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Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy is an animated cartoon series developed by Boulder Media Studio as a sequel to Transformers: Rescue Bots with Ben Ward as the lead writer. The series had a special advance premiere on December 8, 2018, while the remaining episodes began airing on January 5, 2019 on Discovery Family in the US and Pop TV in the UK. In Canada the show broadcasts Sunday afternoons on Treehouse.

Two 52-episode seasons are currently planned and each episode will run for 11 minutes. The voice cast of Rescue Bots did not reprise their roles.

Intended for more of a preschool audience than its predecessor, the show will follow the first class of the Rescue Bot Training Academy, learning things such as how to respond to emergency situations and become heroes from the more experienced Rescue Bots team.

All 52 episodes of season 1 debuted in 2019, and so far the first half (26) of the 52 scheduled for season 2 have debuted in 2020, so the count is expected to be 104, at which point it would tie the original Rescue Bots cartoon's episode count. However since these episodes are half the length of the predecessor, it's more like just reaching the 50% mark.

Instead of 26/24/28/26 this seems to be going for a more consistent 52 (equal to 26 half-hour episodes in length) and episodes will often debut in pairs in a single half-hour slot, though there is a separate opening and closing credits.

"Earth needed help and they answered the call,

No rescue too big, no hero too small. Recruits come to learn from the best of the best, They'll be Rescue Bots too, if they pass the test!"

―Theme Song




Rescue Bots[]






Season 1[]

  1. "Recruits Part I"
  2. "Recruits Part II"
  3. "If at First..."
  4. "Tough Luck Chuck"
  5. "Whirl'd View"
  6. "Plan Bee"
  7. "The Bot Who Cried Rescue"
  8. "Mount Botmore"
  9. "Mission Inaudible"
  10. "Glitch"
  11. "Five into Four"
  12. "Rescue Promo"
  13. "Blame Game"
  14. "Surprise, Medix!"
  15. "The TX3000"
  16. "Little Bot Peep"
  17. "Driving A Wedge"
  18. "The Big, Small Rescue"
  19. "Go, Team, Go!"
  20. "About A Rock"
  21. "Dog Stray Afternoon"
  22. "Lucky Ducky"
  23. "The Secret of Flight"
  24. "Battle of the Bots"
  25. "Screen Time"
  26. "Fright at the Museum"
  27. "Space Case"
  28. "All at Sea"
  29. "All Washed Up"
  30. "Who's Teaching Who?"
  31. "Balloon Up A Tree"
  32. "The Mystery of Dragon Mountain"
  33. "Hack Attack"
  34. "Life of the Party"
  35. "Tyrannosaurus Wrecked"
  36. "Dino Hard"
  37. "Buddy Cop"
  38. "Escape from Penguin Island"
  39. "All that Glitters"
  40. "Dig Fest"
  41. "Trick or Treat"
  42. "Monster Savings"
  43. "Tune Out"
  44. "Metal Munchers"
  45. "Bee Prepared"
  46. "Whirl's Wise-Bot Quest"
  47. "Flying Hunk-A-Junk"
  48. "Into the Depths"
  49. "Milford Goes To The Dogs"
  50. "The Ice Wave"
  51. "Best Bots Forever Part 1"
  52. "Best Bots Forever Part 2"

Season 2[]

  1. "Back to School"
  2. "Mission Dinobot"
  3. "In Training"
  4. "Medix Steps Up To The Bat"
  5. "Robo-Cody"
  6. "Heatwave's Shiny Coat"
  7. "Acting Out"
  8. "Need to Know"
  9. "Trouble Cubed"
  10. "My Favorite Rescue"
  11. "The Great Energon Rush"
  12. "The Vault Of The Primes"
  13. "Wild Ghost Chase"
  14. "Little Plot of Horrors"
  15. "Museum Mystery"
  16. "Partners"
  17. "Critical Condition"
  18. "Fun Droids"
  19. "Power Up And Energize"
  20. "Shall We Dance?"
  21. "Mul-T-Change of Pace"
  22. "Five Little Rescue Bots"
  23. "Good Advice"
  24. "Campfire Fright"
  25. "Small Cogs"
  26. "Big Wheels"
  27. "The Empty City"
  28. "First Responder"
  29. "How To Train Your Scraplet"
  30. "Helicopter Heroes"
  31. "Brushfire"
  32. "The Ties That Bind"
  33. "Bot Blog"
  34. "The Icebot Cometh"
  35. "More Than Meets The Eye"
  36. "Things That Go Bot In The Night"
  37. "Medix Gets Schooled"
  38. "Rescue Teens"
  39. "Enter The Flood"
  40. "Wizard Of Botz"
  41. "The Tracker"
  42. "One Of Our Dragons Is Missing"
  43. "Dino-mite Duo"
  44. "The Lonely Titan"
  45. "X Marks The Bot"
  46. "Making Tracks"
  47. "Don't Be Alarmed"
  48. "Powerless"
  49. "Griffin Rock Rocks!"
  50. "Bot Battle"
  51. "Space Party"
  52. "Crash Of The Titan"



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