of friends who passed the dark times below the surface discussing the cause of the Cataclysm and how another might be prevented, the Patterners considered both supernatural and scientific meanings and causes. Under the guidance of a lifelong student of the stars named Azimuth they came to study the true, impartial movements of the cosmos in logic, mathematics and pattern. Upon emerging from the dark they began the work of inscribing those patterns upon the surface of the world so they could never be overlooked or forgotten by those on Cybertron or others among the stars. This movement spread across the world in the time to come and all of Cybertron's surface was soon carved and shaped with the geometric patterns that traced out the movements of the stars, galaxies and time itself. Perceptor and Reflector numbered among the prominent members of the Patterners.

The remaining original Primes spent the time of the Patterner rise gathering their scattered artifacts and ensuring what little memory of them survived the Cataclysm passed into the realm of blurry myth and legend. Many warlords and tribes of barbarian ravagers rose in this era as the Patterner states struggled for survival. Eventually as hundreds of stellar cycles passed Iacon emerged as a refuge of learning and study. Alpha Trion took up residence there and inaugurated the Hall of Records. The Well slowly birthed more bipedal Transformers and less of the animalistic sorts, but in the barbaric wildernesses Insecticons and other bestial bots still roamed. A band of warriors known as the Wreckers formed with the goal of protecting the weak and vulnerable from marauding and pillaging groups like the Vandals, Breakers, and Ravagers. Through these wilds, from a primitive distant village, a young Ratchet set out on a pilgrimage to the beacon of learning that was Iacon. There he apprenticed himself to the Chief of Surgery Remedy.

Over the long march of ages the Patterner movement eventually splintered into all sorts of forms, from mystic cults to social clubs, all with disparate purposes and goals. One splinter faction was a cult that dubbed itself Random and sought to foment chaos and erase all order in the world. They survived only a short time, but their mad leader Galvatron embodied everything Azimuth despised. Over time the Patterner movement faded to other ideas and newer creeds. Trade Kings and Queens rose and fell, as did many states and powers legal and illegal, and small conflicts and wars bloomed and ended.

In near space however the Quintessons (whom Alpha Trion would recognize as the work of Quintus Prime and his Emberstone) watched and planned. Junior Medic Ratchet and his colleague Dr. Cogwheel found the first evidence of their movement: a probe implanted in a worker named Coldwelder. Soon the Quintessons descended on Cybertron in glory proclaiming their goal to “uplift” Cybertron into a great transcendent galactic community. To prove their word and good intent they “gifted” Cybertronians with the wondrous power of transformation (for they knew of the T-Cog that the Transformers did not, and how to activate it). Despite the caution of Alpha Trion to the ears that would listen, this seemingly magical gift of transformation won the day, and all Cybertron soon bowed to the power of their new “Benevolent saviors” from the stars

Chapter 6: The Age of Wrath

he Quintessons quickly took over the planet under cover of benevolently guiding the Transformers toward galactic ascension. Transformer society underwent a complete transformation and globalization. The Quints guided the Transformers to fix roads, develop astrophysics, master spaceflight, open dimensional portals, systemize industry, create order, impose a planetary rule of law, establish the world-leading political office of Prime, establish an electoral system, and  regulate the orders of Form and Function.  It was a shame they were secretly doing it all as preparation for selling the entire population as worker slaves.

Some Transformers were taken into “partnership” and altered with cockpits to act as personal transportation for the Quintessons, the rest were organized into mandatory working “collectives.” Half of the world's production was whisked away to space to “prepare for the future” and the other half went to secret Quintesson projects across the planet. 

With the introduction of a planetary police force for the first time the clashing warrior bands of the past like the Razers and Wreckers became marginalized outlaws (something the traditionally "heroic" Wreckers took rather hard.)

The Quintessons also established a Supreme Court with a vicious circus-like atmosphere where anyone could charge anyone else without any particular need for evidence and the common verdict of “innocent” meant life imprisonment or death by Sharkticon.

