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Transformers: Earth Wars is a mobile game by Space Ape Games/Backflip Studios with a storyline written by Simon Furman, which means plenty of Furmanisms. The aim of the game is to assemble an army and build a fortress, then try to defend your base while destroying the enemy's. Essentially, Transformers meets Clash of Clans, without Hog Riders. The setting is Generation 1.


The Autobots and Decepticons return to Earth to battle over resources. Furman promises that while it "appears to be about the same old stuff" initially, "as we progress through the game, more is revealed about Megatron’s master plan and what he’s looking for on Earth."[1]


  • Get Optimus / Get Megatron!

Jefire and Starscream arrive on Earth and set up their base of operations. Soon, Ironhide and Bludgeon arrive through their Space Bridges, and after raiding a few bases, both factions find a Quantum Crystal powerful enough to power their spacebridges and bring their leaders to Earth.

  • The Lost Map

With the arrival of Optimus Prime and Megatron, the Autobots and/or Decepticons set out to find the Fractal Map pieces with the help of their human allies. Both sides find a Gunner Crystal and recruit Sunstreaker and Swindle.

  • Power Play

After collecting three of the map pieces, both factions try putting the pieces they collected together, only to find out they need a Codex Key to break the encryption.

  • The Codex Showdown

With the help of the recently recruited medics, Ratchet and Hook, both sides fight over the Codex Key, and find the location of a legendary artifact.

  • Secrets of Nebulos

Some wierd pieces of Nebulos technology called "Power Cores" have landed on Earth. Starscream and Optimus gather some troops, and both Starscream and Optimus Prime fight over the Power Cores. The power cores gathered, however, have been rigged to explode, and so both sides have to start from scratch with building up their power core stocks.

  • Combiner Wars

With the Enigma of Combination, the Autobots and Decepticons harness the power of Combiners. The gestalts prove unstable, however, and require Ore-13 and high-ranking bots to be useful.



Alliances are the primary way to gain access to bots firsthand via events. Your alliance can also compete in Alliance Wars to determine who is better, and to see who comes up top! Compete in Alliance wars to gain resources, league promotions, and bragging rights!

You can join with other players in an alliance, or you can create your own for 15,000 Alloy! There are many notable alliances within the community!

A player must have Level 4 Headquarters or higher to join an Alliance, and up to 40 people can be in an Alliance.


  • Warriors are armored front line melee fighters that rush into enemy defenses to open up the attack and protect other bots, but they have the lowest Damage per second (DPS). Warriors generally have a speed of 1.7, but some are slightly faster.
  • Aerial units deal the highest DPS at a short range and can perform powerful airstrikes on single targets from great distances, but have low health. All air units have a speed of 2.
  • Gunners shoot over walls and bombard large areas with their abilities from long range. like the Air units, they're deadly but vulnerable. All gunners have a speed of 1.8.
  • Medics heal and support other bots in battle. They are only a few medics in the game, and they aren't durable themselves, so keep them in the back. Medics have a speed of 2.6.
  • Special bots are highly individualized fighters with unique capabilities. This class incorporates leaders, scouts, and deployers.
  • Combiners are a special class that must be summoned individually. They deal massive amounts of damage, but can only stay on the battlefield for so long. Their three abilities do not use ability points, but have cooldown times.

Power Cores

Power Cores are pieces of Nebulan Technology that are used to enhance bots and defenses. There are quite a lot of powerful powercores. They can be obtained from ‘’’Power Chips’’’ or from Bot duplicates.

