Transformers: Prime is a comic book that serves as a prequel to the TV series of the same name.


Detecting Decepticons on their dead homeworld, Cliffjumper returns to investigate, which in his case means blasting his way through Vehicons to retrieve enemy intelligence. Though he's a tough soldier, the Vehicons overwhelm him through sheer numbers. Cliffjumper wakes up, strapped to a board, where a Vehicon forces him to decode an Autobot signal. Cliffjumper watches in awe at the message, in which Optimus Prime speaks of their new battlefield, the planet Earth, but tells his interrogator that the message only says "Megatron smells like Unicron's armpit." Just as the Vehicons are about to do away with Cliffjumper, Arcee bursts in and saves his life.

Cliffjumper convinces Arcee to receive his help on her mission to Kaon. There they find Starscream overseeing construction of a space bridge. Cliffjumper distracts Starscream and his Vehicons by feigning defection to the Decepticons while Arcee activates the device, and they jump in together, dodging Decepticon blasts. They land on Earth and scan passing vehicles. Starscream lands shortly afterward and scans a fleet of jets before attacking Cliffjumper and Arcee, blowing off the latter's arm. Breakdown appears, and it seems like the end...until Optimus and Bumblebee arrive, fending off the two Decepticons and opening a ground bridge to their base, where Ratchet repairs Arcee.


  • Elements from this comic, such as Arcee and Cliffjumper hijacking a Decepticon space bridge to reach Earth, and the Decepticons trying to decode Optimus Prime's transmission, were later adapted into the cartoon episode "Out of the Past".
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