By far the worst symptom of the Quintesson occupation was that new Transformers were beginning to emerge from the Well without names or developed personalities. The process of ascent from the Well, that usually informed them of the world above and shaped them as individuals was altering under the new social conditions to instead turn out robots defined only by the positions they were meant to take in the labor collectives of the new order. Robots like D16. The Quintessons were surprised by but quite content with this turn of events.

The resistance and dissent these things caused began to build, though the Quintessons seemed blithely unaware or unconcerned.

Over all this ruled the newly elected Sentinel Zeta, as the first planetary leader: Sentinel Prime, and his council of thirteen. A former mercenary and warrior, Sentinel was not about to allow himself to be a puppet. Luring a robot named Ultra Magnus away from the Wreckers he began to investigate the Quintesson's secret projects. A non-government underground resistance involving the Wreckers and others was at work as well and among them a robot known as Shockwave was the first to crack the Quintesson codes. A member of Sentinel's council named Soundwave then stole this breakthrough. Two friends, Prowl and Bluestreak, analyzed the data and discovered the truth: The secret construction projects were massive Space Bridges (a technology the Quintessons had apparently stolen and did not fully understand themselves) intended to ship the population of Cybertron out into the Galaxy as slave labor.

It was during this period of covert resistance that Orion Pax first met another secret freedom fighter, Jazz, and the two became best friends. The situation was dire, as along with their secret projects the Quintessons had also constructed a vast army of Sharkticons with which to control the population. The resistance needed to mobilize the populace. They intercepted the birth of a robot named Silverbolt at the Well of All Sparks and with the help of Ratchet and Cogwheel proved that the T-Cog was a preexisting piece of natural Transformer biology. Revealing this piece of Quintesson deception together with a broadcast of a Sharkticon force massacring Cybertronians was the last piece needed. With the planet behind him Sentinel launched a full-on war against the Quintesson oppressors.

The war raged for a period but the enraged population of Cybertron eventually overwhelmed their would-be masters and soon it was a full rout as the Quintessons retreated to their cloaked starship and abandoned the system all together. Cybertron was free.

Behind them the Qunitessons left lingering anger, an entrenched planetary bureaucracy, a stifling stratified social system based on Functionalism, and a Well of All Sparks still birthing more unnamed workers than individuals.

And a score of soon-to-be-completed Space Bridges set to open the doors to the stars.

Chapter 7: The Golden Age

With the Quintessons gone and the Space Bridges under their control Cybertron lauched into an age of prosperity, wealth and expansion such as it had never known before. The Golden Age of Cybertron had begun.

New Transformers emerged from the Well in large numbers. This was seen as a blessing from Primus and religious impulse grew, sparking new cults and churches. An entertainment industry, catering to the new prosperous classes and centered around the revival and reinterpretation of ancient myths and stories began to boom.

One of the few downsides of this boom time and period of growth was that there was little space for social change in the rush to meet the new economic and material demands of growth, and so the Quintesson's strict caste system grew entrenched. One's “proper place” in the world being definite and unchangeable was considered for all intents a physical law of the Universe.

For the next 8,000 Stellar Cycles Cybertron society pursued a destiny of galactic exploration and colonization. Over 200 distant uninhabited worlds were colonized by use of the Space Bridges and many of them cyberformed into miniature Cybertrons. In order to relieve their growing energon drain on the homeworld it was decided that these new planets must be given their own Well of All Sparks to power them. This was first attempted on the already energy rich colony of Archon. Though doomsday cultists fearing the disruption of Primus attempted to interrupt the ceremony the intervention of the Wreckers and the sniper known as Moonracer ended their trouble. A “torch” was lit from the Well to be passed from Transformer to Transformer (Bluestreak first among them) across Cybertron and then across the Bridge where the head of the Archon colony, Metalhawk, at last dropped it into their smaller replica of the Well. After a tense handful of moments Archon's Well came to life in smaller echo of Cybertron's own.

