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Transformers: Binaltech & TF Collection Complete Guide (ISBN: 4757211112) is a coffee table-style book released in Japan in 2005 which showcases the Binaltech and Japanese "bookbox" Transformers Collection reissues. Despite its name, the book was only "complete" as of 2005, covering only up to BT-12 Overdrive and TFC #18 Soundblaster. Although many titles and names appear in English, the bulk of the book is written in Japanese.

The World of Binaltech

The World of Binaltech provides an overview of the Binaltech figures, with numerous photos and, where appropriate, comparisons with their TFC counterparts, as well as brief overview of their transform scheme. There are also special articles covering Subaru's WRC race team, as well as Mazda and the RX-8.

Development sketchs and Pictures

Continuing on from The World of Binaltech is Development sketchs and Pictures (sic), a section showing development sketches, color maps and prototypes of various Binaltech figures, confirming some existing rumors and revealing some previously unknown facts. These include:

  • the development of Dead End as "Blackstreaker".
  • a Porsche-based prototype of Jazz.
  • Trailbreaker as a remold of Hound, which eventually became Swindle.
  • Windcharger, using a head that eventually was used on Decepticharge, as a remold of Grimlock.
  • Tracks as the original Dodge Viper figure due to Chevrolet's initial refusal to grant the Corvette license (they changed their mind later).
  • a number of transform schemes which didn't make it into production, such as the Viper doors located on the backpack instead of the arms and a Jeep Wrangler with reduced kibble due to the use of the Rubicon variant of the car.

Underneath the dustjacket of the book are several concept sketches of a Binaltech Bumblebee figure, based on the VW New Beetle, and a Cliffjumper remold. The figure never made it past the design stage, due to Volkswagen's well-publicized reluctance to sanction "war toys".

TF Collection & more Items

In the TF Collection & more Items section, the figures are likewise shown from various angles, and many include a look at their alternate color decos, particularly the e-Hobby variations such as "Anime" Astrotrain, Overcharge, and Road Rage. There are also photos of figures not released in the TFC line, such as Sixshot, the Predacons and Predaking, Ratchet, Ironhide, Ultra Magnus and the Coneheads.


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