Defensive Modules

  • Auto cannon Exclusive:
    • The "Explosive Rounds" Powercore is only applicable to Autocannons, but deals 50% of the max damage to all targets gathered around the target hit.
  • Mortar Exclusive:
    • The "Incendiary Shells" Power Core allows for Mortars to fire off large Incendiary shells that burn all afflicted targets in the blast area, with a 14% increase in attack damage, but the shells deal no knock back.
  • The "Target Protocol" Power Core is only applicable to Mortars, and prioritizes targets, allowing for the Mortar to focus on Gunners and Medics and increasing attack Range by 15%.
      • NOTE: This makes it ignore all other targets if Gunners or Medics are present!!!
  • Missile Launcher Exclusive:
    • The "Guided Missiles" module gives Laser guided single-target missiles to missile launchers. They only deal 64% of original damage, but they will always hit it’s target.
  • Laser Turret Exclusive:
    • The "AA (Anti-Air) Laser" module allows a Laser turret to only target airborne targets, but with a 36% increase in attack range, and a 106% increase in damage.
  • Universal Defense Mods:
    • The "Attack" module increases attack.
    • The "Defense" module increases building Health.
    • The "Repair" module restores health every second.

Bot Modules

    • Flak Jacket: 15% reduced damage from Mortars and Missile Launchers.
    • Death Pulse: On 0 health, the warrior creates an EMP explosion stunning targets in a large area for 2.8 seconds.
    • Attack: Equipable to All bots, 2-Star and higher, It Boosts damage of regular attacks by 4%.
    • Vitality: +5% to bot's health.
    • Rejuvenate: Heals 1.8% health every 10 seconds.
    • Tactician: The affected Bot prioritises defenses for 32 seconds after deployment.
    • Wallbuster: All damage to walls increased by 14%.
    • Reflective Coating: 15% protection from Laser Turrets and Beam Lasers.
    • Volatile Mixture: It increases special ability damage by 5%. Especially useful with Mixmaster.
    • Ray Boosters: Increases power of healing done by 5%.
    • Trithyllium Plating: Gives warriors 18% reduced damage from Auto Cannons.
    • Prime's Matrix: Equippable by Optimus Prime, 2-Star and higher, it Increases Optimus Prime's health by 5.5%. Till all are one!
    • Starscream's Crown: Equippable to Starscream, it Increases Starscream's basic attack damage by 4.5%. Shiny!
    • Grimlock's Crown: Equippable by Grimlock, increases Grimlock's movement speed and Ability damage.
    • Razorclaw's Gun Upgrade: Equippable by Razorclaw, increases Razorclaw's ability damage and his health.
    • Chrome Jetfire: Equippable by Jetfire, increases Jetfire's basic attack damage. For Science!
    • Battle-hardened Megatron: Equippable by Megatron, increases Megatron's health. Die, Autobots!


  • Alloy- A metal substance used to upgrade buildings and walls.
  • Energon- Energon is used to upgrade buildings, upgrade Bots' special abilities, and to perform research on Bots to make them stronger.
  • Ore-13- A potent substance used to activate Combiners.
  • Spark- Obtained from holographic summons in the Space bridge and Event rewards, Spark is used to upgrade Bots' abilities. Special Spark can be received from Combiner team bots.
  • Crystal Shards- Also the result of Holographic summons and events, shards are use to create powerful crystals to summon high star rating Bots.
  • Cybercoin- Premium currency used for instantly obtaining resources and crystals.
  • Combiner Spark - This type of spark is used only for combiners. Obtained when you get a duplicate of a Combiner Bot.

Currencies and Resources at Transformers: Earth Wars Wiki

Battle Boosts

Battle Boosts are like Spells in Clash of Clans. They can only be used once in a battle, but provide extra offense or defense for your team.