Galactic expansion spread even quicker and farther. Cybertron prospered. New alien races were met and contact with new cultures opened nearly every stellar cycle. Sentinel Prime ruled with a steady, sure hand. For a long, long stretch of time everything was indeed “Golden.”

And then, in the blink of an optic, it wasn't. The Keepers, guardians of Cybertron's physical structure, reported that Energon supplies, drained by the off-world colonies, had dropped to dangerously low levels and the Well was producing new Transformers at only a 10th of the previous rate. This fallowness was reported by all the smaller Wells on distant worlds as well.

This alone would have been a crisis perhaps. What followed turned it into something much worse. In deep space a Cybertronian transport ship discovered a terrible, virulent and unstoppable Rust Plague. With apocalyptic swiftness it spread through the Space Bridge networks, killing every robot infected with terrifying speed. Whole worlds infected, entire populations dying horribly by the hour and the disease spreading unstoppably across the stars there was no choice but to destroy all the Space Bridges before Cybertron itself was reached by the plague.

Prowl broke orders and attempted to retrieve his dearest friend Bluestreak from Archon before destroying the Bridge, but Bluestreak refused. The Plague had reached Archon. Law and logic and duty said he could not endanger Cybertron by returning. Prowl pleaded desperately and Bluestreak attempted to console him that Metalhawk's teams might yet halt the Plague's spread on Archon with fire. With Ironhide looking on a bereft and heartbroken Prowl had no choice but to destroy the Bridge and say goodbye to his dearest, closest friend.

The destruction worked. Cybertron was spared the Plague. But the Space Bridges were gone and with them the star spanning empire lost forever. The Age of Rust had begun.

Chapter 8: The Age of Rust

The traumatic events at the end of the Golden Age shattered the Cybertronians' vision of the themselves, their future and their place in the universe. The population that was left was surprisingly small but the available Energon reserves were smaller still. Social stratification again re-entrenched itself for both security and rationing purposes. A sense of hopelessness, of the impossibility and purposeless of all pursuits suffused society.

In the city of Kaon dangerous criminally-owned extreme sports, including gladiatorial blood-sports, rose to thrill the dejected public. Though a temperance movement rose to counter this it did little to check the growth of vice. Suicide rates soared. New robots emerged from the Well in record low numbers and almost all without forming full personal identities or names.

Councillor Soundwave gave impassioned speeches against the repressive government by Form and Function that was the social legacy of the Quintessons, the bloated bureaucracy that held it in place, and the uselessness and hypocrisy of Sentinel Prime in the face of these problems. When his words could not produce change Soundwave took a vow of silence, quit the council and cut all ties with them.

Alpha Trion knew the issues were grave and so sought audience with Vector Sigma, the sentient, perhaps even living, interface the Thirteen had built to communicate with the core of the planet. Alpha Trion was searching for the Matrix of Leadership to break the malaise that smothered the world and usher in a new age. Vector Sigma refused, as the Matrix's time was coming soon, but in its own way. The computer did grant him the Badge of Vector Prime as a token for Sentinel. 

Before he could deliver it the badge reacted with Alpha's own artifacts, the Covenant and the Quill. They burned a strange and uncontrolled outpouring of largely indecipherable text into the future of the book: Thirteen needed to be awakened. To do so he needed an equal and opposite number, a cataclysmic reaction to jog his own heart into motion. Though Alpha Trion was at first unsure of how the future had been shaped by the artifacts that day, the rise of a certain Gladiator in the pits of Kaon shortly after stuck a chord of recognition...

D16 had taken to the pits and thrived. He had renamed himself Megatronus, and the crowds had soon shortened that to Megatron. Orion Pax became intrigued by his call for revolt and social equality. They became friends and compatriots. Megatron seemed to actually like Orion and Alpha Trion hoped Orion might temper Megatron's excesses as he once had for the original Megatronus.

Alas, Megatron could not stand to give any power to another, even someone he liked. Though they wished for the same thing, their differing inclinations led them to form separate opposing factions: the Decepticons, aimed at violent forceful revolution, and the Autobots, aimed at peaceful social change. All came to a head when Sentinel and his Council, at Alpha Trion's behest, gave the quest to recover the Matrix of Leadership to Orion Pax and named him the new Prime. Megatron saw this as the greatest affront and betrayal, and severed all ties with his former "brother."

Eventually Orion succeeded in retrieving the Matrix and it reawakened him as the member of the Thirteen he had once been. Optimus Prime's ancient memories were returned and he had been born anew. But the break with Megatron was irreparable and the violent Decepticon revolt surged into motion. The Great War had begun.

Chapter 9: The Great War

At the start of the Great War many were forced to join the Decepticons at the end of a gun.

Security was assigned to the Council, including Smokescreen to Alpha Trion. Sentinel Prime thought he was untouchable still, but Megatron's forces attacked him in the heart of the Altihex Casino during a comedy performance. His security for the night was Air Commander Starscream. Sentinel's cowardly reaction turned Starscream's mind on the spot and he captured his former charge for Megatron, buying himself into the 'Con elite. With Starscream went most of the Air Command, a good portion of the planet's security information, and the secrets of Trypticon station and the Dark Energon hidden within.

Starscream's former compatriot Jetfire was one of the few of his type to join the Autobots and did what little he could to counter Starscream's actions. He attempted to rescue Sentinel together with Optimus Prime, but they were unsuccessful and Megatron killed Sentinel to claim the Plasma Chamber key hidden in his chest.

To Megatron's regret these keys, instead of opening the planet's core to him awakened the giant Autobot Omega Supreme. Alas Omega's contribution to the fight was short lived, as Starscream and the Seekers blew him from the sky. Megatron gained access to the core of the planet and attempted to transform it with Dark Energon. Desperate to counter this Optimus Prime called out to Iacon and the city itself transformed into a Transformer of unprecedented size: Metroplex. This titan was able to hold back the Decepticon Army long enough for Prime to reach the planet core and destroy the Dark Energon poisoning the planet.

But Primus was wounded enough that he would need to shut down to regenerate. He placed a portion of his own spark in the Matrix of Leadership and gave it to Optimus Prime. It was this gift that restored Optimus Prime to his original Thirteen self.

While all this happened Alpha Trion struggled to find ships for an exodus to the stars and gather powerful artifacts such as the Star Saber, Blades of Time, Apex Armour, and the Omega Keys, hiding them in artificial meteor-ships and launching them off world to places like Velocitron, Junkion and Earth to keep them out of Decepticon hands.

Optimus Prime, after receiving the Matrix, ordered construction of the Ark so that the Autobots could leave their dormant world.

Metroplex died in the ensuing battles and returned his Spark and energy to the center of the world to bolster Primus.

It was in this era that one of the youngest Transformers, one of the last born before the Well went silent at the start of the war, came to prominence. Young Bumblebee distracted Megatron while Optimus and his team had attempted to rescue Sentinel Prime. It cost him his voice box, crushed by Megatron's own hands. Despite this loss, his spirit and heart caused him to become an important part of the Autobot team and a little brother and silent confidant to the others.

Soon it became clear that Megatron would take Iacon and the Well. The Allspark was jettisoned from the Well into space to keep it from Decepticon hands.

Alpha Trion, Smokescreen and the Wreckers among others would stay behind on Cybertron to preserve what they could there after the Ark launch. As the Ark launched, Megatron soon followed with the Nemesis, a ship formed from the brain-dead body of Trypticon.

On Cybertron the Decepticons had left behind Shockwave, a twisted scientist who passed the time experimenting on and reinventing any unfortunate robots who came into his hands. He fiddled with Insecticons and created altered Forged followers for himself. He was able to get a damaged Space Bridge to partially work and used it as a view port through time and space. Glimpsing Cretaceous Earth he altered a group of captured Autobots, the Lightning Strike Coalition, into robotic versions of the beasts he saw there. Thus Grimlock, Slug, Sludge, and Swoop became the Dinobots. When the Dinobots broke free and joined the Autobots as defenders of what remained of Cybertron Shockwave set out to create a new, more powerful Forged to bring them back to him.