  • Incendiary Barrage MK. 1, II, and III Rain down an artillery battery of Incendiary shells on the battlefield dealing medium damage
  • Orbital Strike MK. I, II, and III summon a powerful Orbital Strike from above dealing massive damage.
  • Forcefield MK. I, II, and III Provides a forcefield that blocks 45% to 75% of damage taken and makes them immune to knockbacks for 6 seconds.
  • Smart Bomb MK. I, II, and III Deals a set amount of damage to a single target.
  • EMP blast MK. I, II, and III Stun all targets in a large radius for a set amount of time depending on the level.
  • Field Repairs MK. I, II, and III Heal all friendly bots for a set amount of HP over 5 seconds.
  • Shark Attack MK I, II, and III Call for 3 vicious 2-star Sharkticons (level 14, 30, and 40, respectively) to attack a target.Warning: Fallen Sharkticons are highly explosive.
  • Nanofrost MK. I, II, and III Freeze a building for 8-12 seconds, then destroy it to freeze and slow down all buildings around the Bomb radius by 40% for 10 seconds.
  • Kremzeeks Coming in 5 variants, Kremzeeks can do quite a lot of things.
    • Red Kremzeeks set buildings on fire dealing 128 damage per second for 6 seconds, increasing every second if you destroy the building they are currently deployed on.
    • Yellow Kremzeeks deal 96 damage over 15 seconds. Can jump to other buildings up to 4 times.
    • Purple Kremzeeks hack defenses and make them attack other defenses for you, albeit with less damage.
    • The rare Blue Kremzeek can stun defenses over a brief period of time.
    • The White Kremzeek makes the target building take more damage.

Battle Boosts at Transformers: Earth Wars Wiki



  • Headquarters - The heart of your Autobot/Decepticon outpost, protect yours well, and destroy an opponent's Headquarters to win a battle! Upgrade it to unlock more upgrades and buildings!
  • Shuttle - The shuttle carries Autobots and Decepticons into battle! Upgrade with Energon to increase maximum capacity.


  • Auto Cannon - Provides a decent amount of damage and has medium range. Cannot target flying units.
  • Laser Turret - Shoots off 4 smaller lasers that deal constant damage at shorter range, but deals double damage to flying unit's!
  • Mortar - Long range defense that targets ground units and deals explosive damage from far away.
  • Outpost - Assign an Autobot or Deception with a fraction of their normal stats to defend against attacks on your base.
  • Beam Laser - Shoots off a long range Photon laser to deal the Highest DPS on a single ground unit.
  • Shock Tower - Delivers a nasty jolt of electricity to nearby bots and knocks them back, and is immune to EMP effects! (Except for shockfire)
  • Missile Launcher - Shoots off a barrage of rockets over a very long range at both ground and air units. Cannot target troops within its blind spot.
  • Stasis Mine - Doesn't deal damage, but freezes enemies in place for 2-5 seconds.
  • Wall - Used to shield defenses and slow down invaders. Upgrading each wall post gives it more health to better defend against opponent bots.
  • Combiner Outpost - Unavailable to players and only seen in the Combiner Wars Campaign, this very long-ranged outpost activates a Combiner to defend against other Combiners!


  • Energon Harvester - Harvests precious Energon for research and upgrading buildings. Upgrade with Alloy to increase production rate.
  • Energon Storage - Stores Energon for later usage. Upgrade with Alloy to increase maximum storage capacity.
  • Alloy Harvester - Harvests Alloy to upgrade buildings. Upgrade with Energon to increase production rate.
  • Alloy Storage - Stores Alloy for later usage. Upgrade with Energon to increase maximum storage capacity.
  • Ore-13 Harvester - Harvests the rare mineral Ore-13 for sending out Combiners to battle.
  • Ore-13 Storage - A storage device strong enough to contain the power of Ore-13.
  • Spacebridge - The Spacebridge is used to activate Quantum Crystals to bring in bots and resources!
  • Research Lab - Upgrade your bots and their abilities with Energon and Spark to make them more powerful! Upgrade the lab to increase the max level that bots can be upgraded to.
  • Combiner Lab - Used to activate Combiners and upgrade their abilities using combiner Spark.
  • Build Bot - Build Bots will build and upgrade buildings, but the bots themselves cannot be upgraded and have very low health. The number of buildings than can be upgraded at a time depends on the number of Build Bots on base. More Build Bots can be bought at 2000 Cybercoins each.
  • Scanner - Provides locations of rivals' bases so you can raid them. Upgrading it will give access to tougher battle zones.
  • Power Core Lab -

Buildings at Transformers: Earth Wars Wiki

Featured Characters

(Characters are paired in each row as in-game counterparts.)