And so the War in large part ended and the burnt out quiet plains of Cybertron became a mostly dead limbo of silent metal.

Chapter 10: Exodus

Though the Ark had left the planet behind, the mystical Quill continued to follow its story beyond the Space Bridge, recording it all in the Covenant.

Their first port of call was Velocitron. It had been intended as a fun project world for racer enthusiasts, not a long term colony, but the Rust Plague had cut it off with all the others. Despite a dying sun that threatened to consume them, the Velocitrons had slipped deeper into their obsession with racing and simply waited for Cybertron and a Prime to save them. In interacting with the natives (especially Override, Blurr, and Ransack) the Autobots and later the Decepticons following them spread their conflict to a new world. Optimus also recovered several Thirteen artifacts and gained two new crew members, Clocker and Mainspring.

Next stop for the Ark was Junkion, where they made contact with the leader of the Junkions, Wreck-Gar. While there, Prowl and Jazz were able to trap a traitor among their number: the Shifter named Axer who had disguised himself as Hound. Optimus rediscovered the Tomb of Solus Prime and was visited and warned by her spirit. The last parts of the artifact they had found on Velocitron were recovered and revealed as Vector Prime's Blades of Time.

When the Nemesis arrived at Junkion, it was revealed that the planetoid had formed around the ancient massive Requiem Blaster. The Decepticons retrieved it and mounted it on the underside of the Nemesis. In the battle that followed, the true identity of Clocker, Mainspring, Chaindrive, Pinion and Cannonspring was also revealed as they combined back into the original Nexus Prime. Together Optimus and Nexus, two of the Thirteen, and the Autobots stopped the Nemesis and returned the Blaster to the core of Junkion.

The chase was off again as the Nemesis followed the Ark away from Junkion and were themselves followed by a vengeful Captain Thundertron and his pirate band of Star Seekers.

On Cybertron, Alpha Trion and the Dinobots continued to defy Shockwave's depredations.

In space, Autobots, Decepticons and Star Seekers ran afoul of their ancient foes the Quintessons and had to join forces against them, but then resumed their chase through the stars.

Their next encounter was with the starship fleet of the amusingly fae and transmutable Mutacons. Their outgoing, effervescent leader Mercury explained that they were Transformers who had fled the colony of Neutronia in ships when the Plague hit. In space they had discovered the mystical artifact of Amalgamous Prime – the original Transformation Cog. They had taken it with them for safe keeping and proximity to it had granted them strange new powers: infinite transformation and infinite combination. Their starships were now the combined bodies of hundreds of their crew. Unfortunately the process was slowly merging them into one being, causing them to lose their individual personalities and memories. Now they were on a quest for Amalgamous Prime, hoping he could reverse the process. When Mercury and Optimus met face to face, the Matrix downloaded to her the history of Cybertron after the Plague and she found Megatron's philosophy of “Peace through Tyranny” to be hilariously stupid. Though they could not help the Mutacons find Amalgamous, a friendship was struck and the jovial Mutacons happily delayed the pursuers so the Ark could escape ahead.

In the stellar cycles that followed, many more adventures were had as the Autobots and the Ark traveled ever outward across the stars, searching for the Allspark and trying to elude their hunters.

Eventually Shockwave alone among the remaining Cybertronian Decepticons continued to cause much trouble. Encountering him, two Autobots, Arcee and Cliffjumper, were sent through a space bridge and met up with Optimus's team on the world where their star-flung Exodus at last came to an end: Earth.

Chapter 11: Earthfall

Alpha Trion chooses to end this edit of the Covenant with excerpts from the personal Journals of Optimus Prime and Arcee to give the events some personal context.

Optimus Prime — Arriving on Earth, Optimus is surprised to find that Unicron's body has given birth to so much richness of life. Studying their signals on approach he is also surprised how very similar that human life is to Transformer life. There are many Cybertronian signals here to track down. He thinks on the saying that "Journeys end in lovers meeting" and wonders who the "lovers" are as his journey ends here on Earth. He decides that Arcee and Bumblebee are the most sympathetic so he will give them missions that bring them close to humans so that they will make the inevitable first contact.

Alpha Trion notes that Prime's team eventually joins forces with the US government after building their base in Jasper, NV.

Optimus Prime — Prime talks about how he and Ratchet fought an army of Dark Energon zombies raised by Megatron. He speculates that the ancient Transformers were on Earth as archeologists searching for artifacts of the Thirteen. He says that though Megatron appears to be dead he does not believe their fight is over. He worries about Megatron's obsession with Unicron and about involving humans in the fight. He thinks again "Journeys end in lovers meeting."

Alpha Trion recounts Megatron's return and reconciliation with Starscream and how all the Cybertronian artifacts found on Earth and the Dark Energon used by Megatron awoke the sleeping Unicron.

Arcee — Waiting to attack Unicron, Arcee updates her Journal for the first time since coming to Earth. She talks about how fragile humans are and making friends with Jack, Miko and Raf. At first she was overcompensating for losing Cliffjumper and Tailgate, but now she's past that and still wants to protect Jack and Earth.

Optimus Prime — Prime recounts assaulting Unicron alongside Megatron. Missing the original Thirteen from their first assault but being proud of how Megatron stood against Unicron. (Prime remembers the human saying again.) The Matrix, holding the essence of all the Thirteen and a part of Primus' own spark was able to render Unicron a non-corporeal being, ending the threat. Prime recounts how he lost his memory and became Orion again and then regained it once more.

Alpha Trion tells briefly how, despite his efforts, Megatron gained the Forge of Solus Prime and stole the arm of Liege Maximo to let him forge a Dark Star Saber. He recounts all that happened after, the Star Saber breaking, the Omega Keys, the cloning of a new Predaking by Shockwave, the final fight on the Nemesis, Bumblebee's rebirth leading to Megatron's death, and Megatron's final return as a puppet of the disembodied Unicron. And Prime recovering the Allspark at last.

Optimus Prime — Prime remembers his deep despair seeing Bumblebee die and his relief as his friend returned and ended Megatron's threat. Then Prime found the Allspark. Journeys end in lovers meeting. Unicron's could not end until he reintegrated with Primus. Since they could not arrange that he came up with a new plan to use the Allsparks container. He remembered his siblings in the Thirteen as he made his choice. Prime recounts the surprise of Unicron as he was trapped forever. And meeting the eyes of Megatron as he rose, free at last, and both of them knowing that "the Journey" was over.

Sector D-16 — Megatron remembers his beginnings. Being nameless and condemned to the mines and wanting more. Seeing robots go into the debasing gladiator pits because it was their only option, and seeing in it a way to escape the oppression Form and Function government imposed. Choosing his name because what had Fallen might rise again. Meeting Orion Pax and feeling that they might balance one another and achieve their goals. Anger at "Optimus Prime" as only a new face of old oppression. The pleasure of righteous anger at being a victim. Seeing Pax being a "chosen one" meaning D16 was only a chosen miner. Falling for his own publicity, his ego growing beyond all bounds. Vanity supreme.  And realizing, now, finally after being Unicron's puppet that he had fallen out of love with his own ego. His romantic vision of who he was had died. He wanted to be something more, new, better.

Back in the present Megatron denied Starscream's offer to escape and reform the Decepticons. He nodded to Optimus. "There is no peace through tyranny." he said quietly. Prime smiled and nodded back. Megatron and Starscream left in opposite directions.