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans

* Upcoming characters


Every weekend, for three days, events are held so players can win resources and new crystals. The events usually alternate between solo events and Alliance events each week. New characters are introduced with a story strewn across a four-week saga.

The various type of events are:

  • A solo totaliser with various resource prizes, capped at 10,000 points.
  • An Alliance single totaliser with a grand prize at around 200,000 points.
  • An Alliance event with many prestiges to collect prizes and crystals multiple times.
  • A single totaliser with multiple prestiges, and gives same amount of battle points in all battle zones, and triple XP.
  • An Alliance totaliser and leaderboard event, with the top alliances receiving the newest 4 or 3 star character crystal and Premium Crystals. Or in some events, even more of the event's crystals.


  • Furman has said that early in production, "we had to base it in the IDW continuity as it turned out". He also revealed it was him who pushed for Bludgeon to make it into the game as well.[2]
    • A purple Decepticon Command Bunker can be seen in the mountainside of Decepticon bases as a counterpart to the Ark in Autobot bases.
  • Many on the Character models are mostly based on each character's most-recent toy release. In many cases, this means Combiner Wars, Titans Return, Power of the Primes. There are also appears to be some other appearances from Thrilling 30, Legends, Universe, movieverse namesakes, and 'original' Generation 1.
  • Though the game's dialogue is depicted using text boxes, Optimus Prime and Megatron still have voice lines. They are voiced, as usual, by Peter Cullen and Frank Welker, respectively.
  • Apparently, the Mastermind Creations toys of the Predacons inspired the staff so much, that the in-game models of the Predacons are based off of these third party toys.
    • The Predacons aren't the only ones guilty of this either! Motormaster had his in-game model based off of Transform mission's toy based on the Stunticon leader!
  • The only Furmanisms actually in the game are "It is over - finished!" (said by Optimus or Megatron after a victory) and "Now - Reap the whirlwind!" (spoken by Optimus Prime when deploying troops).

Technical errors

  • You can count on pretty much any character with tall shoulders to have said shoulders clip and cut through the character model when in battle stance.
  • Drift does an awkward shift when going from vehicle to robot and the opposite way, seeing as his body warps and shifts so that he faces sideways in bot mode. This happens every time he attacks and every time he changes form.
  • Most characters with extended shooting animations will sometimes lag out and be out of sync with the shooting animation.
  • If activating an Aerialbot's ability, he may circle the target pointlessly for a while. Sometimes he even goes underground.
  • Rampage and Razorclaw can have a victory animation while in bot mode and charging when the battle ends. They even have their swords.
  • Sunstreaker has a giant gap in the back of his combined form leg.
  • Sometimes Blast Off has his combination process distorted.
  • Beast Wars Megatron's weapons sometimes don't properly align with the hand models.
  • Sharkticons just don't know when to stop fighting. The animations for the fighting will still appear, and they still run to buildings, but they don't actually deal damage. Does not translate to Gnaw.
  • Sometimes (although this is very rare), amalgamations will randomly appear, where parts of the robot mode and vehicle mode appear on the opposite modes. Examples include Blast Off becoming a Conehead, Ironhide gaining his movieverse look, and Optimus Prime having two truck cabs.
  • Charaters sometimes walk in place for no reason for couple seconds.

These are just some minor visual errors, bugs that affect gameplay are promptly resolved.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Transformers: Earth Wars (トランスフォーマー:アースウォーズ Toransufōmā: Āsu Wōzu)
  • Mandarin: Biànxíng Jīn'gāng: Dìqiú zhī Zhàn (变形金刚:地球之战, "Transformers: Earth Wars")


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