At last Optimus explained to the remaining robots that his Spark was now joined to the Allspark and the only way to return it to the Well and revive Cybertron was for him to return it himself and his Spark with it. He told them that Megatron showed that there was hope for redemption for all and that this was not an end, but only a new transformation. Then he plunged into the Well.

The Well of All Sparks burst to life and light as thousands of Sparks of endless colors fountained up out of the Well and into the sky. 

The gathered Transformers watched and decided that if it were up to them the Great War was now truly over at last. And they broadcast the news to the stars.

Chapter 11: Earthfall

Epilogue: Afterword

Alpha Trion concludes the covenant's secrets, including the age of the Primes and the origins of Cybertron, but admits that not the whole story has been recorded and that it continues to write of time and space on Earth and all over the galaxy, giving the book to human hands so we would know more of our allies and enemies and how they came to be and to know that the Autobots would respond if we ever need them again.

He then bids us the last wish of the Thirteenth Prime, TILL ALL ARE ONE.





Pre-War Cybertronians



Star Seekers






Continuity errors

The Foreword notes that the book is an abridging and rearrangement of only small pieces of the 'real' Covenant, all of it edited and even, Alpha Trion admits, sometimes outright altered in ways to improve human comprehension and promote empathy between the species. Consequently, the book has a self-admitted potential for 'unreliable narration'.

  • A conflict of continuity leaves the final fate of Alpha Trion rather uncertain. According to the DVD Commentary track for Transformers: Prime Season 3, of the episode "Rebellion", Alpha Trion's appearance in Optimus's vision is a sign that Alpha Trion is "well and truly dead." However, if this is the case, then it would be impossible for Alpha Trion to have annotated or translated any part of the Covenant's sections in the Earthfall chapter which take place post-"Rebellion", such as the annotation about Bumblebee killing Megatron, or the events of Predacons Rising (unless he somehow did so from beyond the grave, if that's even possible). To make matters even worse, outside of the commentary track, there is no mention either in the show, or in the Covenant, detailing what, if anything, happened to Alpha Trion (other than the Covenant's general implicit implication of his continued existence).
  • Despite being left on Archon with no way of returning to Cybertron, a bot that somewhat resembles Bluestreak was present during the Great War, if the illustrations are anything to go by.
  • The Exodus Chapter seems to conflate the two separate characters of Makeshift and Axer from the Exiles novel into a single being. As there's no real reason to do this it seems more likely to have been an error then an intentional retcon.
  • Prowl mysteriously appears in the final section of the Earthfall chapter, detailing the end of Predacons Rising. The other characters react to his presence as if nothing is wrong with his sudden commentary, which would only make sense if Prowl was present for the entirety of the events of Predacons Rising, which he clearly was not. Prowl's last appearance in the Covenant was during the Exodus chapter, after which he is never made reference to again. It's possible the text meant to refer to Knock Out or Smokescreen instead.

Continuity notes

  • The events surrounding the end of the Thirteen's original era, as presented here, differ significantly several major details from what was related (also by Alpha Trion) in the Alex Irvine novels. In the novels the betrayal of Megatronus seems to be closer to the fall of his Multiversal self and the scheme of the Liege Maximo is portrayed as a separate, later event. Even more divergent is the final fate of the Liege, who here is killed by his own monstrous creations and the Requiem Blaster, while in the novels Alpha talks about his escaping justice after his betrayal and fleeing into deep space. In that version Alchemist Prime later leaves Cybertron to hunt the Liege down among the stars. The difference might be explained as a result of the unreliable narrator here mentioned above or as purposeful misinformation presented there to hide/erase the truth of the Thirteen's story.
  • The Chapter on the Great War conflates and reorders events from the War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron games, as well as Alex Irvine's Exodus novel.
  • The Covenant is surprisingly silent on the fates of the Ark and the rest of its crew beyond the cast of the Transformers: Prime, as well as how Optimus and his small remaining crew came to leave them and settle on Earth. This may be due to the novel Retribution, yet to be released at the time, which touched somewhat on those events.

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